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Mother who killed her child found working in Walmart

Posted by on Aug. 7, 2012 at 5:57 PM
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Question: Should she be able to enjoy her freedom? or be locked away for life? please vote and explain why you feel the way you do.


enjoy her freedom

locked away in prison for life

locked away in a mental institution for life

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First off, can we all agree that any person who MURDERS another human has to be, to some degree, insane? (I did not say 'kills', I said 'murders'...there is a difference).
I have a firefighter friend who actually worked this particular crime scene. According to him there was blood everywhere; all over the room, and all over the mom. The kind of psychosis you'd assume HAS to be involved for a mother to cut off her own LIVING baby's arms is unfathomable. A person who commits such a horrendous act should never be allowed near the general public...and more specifically shouldn't be allowed to work where there are an abundance of children. She should've been incarcerated to begin with. But since she wasn't they should've at the very least locked her in a mental ward for life. I don't blame wal-mart, or even this obviously insane woman...I blame our broken "justice" system that allows murderers and rapists the opportunity to become repeat offenders, by finding them "not guilty by reason of insanity"... then allow them free access to the rest of the population. There's truly something wrong when a person who gets arrested for failure to pay traffic violations spends more time in jail than a woman who cuts her 11 month old baby's arms off then watches her bleed to death because "God told her to".

DALLAS - This past weekend, one Terrell Walmart shopper snapped a photo of a checkout cashier whose face she found familiar. Hours later, her suspicions were confirmed.

She had just encountered one of the most notorious characters in North Texas of the past decade: Dena Schlosser, the former Collin County mother who in 2004, used a knife to sever her 10-month-old daughter's arms during a religious frenzy. She said God had told her to.

"I cut her arms off," Schlosser told a police dispatcher in November 2004.

"You cut her arms off?" he asked.

"Mmmhmm," she repeated.

Schlosser was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.

In 2006, a judge found Schlosser not guilty, by reason of insanity. She was put in a mental institution.

In 2008, the judge, based on doctors' recommendations, agreed to let Schlosser out of the institution as an outpatient. She had to follow strict guidelines, but she got a job. She was working when the outpatient status was revoked in 2010. She was then re-institutionalized at Terrell State Hospital. She is now back on outpatient status.

In late June, she was hired by Walmart as a store associate.

But psychiatrists have declared her not to be a risk.

Still, word spread quickly on the Internet, and area residents we talked with expressed concerns.

“For her to be in the hospital for such a short time, and then have the freedom that you and I enjoy, after what she did, I think is a shame and there should be an outcry from the public,” said Natalie Elmoghrabi, a former Terrell resident who was in town for the day.

Others expressed disappointment in Walmart for hiring someone who committed such an act.

"I think they would have delved farther into, or something wasn't disclosed maybe,” said Kaufman resident Rebecca Rodden. “Maybe Walmart just doesn’t know.”

Late Monday, Walmart confirmed that Schlosser, going now by the name Laettner, was hired in June.

"Mrs. Laettner is no longer employed by the company," said Lorenzo Lopez, a Walmart spokesman.

Lopez defended Walmart’s employment of Schlosser.

"All associates must pass a criminal background check as a condition of employment,” Lopez said. “If a charge does not result in a conviction, then we have no way of knowing an applicant’s previous criminal charges."

They fired Schlosser sometime before Monday.

As to why the state has cleared Schlosser to mix with the general population, Department of State Health Services officials say patients are thoroughly assessed before a judge grants permission for their work release.

Former Dallas County prosecutor Toby Shook did not try the Schlosser case.

The crime happened in Collin County, but Shook has had decades of trial experience. He said because Schlosser has no felony conviction to a point, "she has the same rights as everyone else, though the judge will always retain jurisdiction."

"Just like you might have a relative committed that's become mentally unbalanced if they prove to be dangerous, it's the same criteria in this case," he said. "Primarily, what a judge has to rely on are the doctors that are taking care of the person and any other experts that can give reports and testimony at a hearing."

Shook said it's understandable why some would feel uneasy about Schlosser's employment.

"You have a horrible, horrible crime that occurred," he said. "You naturally want that person brought to justice or locked up for the rest of their lives, but that person is suffering from a mental disease. They weren't acting in their right mind."

"So we've reached this compromise in the law where they're found not guilty," Shook continued. "They're not legally responsible, but a judge retains jurisdiction, so that hopefully society can be protected from something like this happening again."

The State of Texas said the goal for patients in mental care facilities is for them to get better, so as they progress, they are given opportunities to re-integrate with society.

Shook said because Schlosser was found not guilty, she still has freedom, but a judge will always determine how much.

by on Aug. 7, 2012 at 5:57 PM
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by on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:02 PM
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She should be locked up in prison for life.

by Bronze Member on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:04 PM
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She needs to be in a mental institution for life.
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by Christy on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:06 PM
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Postpartum psychosis is temporary and treatable. So if she is only a danger related to a temporary condition that obviously took her out of reality and would only relapse if becoming pregnant again, why should she be viewed as a danger to society?

by Silver Member on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:06 PM
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Hopefully someone will shank her ass as she is walking to her car.

That sick cunt needs a bullet to the brain.
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by on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:06 PM
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Other people, Walmart shoppers, journalist etc... Are not trained psychologists or psychiatrist. Generally when a recommendation is made for an outpatient status several MD's, LPC's, LMFT's, and possibly OT's are involved in the decision. Are mistakes made? Certainly. Humans are fallible. But overwhelmingly these decisions are well made.
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by on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:08 PM

WOW!! That is crazy! I don't understand why they wouldn't have atleast something in her criminal background that stated she was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity! Holy hell! What if she tried/tries to get a job as a nanny/babysitter? They do a background check and find she doesn't have one! That is SO WRONG! I would NOT let that nut within 500 feet of my kids ever!! She definately should be still locked up! Once you are found to be insane, how can one ever be considered 'safe' in the community? Whose to say she might 'snap' again and kill/hurt someone else? Atleast she's not working at WalMart any more! Unbelievable!

by Bronze Member on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:08 PM
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my issue isn't so much with her being a danger to society as it is that she needs to pay for her actions. This woman cut her baby's arm off with a knife. She deserves to be locked up for life.

Quoting stormcris:

Postpartum psychosis is temporary and treatable. So if she is only a danger related to a temporary condition that obviously took her out of reality and would only relapse if becoming pregnant again, why should she be viewed as a danger to society?

by New Member on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:09 PM
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I don't believe she should be locked up for life. Not if she was given the help she needed and is better. Post partum psychosis is much different imo, than just murdering someone for the many other reasons. Her punishment for the rest of her life is knowing she killed her own child.
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by on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:10 PM
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I am a firm believer in an eye for an eye, or arm in this case. So I will keep my opinion to myself. But I think her defense is a crock of crap. I have mental issues and would never dream of hurting my kids!!
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by Silver Member on Aug. 7, 2012 at 6:12 PM
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Mental illness or not, when you take another life, your ass should NEVER get a 2nd chance. Your victim doesn't get one, well you shouldn't either.
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