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CORRUPTION: Bain-Controlled Company Owns 2012 Voting Machines

Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super-Fans

Photo: Roger Barone/flickr

We’re not really into conspiracy theories here, so let us just say this upfront: We are not presenting the following article as any kind of conspiracy theory. We will say, though, that the people who own voting machines in some pretty important swing states have a pretty remarkable bias toward Mitt Romney and, you know, someone should probably keep an eye on this, no?

Okay, so here’s what we know:

Hart InterCivic is a national provider of election voting systems that are used in swing-states Ohio and Colorado, as well as in states we don’t really care about so much because we already know how they’ll turn out (e.g., Texas, Oklahoma, and Hawaii). Private equity firm H.I.G. Capital, LLC bought out a “significant” portion of Hart in July of 2011, and now the majority of Hart’s board directors are employees of H.I.G. (It’s not entirely clear how much of the voting machine company H.I.G. owns, but the financial advisors responsible for the transaction state that “Hart Intercivic was acquired by HIG Capital.”)

H.I.G., in turn, has ties to Bain & Co. and Mitt Romney directly:

  • Of H.I.G.’s 22 American directors, 21 donated to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. One person made no political donations at all;  one person donated to both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama; the remaining 20 directors donated exclusively to Mitt Romney in 2012. (See below for links to donations.)

  • Of these 22 American directors, seven of them (nearly one-third) are former Bain employees. Now, we should note (as a reader helpfully pointed out), this is Bain & Co., which Mitt Romney left in order to start the affiliated Bain Capital. The connection is therefore a little more tenuous, but we still find H.I.G.’s overwhelming allegiance and financial support of the Romney campaign surprising (not that it’s surprising that a private equity company would lean Republican, but this level of support is pretty unusual).

  • Four of H.I.G.’s directors, Tony Tamer, John Bolduc, Douglas Berman, and Brian D. Schwartz,  are Romney bundlers along with former Bain and H.I.G. manager Brian Shortsleeve.
  • H.I.G. employees currently make up the majority of the Hart InterCivic’s five-member board of directors. Two of these three directors of the voting machine company, Neil Tuch and Jeff Bohl,  have donated directly to Mitt Romney’s campaign.
  • H.I.G. is the 11th largest donor to Mitt Romney’s campaign. H.I.G. employees have given $338,000 to the Romney campaign, outpacing even Bain Capital itself, which gave  $268,000.

Now, to be fair, besides the fact that H.I.G. employees make up the majority of Hart’s board of directors, we don’t know exactly how much control H.I.G. is able to exert over the voting machine company’s day-to-day operations. Plus, it seems like it would be pretty difficult to mess with the software without anyone finding out about it. Moreover, just from a cost-benefit standpoint, it doesn’t really make sense that these H.I.G. directors would commit a felony and risk their super-lucrative careers just to get their Bain bro elected.

But that said, this still makes us a little… uncomfortable. For instance, what if irregularities or honest mistakes are suspected (and this is a real possibility: Hart InterCivic has previously had some pretty major malfunctions in its voting systems)? The documentation will then be in the hands of Hart/H.I.G.

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Links to H.I.G.’s American directors:

Tony Tamer – Bain alum; Romney bundler; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Sami Mnaymneh – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign as well as Barack Obama’s campaign

Douglas Berman – Bain alum; Romney bundler; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

John Bolduc – Bain alum; Romney bundler; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Rick Rosen – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Brian Schwartz – bundler for the Romney campaign; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Timothy Armstrong – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

John Black – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Dave Blechman – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Peter Cornetta – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Marc Kramer – No known donations to presidential campaigns

Chris Laitala – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Elliot Maluth – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

William Nolan – Bain alum; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Michael Phillips – Bain alum; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Matt Sanford – Bain alum; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Lewis Schoenwetter – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Richard Stokes – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Neil Tuch – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Bret Wiener – donated exclusively to Mitt Romney’s campaign for 2012; donated initially to Mitt Romney and then to Barack Obama during the 2008 election

Rob Wolfson – donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

Jeff Zanarini – Bain alum; donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign

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If they enforced bank regulations like they do park rules, we wouldn't be in this mess

by on Oct. 11, 2012 at 9:22 AM
Replies (41-41):
by on Oct. 14, 2012 at 2:48 AM
CORRUPTION? LET'S TALK ABOUT VOTER FRAUD ON OBAMA'S ELECTION AND Obama gets money from overseas socialists like Chavez. Obama is corrupt......AND A SOCIALIST.......

Just for you... President Obama has emulated Lenin in striving to increase state control over such “commanding heights” of our economy as energy,health care, finance,and education,with smaller forays into food,transportation and undoubtedly some areas I am overlooking.

Besides mimicking some of Lenin’s policy strategies, Obama also has adopted Karl Marx’s strategies for gradually socializing an economy. Before I spell out the Marxian nature of many of Obama’s policies, let me emphasize that I am not calling Obama a “Marxist-Leninist, period.” “Marxist-Leninist” connotes the brutal totalitarian police state of the late, unlamented Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. There is no comparison between Barack Obama’s statism and the genocidal, gulag-riddled regime of the Soviet Communists. That being said, Obama’s economic program is taken directly, if not deliberately, from the Marxist-Leninist playbook, and on that basis one may say that Obama tends toward Marxist-Leninist economics. Besides adopting the Leninist strategy of seeking greater control over the commanding heights of the economy, if one reviews Marx’s 10-point platform for how to socialize a country’s economy in stages (“The Communist Manifesto,” chapter two), one finds that Team Obama and his congressional progressive allies have taken actions to further the goals laid out in all 10 of the planks in the Marx platform.

CITED - MARK HENDRICKSON, Published 7/26/2012, President Obama's Marxist-Leninist Economics: Fact And Fiction, FORBES.COM, Retrieved 10/12/2012,
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