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BLOG of a Mom stops robber in home while her family sleeps.

Posted by on Oct. 24, 2012 at 9:58 PM
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Call ME Crazy all you want, But you are not me. Really if you were in my shoes would would have done the same to protect your sleeping family and home.... So keep you negitive opoinons to your self after reading about the following below. We are all psychically okay, but I am very shook up over walking in on him. But now I have time to think about what all happened is pertty scary. What had happend was;

Sunday Morning Oct. 21, I woke up to take my little dog out potty, First I got up about 7:06 am and went to the rest room, I guess what alerted the teenager that someone was up is when the toilet flushed. Then I walked down the hall in to the living room and seen a guy standing in the door of the TV room. The first words out on my mouth was, “who are you and what is your name?” That is when the teen back away from me and my brain register that he was not someone Jim knew. As soon as he backed away from me, and his body language did not register as positive behavior, with my Husbands work laptop case in the crook's hand he ran with it, and the Mother cougar in me chased after the Teen. As I was running out the door after the teen (My 11year-old son and Jim were asleep while this was going on) I chased him down the street SCREAMING at the top of my lungs ROBBER CALL THE POLICE!!! Oh, I woke up a few of the neighbors who seen me chase the crook down the neighbors called the police, The teen got away on my son's bike cycle. I ran back in the house scaring the living daylights out of JIM SCREAMING ROBBER CALL THE POLICE!!! OMG Jim JUMPED out of the bed (he was in his underwear) RUNNING into the Garage Grabbed his Drywall square swinging it at the guy who was trying to help me out the side door in his underwear (My 11 year-old son was asleep the whole time).

Hours later they caught the Teen who was in the House at Home Depo shop lifting and trying to us Jim’s credit cards. I ID the teen and he is in jail for now. But there was more than one person involved with the robbery.

Now I need someone to talk to who understand how I feel, because my husband may understand, but he is a "Man" if you know what I mean, and I am the one who walked in on the crook. And keeps telling to stop rehashing it. I don't feel that I am rehashing it. I just need to talk about it, because It's not over yet, we still have to go to court and I am not one to bottle up things inside If you know what I mean, I wear my heart on my sleve... They don't understand I am scard, and all the above.

And OMG what was I thinking I could have been killed.


* Note: There was no reasining with me that day I was in rage and all pumped up with adrenaline, so logcially someone who is having a rage of adrenaline don't have time to think they just react (Fight and Flight). Why couldn't I use the self defense training I have using weapons and none weaopns? When there was a weapon next to me. I feel like a failuar to my family, and I am angry,scard and feeling misunderstood about my actions.

by on Oct. 24, 2012 at 9:58 PM
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by Bronze Member on Oct. 24, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Honestly, I would have went after him, too. I understand though...for women it is a little different. I'm glad you and your family are okay. How old was he? Did you get your comp back?
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by Member on Oct. 24, 2012 at 11:20 PM

We are all okay, the crook was about 17/18. And Yes I am the one who got the computer laptop back because I almost had the kid to the ground.

Now that is Wensday and had time to think about what has all happened and haven't heard back from the police wheather or not they got they others involved is what scars me. sad

by Member on Oct. 25, 2012 at 11:08 AM

Thursday Oct 25,

This morning my husband was leveing for work and could not find his car keys any where. We looked all over the house for the and several times in his work laptop case. As we were looking I could here him in the other room YELLLING at no one, just venting, "DAMIT! I wish they didn't take my keys!!!" Then as I walked out the room he was looking into the laptop case again, than he pulled out his keys and started to cry. He sighed and then went to the garge to get in the car, the door clicker woulded work right away thats when he went into a feray of yelling about "DAM!!! CROOKS!!!"  He went to open the garge door it was locked while he was going to open it, and the Door Jamed, Then he was YELLING again, " DAMIT IF YOU DID NOT HAVE YOU HEAD UP YOU ASS THAT WOULD HAVE A HAPPENED", as he picked up the rubber malet and began to beat the lock on the garge door.

Damit these Crooks have really messed with our heads because I am jumppy at every little noise, and my husband is angery.

I am trying to hold it together but it is hard and really need help and support for all of us. So this is why I truned to CafeMom in hope someone here understand what we are going through. sad

by on Oct. 25, 2012 at 1:46 PM

Get an alarm system and use it. That is my first piece of advice. Alarm systems are a huge reassurance. We got one after being broken into when I was home alone with two small children.

My next piece of advice is to find a local firing range and use it. Invest in a good safe to house a dependable gun and take a class in how to properly use it(not saying you needed it today only that having one around is helpful). They also offer many home defense classes and general defense classes with and without a weapon. TRAINING is the thing that helps you overcome fight or flight and think straight. Make a plan for emergencies like this and practice it. Planning and training could have mitigated how you feel now and helped you respond better(not that what you did was all that bad). People always think it won't be them and thik the time and money for training is stupid. Then when it is them they start to understand. It was you and now you have the chance to make sure you respond better if there is a next time.

by Member on Oct. 25, 2012 at 2:59 PM

I clearly understand what you are saying, with what had happened on Sunday Oct. 21, there was no time to grab a weapon, all I could do is flight or flight in what had happened. (which we have several weapons in our home even one where I was standing.) What really worries me is that I do have self defense training, and all I could think of at the time was beat the crap out of the crook for being in our home.

Futhermore,  we changed all our locks and are having an alarm system installed this Saturday. In the mean time I am taking more defense training.

But that all will not help our emotional state of mind, it help some but not completely.

We never had the attitude the something would never like that happen to us. I had always taught my son what to do if someone came into our home that I did not allow. We always had a safty plan, because I Empower Domestic Violence victims with safety plans, but the shoe is on the other foot now. If you know what I mean.

*Note: I have learned that by Blogging this and my feeling and how my family is copping that I can heal, and maybe someone like myself will have a greater understanding how we feel, and they are not alone. Because I am feeling alone, scared, an No one understands what I am going through, and I really do want the satisfaction of beating that crook up. All because I am ANGRY that my home was invaded and my son was in danger.

My friends and family say I am beating my self up over what had happened, but I feel like I failed my family. Because of my actions. (What the hell was I thinking!)

by Member on Oct. 25, 2012 at 3:09 PM

Theives piss me off and I would have done the same even though i only weigh 95lbs 4' 11" and would have no chance lol. If they had anything that could be used as a weapon he would be staring down a shot gun if i had time to get it.

by Ruby Member on Oct. 25, 2012 at 3:13 PM

One of the reasons my friend and her fiancee carry at all times.

by Member on Oct. 25, 2012 at 3:17 PM

What are you saying? We should eat drink and sleep with a gun?


by Kellie on Oct. 25, 2012 at 4:00 PM
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Only if he had one of my kids. I don't care about stuff. Take the laptop. I have insurance.
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by Member on Oct. 25, 2012 at 5:55 PM

When I was chaseing the Crook it really wasn't about getting my Husbands laptop back, It was because I wanted to hurt the guy, and make sure I could get a good look at him and I did, because I almost had the druggy teen down to the ground.

There is a neighobor who seen the whole thing and said to me the other day, "I guess you are not one women to be reconed with. I am proud of you, there needs to be more people out who are willing to defend their family and home." That actually made me feel some what better inside.

I just wish my husband seen that I was PROTECTING my SLEEPING Family. I got the Druggy Crook out of the House and He didn't get down the Hall to them.




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