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A petition Americans can get behind

Posted by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 11:06 AM
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Mr. President Obama,

As I sit north of the border and watch as the country I was born in crumble before my eyes, a few things have really stood out to me. There are some very simple measures which could be taken to create jobs, which are needed to keep your economy going.

Americans are some of the biggest consumers in the world, yet most of what Americans buy these days are products which are not manufactured in America.  That, Sir, is a problem.

For years now Big American Corporations have been sending work which used to be done by American's, overseas, in order to have it done cheaper.  This may have seemed like a good idea to the Greedy Corporate People, but in the long run it has hurt America, badly.

These Corporations continue to see profits, while America itself see's a decline in employment. THIS IS WRONG, SIR.

These are a few ideas I have been talking amongst friends about, and I think you should seriously consider them. I am sure if you do so, you will no longer be popular with large Corporations, big Pharma, or Insurance companies. Well, such is life. They are not your concern, however, the welfare of America is.

·         Auto manufactures, let's start with you. How many auto's are manufactured here anymore? I am not talking about assembly, I am talking about parts. If I was in your shoes Sir, I would give all Auto companies 1 year to have factories in the process of being built, 2 years to have those factories running. American "made" autos need to actually be "made" in America. In order to not hurt the other countries where we have been receiving parts "feelings" then we can allow for 10% and NO MORE of the parts to be made in other countries. BAM. Jobs, right there buddy. Just building the factories alone will create jobs.

·         Immigration. There is not enough work to support the current American population, close your doors for no less than 5 years. At this time the issues other countries are facing is no longer your concern. We cannot afford to have people who are not born and raised in America taking American jobs. People with university educations should not be vying for a job at McDonalds, let's put these people back to work!

·         And while we are on the topic of immigration, all those companies who are hiring Mexican and other workers under the table for less than min wage, these guys need to be facing fines. I don't know what deterrents you have in place, but they are obviously not working. Make the fines and penalties harsher, and let's work on getting these companies back in the mindset that hiring Americans at a proper wage is a good idea.

·         Insurance companies. You need to start putting caps on what those bastards can charge people for something as essential as health care. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Your health insurance should never be on par with or more than your mortgage payment!  No wonder employers are not willing to get benefits for employees!!!! Over a thousand dollars a month for a family of middle class or lower income???? NOT ACCEPTABLE!  No insurance company should be allowed to charge more than $400/month for a family, and at $400/mth, that had better cover everything under the sun! EVERYTHING.  The average cost of medical insurance should be as follows; basic family coverage $75/mth.   Just above basic,  $150/mth and so on and so forth, capping at $400.

You cannot fix your healthcare system until you fix the problem of greedy insurance companies.

·         Speaking of greedy immoral companies.....let's talk Pharmaceuticals. I have noticed a huge problem in America, people cannot afford their medications. When someone is paying $250 for meds I can pick up in Canada for about $60, WITHOUT any form of insurance, there is a problem. You are allowing these companies to charge prices that people simply cannot afford. Imagine having to choose between meds needed to sustain you, your child, spouse or parents life, or paying your mortgage? Exactly HOW MUCH are these companies marking up medications?  Regulate and mandate Sir.  

·         Another thing that needs to be addressed; minimum wages. Now here in Canada, the lowest min wage is $10/hr.  the cost of living, food, ect has gone up, and so  must the wages.  Employers need to be providing health insurance ( basic, at the least) for any employee who has been with them more than 3 months, and works more than 30 hrs a week. And cutting peoples hours to get out of this needs to somehow also be regulated. Because we don't want people losing their jobs to get health benefits, do we Sir?

please feel free to add your own advice for the president. this will be posted to the White House Petitions page, and if we can get more than 25,000 signatures, he has to at least take notice. 

and yes, i am a canadian, a mere mother and chef, and perhaps you think i have no business sticking my nose in such affairs. whatever. i am american born, and would like to some day take my kids south of the border without fear.

by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 11:06 AM
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by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 11:10 AM


by Libertarian on Nov. 15, 2012 at 11:36 AM

 Too long. They limit the number of characters to 800. Trust me, I had to whittle down my own petition significantly.

"Roger that. Over."

R   A   D    I    O    H    E    I    D

by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 12:52 PM

well shit. guess i will have to make part 1, 2 &3 then, lol, how do you feel about my ideas?

Quoting radioheid:

 Too long. They limit the number of characters to 800. Trust me, I had to whittle down my own petition significantly.

by Captain Underpants on Nov. 15, 2012 at 12:59 PM
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You're petition has some major flaws. One, illegal immigration from Mexico has declined severely from 1999. In fact, there are more people from the U.S. moving to Mexico than there are people from Mexico moving here. Sheesh. At least research some things before starting a petition. Two, are we or are we not a capitalist country? Are you in favor of the government regulating private businesses? Because I'm pretty sure that's what you are proposing. As for manufacturers, you are going to have to make American workers accept smaller wages if you intend to keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Or, deal with inflated retail costs on products made in the U.S. Which would probably lower sales. Also, cost of living in Canada is higher than the U.S., thus the higher minimum wage. 

Hmmmm...I think you have some work to do and some editing.

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