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Now children are dying in Gaza but let's worry about pet owners in Israel. Who was saying Israelis care about children?

by on Nov. 19, 2012 at 4:42 PM
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by Platinum Member on Nov. 20, 2012 at 8:12 PM

I definitely err on the side of the Palestinians and even i don't think the pet thing is a big deal. I think it's a good thing for a media outlets to explore as many angles of a story that they can. Their job is to create a full picture, including parts that might not be as important as others.

If all they ran were obits and memorials it wouldn't be much of a news organization.

by Member on Nov. 20, 2012 at 8:13 PM
The US is suffering.We have our own homless people.We have our own.war.We have a bad economy but lets focus on anther countries war.It goes both ways
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by on Nov. 20, 2012 at 9:25 PM
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Do you have a bunch of deeds to show European Jews own that same land? Did you forget about the Aliyah's? Hundreds of thousands of Europeans came during them... I would love to see to see some proof they had a right to all legally immigrate and claim land.

As far as I know in modern history and law when people take something that is not owned by them it is called stealing. When people take something by force it is called robbery in English. And when people declare war on those who do not have the legal right or ability to defend themselves it's called terrorism in the least.

I have a huge clue about the area and I am shocked at your responses. As far as international law goes people are allowed to claim their independence and self identify, no one gives Palestine that right. Countries after declaring their existance, have a right to defend themselves, Palestine is not allowed a military. Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians are NOT the same people as Palestinians. They do not have the same history., They do not speak the same dialects, they may eat similar food and be from similar cultures but they are not the same people. That's like saying Canadians and Americans are the same. No other countries had a right to determine what happened to Palestinians be they Christian, Muslim or Jewish Palestinians, especially not waves of illegal immigrants from Europe. The Britain acknowledged the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine and referred to the area as Palestine in their agreements (see Balfour declaration) as did the Jewish people that came from Europe. In the agreements made between Britain and the Jewish Diaspora, they indicated Palestinians, the indigenous occupants, were to be respected and allowed their rights in a Jewish homeland set up in the state of Palestine. European Jews didn't keep their deal when they wanted an independent country.

Haven't I read when lurking about that you claim Lebanese heritage? You can't be Lubnaniya and Lubnan can't exist if the people of this region historically called Falasteen can't be called Falasteeni and have no right to exist. It violates your own argument in support of Israel.


Quoting Donna6503:

Again nice try, you never presented a fact that was true.

Just continue in your believe that lies are good.

You don't have a clue about the area so don't take it out in me.

Still, you haven't shown me a deed to the land. It's Israelis' land, they have a legal right and claim. The West Banks was annexed by Jordan but in its treaty to Israel it release that area to Israel .... The same can go for Gaza, released to Israel by Egypt from the Camp David Accord.

I do know this, if by magic or by the will of satan, that the UN declared the area of Israel as part of some grand design and that land was given to say Jordan ... The call for an independent Palestinians state would all but disappear from all of us.

I know Hamas doesn't want a peace or even a truce, all it wants is to kill Jews, it will use any means possible, lying and using children, it doesn't care one bit. So no they just want Israel to not fight back .... But no it doesn't want peace.

Quoting nb34:

How typical of Israeli sympathisers even when they are presented with facts they deny it. Yet, all they can offer is opinions and anecdotes. Have a good day. I should have known you wouldn't be man enough to acknowledge your lies.

Quoting Donna6503:

Nice try NB,

I said, British Mandate ... Said nothing about Palestine nor the French Mandate. Palestine is an area that includes present day Israel, Jordan, most of Syria and Lebanon, parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Your first paragraph, is from an unknown source but it only implies that migration came from Europe but it doesn't state that all migration came from Europe. The second paragraph, the one from the first Israeli president, Ben-Gurion. I find interesting because he supported that Jews in Palestine start to migrate to Negev desert, which the paragraph you quoted was a common part of his speeches. The Negev desert was an ideal choice because there were no Muslims in the area that could be in conflicts with at the time.

Still nice try .... Go ahead and look at some more propaganda to cut and paste.

Quoting nb34:

" from the summer of 1931 radicalism, pessing upward from the street, took hold of the Palestinian elite, stokesd by a dramatic increase in Jewish immigration due to new anti-Semitic measures in Eastern and Cnetral Europe and  drastic reduction of the American intake of immigrants. In 1929-31 Jewsh immigration to Palestine stood at 4000-5000 people anually; in 1932 there were 9500; in 1933, 30,000; 1934, 420000; and in1935, 62000.

Here is a quote from Ben-Gurion:

"There is a fundamental conflict. We and they want the samet hing. We both want Palestine." And he explained for once looking at things from the Arab perspective" "were I an Arab... I would rise up against immigration liable sometime the future to hand the country...over to jewish rule. What Arab cannot do his math and understand that immigration at the rate of 60,000 a year means a Jewish state in all Palestine?"

Quoted from Righteous Victims, p.122.

So now tell me who was lying about the immigration?

oQuoting Donna6503:

No it is just history. Maybe it is you who needs to pick up a book that isn't anti-Semitic propaganda.

Stop looking at Allison Wier stuff; it isn't true.

Quoting nb34:

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