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New Evidence Claims Casey Anthony Searched For "Suffocation" on Day of Caylee's Murder -Would this have mattered?

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New Evidence Claims Casey Anthony Searched For "Suffocation" on Day of Caylee's Murder

Posted by Kiri Blakeley on November 21, 2012 

Casey Anthony

Many people were surely unhappy when Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. Others believed she was innocent. Was there once piece of evidence, somehow left out of the trial, that could have changed everyone's minds? A local Orlando TV station says that for weeks, Casey's defense team waited with dread for the prosecution to bring up a key piece of damning evidence: Casey had reportedly done a search on the family computer for "fool-proof suffication" the same day of Caylee's death. (Yes, she -- provided it really was her -- even misspelled the word.) But the prosecution never brought this up. Why? And if they had, could it have changed the verdict?

Casey's main lawyer, Jose Baez, first brought up the search in his book, Presumed Guilty. However, he blames the search on Casey's father George -- saying he was looking up how to kill himself after Caylee was found drowned.

But the Orlando station, Local 6, says that it was most likely Casey who conducted the search, not her father. Their investigation reportedly shows that Casey's dad was at work at the time of the search, while Casey's cell phone was pinging off a nearby tower, showing that she most likely would have been home at the time.

The user of the computer searched for "fool-proof suffication" and then went to a site that advises people looking to commit suicide to poison themselves and then suffocate themselves with a plastic bag. It was this exact method of death that the state claimed Caylee suffered.

And then, possibly most damning, right after that site, the user then visits MySpace -- a site Casey was known to visit. Not George.

But apparently the prosecution didn't even know about this additional evidence. When Local 6 approached the prosecutor Jeff Ashton with it, he said, "It's just a shame we didn't have it. This certainly would have put the accidental death claim in serious question."

But would it have? I'm not an expert on the trial, but as I recall there were a lot of strange computer searches that were brought into evidence, such as many searches on the word "chloroform," but Baez was always able to explain it away. So I'm not sure this one search term would have made much of a difference. But you never know.

Do you think this new piece of evidence would have mattered?

by on Nov. 22, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Replies (51-53):
by Gold Member on Nov. 24, 2012 at 6:13 AM

The defense's entire argument was that Kayley drowned in the family swimming pool and that the father, George helped cover it up.

And of course the one little difficulty with that is that absolutely NO evidence was presented that proved that.

I classify their defense as a 'story' and nothing more.

But I do think Boaz said more than just that - that wasn't trotted out til late in the game.

by Gold Member on Nov. 24, 2012 at 6:15 AM

Oh, and by the way....where is the proof that this whole 'suffocation' search is not some internet gossip?

NO, 'the prosecution said GEE, I wish we had that before' carries absolutely no weight with me.   For one thing, the prosecution, unless they're playing games with the media, I doubt would say that.   If they were being truthful, they''d be far more likely to grab who ever told them that by the lapels and scream in their ear, 'THAT DOESN'T AMOUNT TO A HILL OF S***!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Because with high profile trials like this, MOST of what pops up on the internet is complete bull.   Just look at the James Holmes case - more bull poop has been slung around the media in that case than can possibly be believed.

by Angie on Nov. 24, 2012 at 11:50 AM


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