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To those who hate on people who get public assistance

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 Why do you want to treat the poor like petrified dog shit? Have you ever even used food stamps? Do you even know how damn humiliating it is to know you can't support yourself and your child and have to depend on others to survive?

I was a single parent (and before you go off saying it was my choice- I was date raped and decided to keep my baby- I can admit that after 20 years now) and after serving in the Army, I worked 40-50 hours a week at a retail job. It paid so little that I qualified for subsidized daycare, food stamps and a medical card for my daughter. I wasn't a lazy good for nothing, I worked my ass off. In fact, I walked 30 blocks to drop her off at day care no matter what the weather was- rain, blizzard, then walked 30 blocks back down the street to get on the bus and then did the same thing after work. Sure, I would have been easier to just sit on my ass and collect cash assistance as well, but I didn't- because I have work ethic as do many poor people.

You have no damn idea how much having to take government help made me feel like a failure as a human being and a mother. There were many times I was glared at, called 'lazy bitch' and made to feel like crap while paying for my food with foodstamps- and this was when they were actual paper, not a card so there was no hiding the fact I was using them.

This one time, I was paying for my groceries and included were a cake mix, frosting and ice cream to make a cake for my daughters birthday (she was right there with me) when this old lady behind me told me- VERY loudly that I should be a contributing member of society, stop be so lazy, get a job and stop 'mooching off her tax dollars' and she then told me I had no right buying what I was because it wasn't 'real food'. I stood there crying, my daughter clinging to me looking up at me afraid, and even the cashier was looking at me like she felt sorry for me.

I had to stand in the cold and wait for a cab with my daughter asking me questions, both of us crying and me feeling even more humiliated then ever before.

Until you have been in my shoes, you have damn right to place asinine rules about what poor people HAVE to buy with your precious tax dollars because you have some superiority complex. What you should be feeling is warmth knowing you're helping out human being who are less fortunate in life than you are. Believe it or not, poor people understand that junk food is unhealthy but they too deserve a treat once in a while to give them some happiness. 

by on Dec. 6, 2012 at 8:13 AM
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by Silver Member on Dec. 8, 2012 at 7:38 PM
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I did daycare for the all 3 of my day care kids were on PA.  The first woman I interviewed walked into my house and said, "We (meaning herself and her little boy) looked at this house when it was for sale, but we wanted something nicer."  This wasn't a trailer!  It was a lovely small home...I'd move back in a second.  The next woman came and her little boy was simply beautiful....but he was wearing little Nike's and Oshkosh overalls...  The mothers were required to provide meals as I didn't want to.  The first mom brought a small sirloin steak, a little salad and two baked potatoes with sour cream?  Hello!  Where's the wine?  I couldn't afford to feed my boys that way!  In fact, the majority of it went down the garbage disposal...he simply could eat steak at his young age and he hated salad.  I have no problem with people that truly need help, but these days, welfare seems more like a given than a need.


by on Dec. 10, 2012 at 8:36 PM

I happen to get food stamps for me, my husband and 3 kids. The only thing that bothers me about people who come into our office to get foodstamps is that they plainly state that they don't have jobs at all but the come to the office driving new looking range rovers and wearing new clothes such as south pole, fubu and pelle pele and these other brands that cost like over a hundred for a pair of pants and like 70 for the shirts and a few hundred for the coats and shoes and then get food stamps. Sure I have a Cowboys coat and other brand name stuff but it in no way looks like I just walked out a of a store wearing it. My coat has rips in the sleeves and the pants have some stains and holes in them or are really faded and no brand name shoes but 1 pair of Nikes with holes in the toes of them. And then there are families that make way more money than we do and they get like 700 a month in fs and we only get 400. What the hell is up with that?

by Member on Dec. 11, 2012 at 2:45 PM

So. After they buy these very expensive foods they won't have any benefits left over to eat the rest of the month. That's their choice. So long as they're not getting extra benefits to eat like this, what is the real problem here?


by on Dec. 11, 2012 at 4:08 PM

For the people that honestly need it, I see no problem. For the people that just don't want to work and that's their lifestyle (as well as the lifestyle of most of their family), I will continue to think of them as dog shit. But yes, I think you should have been able to buy the things to make your daughter a birthday cake. Maybe you need to sit down, relax a minute, and realize that most people that bitch about this are not bitching about the people that really need it, they're bitching about the ones that abuse it. As far as the people who feel the need spew comments to someone about a situation that they know nothing about, they need to keep their damn mouth shut. To me, they're just as bad as the abusers of government assistance.

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