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The Jodi Arias trial.....Updated#4 POLL ADDED

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Question: What do you think the outcome of this case will be?


Not Guilty/Hung Jury/Self Defense

First Degree Murder/Premeditation/Felony Murder

Second Degree Murder


Only group members can vote in this poll.

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It's big news here in AZ, but is anyone else following?

Shot in the head, throat slit, and 29 stab wounds....a bit of overkill for self defense and this chicks story has changed 3 times. Not to mention the sex and shower photos taken of her AND him only moment before his was murdered....and pictures on his camera of his dead, bloody there any way this woman in not guilty??

I'm glued to this trial....


I've been keeping tabs on all the comments and I have to say, as far as girls wanting the acceptance of a male figure, they do what they can to please them. That's a fact. So he could have been humiliating her sexually. No one but those two can know for sure. I know women who do what they can and aim to please an abusive man. I also know that many abusive men aren't abusinve where everyone can see, so I don't think any of us can say she's lying about that. Because we just don't know.

HOWEVER, she has had 5 years to study up on battered woman syndrom and psychology when it comes to any type of abused woman and figure out what her story will be. I can't say no he wasn't abusive, because I don't know them. I wasn't a fly on the wall when everything was going down, so unfortunately we have to (to a point) go by what she is saying. But as far as her testimony today, and watching her interviews from the past, I find the fact that it wasn't premeditated and the fact that it went down the way she claims it did, VERY hard to believe. So I believe she should get life for premeditation. 

I get a woman who is so sexually or physically abused by a man she loves snapping and blacking out and killing him because, sometimes you just cannot take it anymore. BUT I just cannot bring myself to buy her story of what happened the day she killed him. The evidence strongly points at him being blitz attacked. That he didn't see it coming.

Keep weighing in ladies! 


WOW!!! An awesome insight into what the jurors are thinking. They don't seem to be buying her "I don't remember" bs about killing Travis. They also seem to be leaning more towards it looking like premeditation. They asked pretty good questions IMO. 

What do you think about the jury questions??


IMO this "expert" has crippled the defense instead of helping them. I'm almost wondering why the state doesn't rest now lol. Why is the defense keeping this man on the stand. He's suppose to be back up there but this go round is with Juan Martinez (who i love by the way he's like a little chihuahua nipping at your ankles lol). After this, I almost see no win for the defense. ALSO: new evidence about Jodi being the original companion for Travis' Cancun vacay, then bumped for another woman....slam dunk motive. Do you agree or disagree?


Wow....I can't believe its almost over. What did you tihnk about Nurmi and Martinez' closing arguments? What are your verdict predictions?? Remember...people were so sure OJ and Casey Anthony would be found guilty.....My prediction is the state will get what they want with 1st degree murder. 

Let us all hope that justice is done for Travis and his family whatever the outcome!


In case you haven't heard GUILTY 1ST DEGREE FELONY AND PREMEDITATED MURDER.....will she get death or just life in prison? 

Justice for Travis and his family has been done. RIP TRAVIS ALEXANDER

by on Jan. 24, 2013 at 11:58 AM
Replies (151-160):
by Bronze Member on Mar. 2, 2013 at 6:15 AM

I certainly hope that the jury doesn´t start hating on the prosecutor instead of placing the blame squarely where it belongs-on Jodi. If they do, we could see another Casey Anthony.

This woman is a cold-blooded killer and master manipulator. Let´s hope the jury isn´t sucked in.

Good advice from Eyes for Lies:

 Don't become the next Travis Alexander....What you need to know! 
  by Eyes at 10:53 AM

Cherry red foul play
Photo by fd on Flickr--click for more info on the photographer.

If you are a guy and you are watching Jodi Arias on the stand, there is a good chance you've shuddered and thought, could this have been me?  Could I have fallen for Jodi and could I have been her next victim?  

Most people would agree that Jodi Arias is not a threatening person, or a person that would evoked fear in people prior to her trial--especially to men who are bigger and stronger than she is.  As you can now see in hindsight--how wrong your thinking would be!

So how do you then protect yourself from falling victim like Travis did to a woman who appears so meek as Jodi did?  Were there warning signs?

Absolutely.  If you were my brother, or son, (or daughter or sister) I'd tell you this...

Psychopathic people tend to cross personal boundaries very quickly.  They will fall "in love" almost overnight. They will commit themselves to a person very quickly.  They will profess love for another way sooner than the average person and they will shower their object of affection with an abnormal amount of attention very quickly.  They will tell you that you are the one long before most other people would do so naturally. Take heed!

Another warming sign is that the harness the power of their sexuality.  Psychopaths have a lot less fear than the average person and are not shy about sex or their bodies, and find great joy in using their sexuality as a tool.   You won't know it as first, but if they are sexually very open and willing to do things most other wouldn't, show no inhibitions and are willing to get sexual faster than most people -- bells should go off. It's a red flag. Sure they will tell you that you are different and special, and they don't normally do this, but be careful. It's another trait of a psychopath.

Once they get you in bed, one thing is for sure--they will fulfill your every fantasy--not because they want you, but because they want you to be vulnerable and wanting more.  Sex is a desire they play on to manipulate and control a person, and they will continue to meet your fantasies in an effort to gain more and more control.  They lure you with visions and fantasies and experience of sex from your wildest dreams!  Remember, they have no inhibitions!  For a woman psychopath, this is easy to do as men are vulnerable in this arena and they know it.  I've seen it time and time again.

I don't doubt that Travis was transfixed on Jodi for this reason and he had a hard time pulling away--even when he saw her diabolical side because it was very hard to walk away from his fantasies (who would ever do this again?), and you can bet Jodi knew this and used it as one of her most powerful tools. When someone starts using sex to get things or to control you -- that is dangerous territory.

I have no doubt that Jodi used her sexuality as the ultimate tool against Travis, and he had no idea until he was in way too deep.  Granted, these manipulators start small.  They may start out offering sexual gratification in return for something small such as a gift they want, or a dinner out, or getting their way. That's your first clue to BOLT!  But they will continue to escalate it for more and more control.

And when they feel they are losing control, they will amp up your sexual fantasies and pleasure to keep you coming back.  Don't ever convince yourself this is just a physical relationship.  I think that is what Travis did, and that belief is what ultimately lead to his demise.

The more control Jodi got over Travis using sex, the more she wanted to manipulate him, and the more she believedshe could manipulate him. For her it was never about the sex--it was all about the control and when she felt she lost control, and she did all this sexual pleasing of Travis for not--she let it out in a fit of rage on him --making him pay the ultimate price for what she believed was the ultimate betrayal.  She gave and he did not.  That ended it.

While people think lying is harmless, it actually says a lot about a person's character.  I can assure you Travis was well aware of how Jodi lied and it may have been something he disliked as time when on.  When someone tells you who they are-- that they are willing to lie to others for their own gain -- take it as a clue that no one is important to a person like this -- not even you, even if you are the center of their universe and they confess their dirty lies to you.  Take it as a huge beacon in the night to run and take cover!  Quickly.

In the end, Jodi used Travis' fantasies to lure him to his death. She lured him into the shower on the turn-on of taking provocative photos.  Then she got him to turn around and show her his back and that is when she inflicted the ultimate betrayal on Travis as she started stabbing him as he stood defenseless, and naked in the shower. 
by Bruja on Mar. 2, 2013 at 5:24 PM
is the da supposed to hold her hand and coddle her, no....she was not abused, she premeditated his murderspan>

Quoting pamk5641:

 I have been watching it from almost the very beginning.  I am hooked now. It is on Tru-TV. 

I watched her Thursday when the prosecutor was going at her and I don't think her tears were fake.  I think she is truly remorseful but it's too late now. I hope she doesn't get the death penalty. 

Also she wasn't getting lunch during the lunch break from the start of the trial until just the other day when it was ordered by the judge. I cannot believe they didn't give her any lunch.  She may be a prisoner but she has the right to eat. 

I do think she is a battered woman and just because she didn't journal about it doesn't mean squat.  I think he was a creep but didn't deserve to die.

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by ~FreeSpirit~ on Mar. 3, 2013 at 9:02 AM

 This trial is riveting!  What would make someone stab a person 27 times while he's in the shower then shoot him in the head?  Pre-meditated...

by #1 Raider fan on Mar. 3, 2013 at 9:07 AM

I am so afraid this twisted sister will pull off a Casey Anthony! I am into this trial.

by ~FreeSpirit~ on Mar. 3, 2013 at 9:08 AM

Jodi Arias takes the stand and says she killed Travis Alexander , and planned suicide. 

by ~FreeSpirit~ on Mar. 3, 2013 at 9:14 AM

 Jodi Arias Trial; Pictures Of Her Dragging Dead Body Found In Washing Machine.

by ~FreeSpirit~ on Mar. 3, 2013 at 9:27 AM

 Arias breaks down on the stand.

Published on Feb 28, 2013

Jodi Arias begins crying on the stand after the prosecutor asks her to look at photos of Travis Alexander's crime scene. For more CNN videos, visit our site at

by Bronze Member on Mar. 3, 2013 at 9:27 AM

I watched a special report on the trial on CNN last night.  I haven't read all of the replies so I don't know if anyone else has brought this up, but on the stand she claimed that he got angry with her when she dropped his camera so she ran to a closet and closed the door.  Then she remembered that is where he kept his gun, so she grabbed it and went back into the bathroom where Travis was.

That doesn't sound like self defense to me.  He didn't come after her when she ran into the closet, he stayed in the bathroom.  SHE went back to HIM.  So, if she was really fearing for her life, as she claims, and she had his gun (there is no evidence whatsoever that he even owned a gun), and he was still in the bathroom, why wouldn't she just leave?

I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that "self-defense" only applies when a person is in grave or imminent danger, and based on her own testimony she was not.

by Bronze Member on Mar. 3, 2013 at 10:43 AM

She killed him in cold blood, plain and simple,I stand by that as most of the women on here believe this as well it sems. 

by Bronze Member on Mar. 7, 2013 at 1:02 PM

Interesting comments regarding the juror questions.

Is there a holdout?

 Jodi Arias and Juror Questions 
  by Eyes at 11:03 AM

Yesterday the jurors got to ask their questions to Jodi Arias in the court and it was said there were more than 156 questions--some of which were objected to.  However, on CNN, one of the correspondents covering the trial said something noteworthy to me.  She said that most of the jurors were NOT taking notes, but that one in specific was.

This has significance to me.

When there is disagreement in a group, and the group gets a chance to get clarification, the person who is the standout is the one who has to defend their position.  That person is going to be the most likely to "take notes" of comments to support their argument.  I mean let's face it, if you are in the consensus, and the majority of you feel the same, would you feel the need to take notes when you feel understood?  Probably not. But if you are the lone man out, you certainly would.  

This gives me great concern that there is at least one hold out juror on this jury who may believe Jodi was a victim of abuse!!

I think the jury, if they were all in agreement, would still ask questions, but I don't think they would ask as many as they are asking because they would feel they have a good understanding of the truth. 

It appears to me that the insightful jurors see that there is potential disagreement among them, and they needed to ask very clear and concise questions to get the one (or possibly more) jurors to see the truth.

I have to say this makes me quite nervous and I hope I am wrong!! Or I hope the ones who see the truth prevail with these questions and get the hold out to see the truth.

Jodi Arias lies constantly.  It is a rare moment when she says something truthful and to think there are believers, its mind-boggling to me.


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