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Christopher Dorner Fans On Facebook, Twitter Call Alleged Cop Killer A 'Hero,' Citing Police Brutality

Posted: 02/08/2013 5:21 pm EST  |  Updated: 02/08/2013 6:08 pm EST

Call it the "Dark Knight Complex." In the age of the Internet and social media, behind certain high-profile alleged murderers, there are loyal fans.

Supporters of Christopher Dorner, the former LA policeman turned "cop killer," have shown up online, with tweets and fan pages on Facebook. Some call Dorner a "hero" for writing a nine-page manifesto alleged on racism and corruption within the LAPD.

Numerous supporters on Twitter are calling the alleged murderer a "Dark Knight."One Facebook page calls him "the hero LA deserves, but not the one it needs right now ... He's a silent guardian, watchful protector against corruption, he's our Dark Knight."

The vast majority of Americans are horrified that Dorner declared "war" on the LAPD and has allegedly killed three individuals so far. But the public disgust seems to add fuel to the fire for his followers, as it does with skeptics of 9/11, the Aurora massacre and the Newtown massacre.

However, it is clear that Dorner's fans have a more issue-driven focus than, for example, the fans, or "Holmies," of alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes.

Dorner's supporters say the media should be focusing on police brutality and officer-involved deaths as much as they are on this alleged killer.

Police are desperately continuing a massive manhunt across three states and Mexico in search of Dorner, who claims he was fired by a racist, corrupt police force. In their search for the dangerous police- and military-trained man, officers accidentally shot two innocent Latina women Thursday. Some of Dorner's fans have criticized the incident as an example of the police's "shoot first, ask later" approach and say Dorner is giving police a taste of their own medicine..

"This is an intelligent man who has stared into the dark heart of corruption," Ruth Iorio, a 33-year-old LA screenwriter, wrote to HuffPost in a Facebook message. "Now he's taking vengeance upon it, trying to turn the LAPD into the victims they have persecuted, including Kendrec McDade, Alisia Thomas and Kelly Thomas."

Edward D., 25, told HuffPost that he started the Facebook fan page "Christopher Dorner" to "wake up the citizens and force police departments to change their ways. If they learn from this, it shouldn't happen again." He continued, quoting President Kennedy, in a Facebook message, "'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.' -JFK"

The individual behind the Facebook page "I support Christopher Jordan Dorner" explained to HuffPost that he started the page to steer the conversation away from Dorner's mental health.

"I knew that the media was going to turn this into just another 'He's a psycho ex-cop ex-military that went insane' story, and wanted to show that there was more to what was going on than that," the individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote in a Facebook message. "There is a huge underlying story of police corruption and the plight of a man that tried his best to do good but was relentlessly punished for it."

The page has over 1,600 likes as of Friday afternoon.

Click through other comments supporting Dorner and/or his plea to end police brutality and racism:

Support for Cop Killer
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by on Feb. 8, 2013 at 6:34 PM
Replies (181-190):
by Platinum Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:20 PM
Possibly. The LAPD is something else though. I take it you never got pulled over by a tweaked out cop ready to start a fight or looking for drugs. The LAPD hasn't changed.

Quoting AMBG825:

 And this is more common than people think. The days of protecting cops that speak out are gone for most departments now. Most departments highly encourage officers to speak out against other officers. Officers that report other officers for wrong doing are often promoted now even when unqualified for doing so.


Most of the cops you see on the news who are arrested or fired for wrong doing, are turned in by other cops. They aren't turned in by the general public anymore.

Quoting Whaaaaaa....O.o:

Quoting turtle68:

I do know those you speak of. And I never said they didn't exist. I hate corrupt cops for several reasons. One being they make my dh look bad. And most of all they put my dh's life at risk.

I am not naive. I know there is corruption. This is planet Earth after all. But I believe I read that the people he has shot aren't even involved in whatever issues he has going on.

I cannot bear to read the manifesto. In fact, I really shouldn't be following this story at all. Like I said, I already have nightmares. I've woken up literally screaming and drenched in sweat. But I love my dh. He is an amazing man and a terrific cop. And he is good at his job. His goal is really to protect and serve. But at the same time he would like to change agencies because of the supervisors and cheifs. His department has the opposite problem than LAPD. They hang their officers out to dry (even when the criminal tried to RUN OVER and officer while drunk) to stay "pc". Dh refused to unionize until this happened. Now we belong to 2 different unions. All to try to protect him from the corrupt higher ups.


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by AllieCat on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Quoting Gracesgma:

There's a lot of sickos out there, including Dorner and his "fans." God must weep when He sees what this country is becoming.

I hope He weeps at the actions of the police officers as well.

by Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:25 PM
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I dont think people are seeing themselves as fans but I think people believe that dorner is telling the truth. Including myself, and they are saying they support him not condoning the killings but agreeing that the lapd need to be investigated. Everyone is gonna go with what they believe and nobody was there to say what really happened but dorner and those other cops. But everyone knows that cops are shady and they will protect their own first.
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by Platinum Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:28 PM
Exactly. I think she just has never dealt with LAPD or knows how it function.

In my opinion, whether these little facts are true or not, the victim still got kicked and the LAPD is still doing it to this day. I still wonder how the homeless man is that got beat up with a baton is doing. He got beat up for the only reason that my BIL was training and it was for practice. Did I forget to mention that the homeless man was handicapped as well?

Quoting brookiecookie87:

Oh-The testimony of the person that was there, has the scar to prove he was kicked and supports Dorner's case was dismissed by them? How convenient.

Which just goes to show the problem with letting an Agency police themselves.  Want someone to be guilty? Just ignore any testimony that supports them. And if the people testifying against him are caught in a lie-Well that is okay.

Anyone who looks at Christopher Gettler can probably guess he doesn't have the capabilities to make up a lie like this.

Quoting AMBG825:

 And BTW - the representative was told by Gettlers therapist and his father that his testimony would be unreliable due to his mental illness. A statement as such was written by the therapist and by the investigator who did the interview and given to the judge. The testimony of Gettler was thrown out because of those write ups and because of the testimony from Gettler's father and the 2 civilian witnesses that testified in court.


It's all in the court documents.

Quoting brookiecookie87:

It is lying if you call it bullying because that is not what being a bully is. Someone was calling him a Nigger. He told him to stop. The person said they can call him a Nigger whenever they want. So then he chokes him out.

You can say, "See he has been violent before when people provoked him" but it is not being a bully.

"That kid is a bully. He never lets anyone call him a nigger"-Said no one ever.

Being a bully would be the other way around. If he was calling Officers honkies and the officer told him to stop and he said, "I can call you a honky if I want" and when the officer told him not to do it anymore then he beat him up. Then yes. That would be being a bully.

You also said that the father, "Testified that he didn't report the incident because he believe it was an accident and not intentional".

Another lie. He said he didn't report it because he ASSUMED it was an accident. Accident or not-The kicks existing would mean the kicks happened.

Were you kicked in the face? Yes.
How many times were you kicked in the face? 1
Do you remember where? Right here (Points to scare)
Do you remember what sex male or female? Female
Do you remember they were white or black ? Almost black
Do you remember if the female light hair or darker hair? Doesn't really remember
Do you remember being kicked? Yes.
How many times? 1
Do you remember where? This side (Points to the scar)

The person asking the questions is Dorners representative. Notice how he ask him about his face. How many times he was kicked in the face 1. And then after a bunch of other questions goes back to do you remember being kicked. And how many times? He answers 1-Likely thinking he is still talking about to the face since that is what he was talking about before.

This would make sense if it was the people trying to prove him wrong. It doesn't make sense for his representative to even try and clarify what he means. Especially since he is not all there in the head.

Quoting AMBG825:

 Actually no lying at all. He mentions the bullying in his manifesto. And if you go HERE the video is not the witness statement. The video was taken during the investigation and was determined that it was not a reliable witness to the events of the night of the kicking because even his therapist and his father told the interviewer that his mental illness prevented him from being a reliable witness.


the ACTUAL witnesses to the event all testified against Dorner in court. The doorman and the bellhop of the hotel testified against Dorner. The father of the man who was supposedly kicked testified against Dorner. The officers that Dorner claimed showed up in court and testified on his behalf - that was a lie. All of the officers testified that it did not happen. One of the officers even testified that he called him several weeks later saying that he was going to change his report from the night of the incident and the officer told him not to talk to him anymore about it.


You might want to learn to read.

Quoting brookiecookie87:

Quoting lokilover:

Quoting AMBG825:

 He did have his case filed in the legal system. But if he truly was fired for making claims against another officer, he would have done more by filing another claim rather than going on a killing spree. And being that he was a police officer, he would have known that.


My claim was that there was more to his firing than just filing a false report. And there was. There were other issues with Dorner before this one. He had reports of bullying other officers and had a low performance review. The bullying alone should have cost him his job, but apparently they let it slide. So he wasn't fired for filing a false report. That was just the straw that broke the camel's back.


And anyone who would support a man who threatens to shoot up a school is psychotic themselves.

Quoting lokilover:

I have not seen one person here who thinks his killings are justifiable. I was responding to your claims that because Dorner did not have case argued in the legal system, then his accusations must obviously be false. 

The LAPD have killed and harmed and killed more people than Dorner has or ever will. They should absolutely be reinvestigated and the officers who shot and wounded those two women in the truck should be punished. I don't see how any of that is unreasonable. 


You don't know that his accusations are false, so I don't understand why you keep stating that as though it is a fact. 

I also notice you didn't respond to the second part of my post, so I'll ask directly: What punishment do you think the officers who wounded those two innocent women should receive (if any)?

In case you don't have time to read the link. AMBG is lying. There was no case of Bullying. He did strangle another person. But this is after the other Person called him a Nigger. Then he told him to not do that and the other guy said he would call him a nigger whenever he wants. Standing up for yourself and getting into a fight is hardly the same thing as being a bully.

Have you ever heard someone say, "That kid is such a bully. He never lets anyone call him a nigger".  And the other "poor" performance were extremely minor things. Like not having the right shoes for a run, and what not. Not exactly the things a Police Officer is normally fired over.

When she mentioned what people said she left out some details (For obvious reasons).

Gettler's father didn't know it was unintentional. His statement said at first he assumed it was unintentional.  This is before his son told him, "I was kicked three times by the Police Officer"

She also leaves out that the other officer besides Dorner and Evans that said Gettler was never kicked was found to be lying about the event. He said he had to fix Dorners Tie that day but pictures and reality show that Dorner didn't wear a uniform that had a tie that day (What an odd thing to lie about as well...).

It wasn't as cut and dry as she wants to make it.

And if you look at the dispostion videos (They are 'leaked' online as well). You will see Dorners representative asking Gettler about his head and transitioning to the question about being kicked to which he answers 1 (The amount of times he was kicked in the head) and makes no attempt to ask the question again or clarify the point (Which would seem extremely important if you wanted the person you were representing to have a chance if you know he and the father of the person have said 3 times).



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by Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:39 PM

 LL Cool J

Quoting FromAtoZ:

Quoting Carpy:

I hate seeing his pic because he looks like my nephew.

He looks familiar, in that he reminds me of some one but I can't come up with who.


by on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:43 PM

Why does he look so fucking pleased with himself? 

its discusting. 

A normal human being, be him black or white, would feel saddened and remorseful at taking a life, even if it was nessisary. 

This man is sick and needs to be put away :( 

by Platinum Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:50 PM

I still feel there was a better way for him to bring this all out in the open.  Things like this, corruption in the LAPD & at Company's happen all the time.  But, people just don't go & shoot up a bunch of innocent people.  I can understand them wanting to kill all those that are responsible for the corruption yes, but that's not what Dorner is doing.  

I was reading another post here, that had an article stating that when Dorner & his fellow officers were all in a van together.  Two officers used racial slurs.  Dorner told them to stop.  They didn't & said they can say whatever they want, whenever they want.  Then Dorner went over the seat & grabbed one by the throat.  People can't just do that.  So, obviously Dorner showed some real issues even then.  Getting guys & sometimes women together, they are going to 'sometimes' talk like this.  "they shoot the sh$$". 

 Dorner should of just called them names back....then reported it.  Sometimes, working in high level places unfort., things like this happen.  Doesn't make it right, but it happens everywhere.  If one lawyer didn't do it, then Dorner should of gotten him a "Civil Rights" Attorney & really stir things up.  Get it all over the Media.  But, instead he choose the wrong way to handle it. 

Quoting viv212:

This man is very calculated and planned all of this out. Obviously he spent a lot if time on his manifesto. He spent a lot of time working the ifs, ands, or buts out in his mind.

If there was another way, I think he would have done it. Not that I'm glad he's doing it but man, I would fantasize about trying to bring corrupt officers to their superiors so they can get reprimanded. That will never happen. All the wrongdoings are just pushed under the rug.

The LAPD is a crooked organization. I'm glad they're shaking in their boots. Too much power is not a good thing.

Quoting Naturewoman4:

Well he could of just continue the fight.  Make it his life's mission.  Contact as many reporters as possible.  Try to get interviews on TV.  Just keep fighting.  Yes, the LAPD is very powerful.  But, if he would of just kept fighting, getting his word out to the public like he is now.  Perhaps, a Lawyer that specializes in this sort of issue will take his case.  But, what he did instead was promote violence. 

 He's telling people that when injustices happen like this, well use the "Last Resort".  Violence & the killing of innocent people.  Kill the families of those LAPD personnel.  Kill the kids while they are at school.  Kill the wives while they are at the gym.  In the beginning, I sort of felt sorry for him.  But, after reading his "manifesto", I quickly changed my mind. 


Quoting viv212:

What other way could he go about it if the LAPD will just cover for their own?

Quoting Naturewoman4:

I agree.  That's the part where I felt really bad for him.  He said that he doesn't care if he dies, he died the day they fire him.  But, the thing is, we all probably had injustices done to us.  But, we don't flip out that way.  I just don't understand, he had a great messege to send.  I just wish he would of tried harder to fight to get the messege out there.  But, I can image the LAPD being so corrupt, that he felt there was no way to get his messege out.  :(  So, I guess he just snapped.  idk. 

What I was thinking is, the very thing he was trying to fight against.  Which to me is the 'innocent' people.  Is the ones he shot & killed.  Maybe, in his mind, he felt ALL police officers went along with it?  ALL police officers are corrupt?  But, then why kill that young couple?  That makes no sense at all.   


Quoting ashellbell:

I don't think people are making excuses as much as people are expressing that they understand the mental break he's having. This guy isn't going to come out alive, and I hope they can stop him before he hurts anyone else, but he's shedding light on a corrupted system that many people have wanted exposed for a very long time.

Quoting Thomigirl:

OK...I realize that I've been preoccupied with the storm and all and I haven't been following this story, this mudda fucka didn't?  His ass killed people and you are making excuses. Pulling the race card. Corruption in the LAPD? Ya don't say.  You cowardly piece of shit. Killing people for what? Because of corruption? Can't believe he has 'fans'. 






by Bronze Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 12:55 PM


So a killer murders THREE people, and we have 18 pages of discussion about how bad the LAPD is.

Got it, libs.  You are true to form.  Every. Single. Time.

One does not have to wonder what the same people would be saying were this killer white and had he praised Rush Limbaugh instead of being a liberal-media-loving Obama supporter.

by Platinum Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 1:08 PM

Well I'm pretty sure that any Police Dept. to a certain extent, kicks or uses accessive force with the ones they are arresting.  Not to say that they aren't doing it illegally.  But, I think sometimes when the person being arrested fights back or doesn't do what the Police are asking them to do, this will happen.  In those cases I don't blame the Police.  

I don't think we'll ever learn the truth.  But, what I'm still wondering is, why get fired over all that?  Why not just get reprimanded or written up.  Dorner, to me, just seems like he had other issues with anger as well.   

Quoting AMBG825:

 The witnesses didn't testify for him. They testified against him.


All 3 of the civilian witnesses ., of which was the victims father .... testified that they never saw a kick nor did a kick happen. The father testified he believed the injuries to the man were done accidentally. (Like when he fell into the bushes.) And the judge questioned how it was that a man who had just been kicked three times - twice in the chest and once in the shoulder - and had just been picked up out of some bushes would a sparkling white shirt with no dirt on it.


all of the police officers that testified, also testified against him. They never saw Evans kick the man. One of the officers testified that Dorner called him several weeks later stating he was going to change his official report from that night in order to put the kicks in there.

Quoting Naturewoman4:

Well I just don't understand why he was fired if there were witnesses agreeing with him & the other officers were proven to have inconsistencies in their story.  I don't understand why the LAPD would of protected the person that was using excessive force, over Dorner.  Corruption....Because, of that... a man's life now is over.  Innocent people were killed.  I hope Dorner's case at the LAPD gets throughly investigated, but I doubt that will happen.  :(  Sadly, it will just go on. 


Quoting brookiecookie87:

And you would be wrong.

The killings started way after he was fired. And he was fired for filling a, "False" Report. The report? That another Police Officer was using excessive force.

What would he have to gain for reporting another Office for excessive Force?

And there were witnesses that agreed with him and proof that the other officers saying he was lying about the excessive force were proven to have inconsistencies in their story.

Quoting AMBG825:

 That is because they are incapable of critical thinking.


There is no way he was fired for blowing the whistle on another officer. If that is the case, he'd be a very rich man right now because there are laws that protect him from just that. He would have sued the city for violating the Whistleblower Protection Act. If the city came to him and told him he was being fired for ratting out a corrupt officer, he wouldn't be out killing cops right now. He'd be out picking out the mansion he's going to buy.


This guy was fired for something else. Judging by the fact that he completely lost his mind and went on a killing spree ...I'm going to say he was fired for psychological reasons.







by Platinum Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 1:15 PM

I had wished that this Dorner issue, didn't turn into any Political or Race issue.  I don't think that Dorner was making it a black/white issue.  I think he had legitimate grips.  But, after reading some of what he said in his madifesto, it got me to wonder.  There seems to be 2 sides to him.  I also, didn't like the fact he mention the Zimmerman case. 

 Stating that Trayvon should of crushed Zimmerman's skull.  That again showed me that this Dorner man, was a very dangerous man a long time ago.  He had some real issues, & probably shouldn't of been on the LAPD.  I wonder to, if coming back while serving time in Iraq? Afgan?, that he didn't suffer from PTSD.  Seems, that our soldiers coming back, would have issues & wouldn't be very good at being a police force.

Quoting BoysManDog:


So a killer murders THREE people, and we have 18 pages of discussion about how bad the LAPD is.

Got it, libs.  You are true to form.  Every. Single. Time.

One does not have to wonder what the same people would be saying were this killer white and had he praised Rush Limbaugh instead of being a liberal-media-loving Obama supporter.


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