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Porn star teaches sex seminar at residence halls at the University of Illinois

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Porn star teaches sex seminar at the University of Illinois

A University of Illinois residence hall reportedly brought in a former porn star to educate student residents in a week-long sex education seminar.

The program, which began Feb. 3, featured former porn star Annie Sprinkle and ended Thursday with an "orgasm workshop," according to a blog post by

The program, hosted by resident community Unit One, included speeches by Sprinkle about life as a porn star, a presentation on "Eco-sexology," a free sidewalk sex Clinic, and a screening of "Annie Sprinkle's Amazing World of Orgasm."

The week reportedly involved hands-on, but not nude, participation from University of Illinois students and was funded with student fees paid by residents of the community, the blog reported.

Sprinkle, an internationally known artist, visits colleges around the country to teach sex education and her work is frequently used in educational programs and equal rights campaigns.

This seminar is not the first time she has presented at the university, as she spoke at the school nearly two years ago. But as she expanded her sex talks to the campus' Allen Hall at the end of the week, community members and students had mixed reactions to the racy films and clips, the Daily Illini reported.

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by on Feb. 9, 2013 at 8:24 PM
Replies (81-81):
by Platinum Member on Feb. 10, 2013 at 8:48 PM

Do you know the difference between a stripper and a porn star? Cause Annie Sprinkle was a porn star. She had sex with lots of people on film in the 1970s. Strippers dance and their their clothes off and get money for it. No sex. 

And she has a Ph.D in the subject. Heaven forbid she share her knowledge and be paid to do it. 

Quoting TranquilMind:

 The worst possible outcome would be a waste of time that can never be recovered.  If you teach kids factual information- and actually TRUST THEM to figure out what they need to know regarding their own private sex lives - they will be just fine.

But no...we can't do that today, as we could in all times in history past.    We have to send strippers to college campuses and PAY THEM! 

Bwahahahaha.   Have a great day.

Quoting LauraKW:
You equate this event to a car accident, something that is emergent, unavoidable, and typically injurious. Would you trust your children to just not attend the event if this were their school? It isn't mandatory. What do you feel would be the worst possible outcome for your children if they did attend?
Quoting TranquilMind:

Nor am I.  It's not my kids that concern me: it's others and the values they espouse.  Here, it's the stupid college, which ought to be so beyond such low class fare.  There are actually useful skills that do belong on a college campus, like safety or self-defense, which could be taught, but no.   It's really sad. 

Kind of like driving.  I can do everything possible right but if some texting idiot or the greatest eveil on the roads, the tailgater, is going to do some damage (like the 40 car pile up I recently read about because everyone thinks they can still drive full speed in bad conditions), there is nothing I can do but warn others to stay on the road and not land in the ditch.    

Quoting Momniscient:
I'm just not insecure in how I raise my kids.
Quoting TranquilMind:

Pleasant as always, I see.  Watch out - your character is showing

Apparently, you want your kids to attend sex seminars by strippers while on campus.  We just aim a little higher than that here, academically and morally. 

Quoting Momniscient:

Guess you should teach your kids better. Sounds like you are highly insecure in your own children and your ability to parent them.

Like I said: deal with it cause you don't have control over college kids.
It is very telling indeed that you find access to information to be so threatening. And it doesn't matte on little bit if you find it crappy. Because you don't have any say in the matter
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