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Christopher Dorner was burned alive-"We're gonna go forward with the plan, with the burn". "Burn that motherf***ing house down"

This is a recording of the Police Scanners synced with the CBS Broadcast of Dorner standoff.

At 12:17 you hear:
To jump there:


"We're gonna go forward with the plan, with the burn."


"Its err, like we talked about."

"7. Burners deployed and we have a fire."

"Copy 7. Burners deployed and we have a fire."

If you want to listen to the scanner directly you can use the link above. It does cost money to sign up and use the service though.

If you have any doubt there is also:

Still have doubts how about this one?

(The link for people who want to skip to 1:24)
For those who cannot watch videos. at around 1:24 you hear, "Burn it down" Then, "Go get the gas", followed by, "yeah, burn it down".

This is before the fire was there. And then shortly after. Surprise. Fire.

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If they enforced bank regulations like they do park rules, we wouldn't be in this mess

by on Feb. 13, 2013 at 8:50 AM
Replies (231-231):
by Mahinaarangi on Feb. 14, 2013 at 7:27 PM

 True....but its also simpler when you organise something KNOWING what was going to come after. 

Quoting brookiecookie87:

Everything is much simpler when you are not the one doing it.

Quoting turtle68:

 Meh....he knew what he was going to do, he knew what he wanted to do.  IMO he should of known how to keep low for a couple of months to do what he said he was going to do.  He ran to the mountains...I thought he would of had a bunker set up to lay low for a few months.  Instead he was running around the woods stealing stuff.  The manhunt wasnt really needed...the locals could of found him.  He eluded them for so long because logistically the physical hunt was in a HUGE area.

You dont need superpowers to have a bunker....intellect would of sufficed

Quoting brookiecookie87:


I think the problem is that he was one man vs. the largest man hunt california has seen (In recent history at least).

He was also 6 ft tall and 270 lbs so it is not like he could just blend in.

No amount of training or expertise would allow him to continue his cop hunt without being found. It's hard to miss/not notice a 6 ft tall 270 lb black man.

The fact that he was able to stay outside of their scope for so long says a lot. But he does not have super powers. He is only a man. I think everyone knew it would end this way (Well not in fire).

Quoting turtle68:

 Hmmmm Im undecided about the whole thing.  I really do feel that he felt he needed to do the things he did....having the rant through the manifesto I thought I had felt that anger and justification.  Him having to steal a van like a thief in the night...means he wasnt as set up as he appeared to be (from his writings) and then to be caught and chased into a cabin and either take his life because he was cornered....just smacks of incompetence, something his writings didnt convey.  Now Im thinking he was writing a fantasy story....which smacks of crazy IMO.

I do agree that the incompetence of the LAPD has been highlighted though.

Quoting ashellbell:

I don't think he was crazy, nor do I think he went out like a coward. He made his terms with death and he chose his route. If he killed himself, he didn't let the LAPD take him out. Was his ego over inflated? Probably, but whose ego isn't inflated when they're 8 shades of pissed off. The fact that it took that many police officers to take one man down kind of helps prove his point of how incompetent they really are.

Quoting turtle68:

 In a way I feel kind of was just a blowarse who was all talk and no action.  Another crazy who thought himself bigger than everyone else.  A murderer who's rants will go down in the books as another nutjob.  A man slighted who murdered and then died like a coward.








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