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Why is the "n" word such a bad word? What does it mean? What are the definitions of these words? "n" word; cracker; c*nt; bi*ch

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This is sort of a spin off from the post about white people using the "n" word.  In that thread the word "cracker" was mentioned as a comparable word to the "n" word.  This idea made me wonder if people truly understand the definitions of various slang and insulting words.  I have a feeling many people do not understand the actual definitions because if they did they would not use the words so freely. 

One example is the "n" word.  Many people think it means ignorant.  If it really meant ignorant why would so many people flip out over being called this word? Why wouldn't we call "ignorant" the "i" word?

Here goes, what are the definitions of these words?

"n" word




Feel free to add other words you feel are misunderstood and I will add them to the op.

by on Feb. 23, 2013 at 10:34 AM
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by Mahinaarangi on Feb. 24, 2013 at 10:36 PM
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 ummmm no we do not!  Call me that and you will be swallowing teeth :-)

Quoting DestinyRoseLC:

Did you know in Australia they say this in a friendly way?

Quoting futureshock:

Quoting DestinyRoseLC:

The n word simply means one of dark skin, however, being that for years it was said to those that were abused as a label to make one feel less than or worthless it became a fire word. newer generations began referring to themselves as this label to simply spit in the face of those who tried to degrate them and kill their spirits.

Cracker is a word used to label one of light skin whom uses their whip referring to slavery lashings and animal herding. some would say it is racist to use it, however I dont believe it is imo.

C.NT itself is not a bad word, people used it in context to insult people the same way as pussy is not a bad word but people twisted to make a person feel weak, allowing one to walk all over you, or have no backbone.

Bitch is a female dog. So I think anyone who is called a bitch wouldnt be happy about it, whether the word is used correctly or not.

I have never heard of this definition:

itself is not a bad word, people used it in context to insult people
the same way as pussy is not a bad word but people twisted to make a
person feel weak, allowing one to walk all over you, or have no


by Jes on Feb. 24, 2013 at 10:41 PM
All words can be offensive. It all depends on WHO is saying it and WHY they are saying it.
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by Mahinaarangi on Feb. 24, 2013 at 10:46 PM

 I thought the n word was spoken as a derogatory term toward those of colour...a white ignoramus was never called one...and if my history lesson and american stereotyping is correct the south was FILLED with white ni**ers.

A cracker I thought  came from a person who cracked the whip...calling that person a cracker is like saying that you are being superior because of your position in life...being white.  Although that seems too much like Im being lenient toward the user and putting too much thought into it.  It could just be said because the person is white and thats the worst that they could come up with?

Bitch:  well its also derogatory IMO unless you are referring to the dog.  IMO it was to call a woman a dog.  

C*nt: IMO totally degrading name for a are a bitch x 100. 

by Thatwoman on Feb. 25, 2013 at 12:10 AM


My fave ever was the lovely Damn You Autocorrect 'word': twatwaffle

Can't say I've heard of that one before...

by Thatwoman on Feb. 25, 2013 at 12:11 AM


It also depends on who is hearing it and how they think of it: totally out of the control of the speaker...

Quoting Mommy_of_Riley:

All words can be offensive. It all depends on WHO is saying it and WHY they are saying it.

by Platinum Member on Feb. 25, 2013 at 12:13 AM

I really don't think I have to answer to you why the c**t, c*****r, n****r, are such bad words. Or on second throught maybe I do.  It seems younger people (30 and under perhaps) don't give much thought to words usage.  Any word that portrayed a person in a negative image, or  insulted a person, made them feel less than good, in other words demeaned them is wrong imo, and I would never use them toward anyone. That includes negative  words to describes their religion, nationality or race, gender, sexuality, or their physical size.

Bitch is about the only word that can be used to describe a project or work schedule that is hard to deal with at a "bitch" meaning hard to deal with.  There are other words we can use to describe nasty over the top women, whiny women or men, or know it alls. Some one uses c**t in my presence I turn around and walk away.  There is no excuse for that word ever.  The same goes for the N, or other C word.



  1. A poor, white person in some parts of the southern United States who, perhaps, could only afford to eat crackers.
  2. The most common explanation for the origin of this phrase is that it is from corncracker, or someone who distills corn whiskey (cracking corn is to crush it into a mash for distillation). The song lyric "Jimmy Crack Corn" is a reference to this. In the song a slave sings about his master got drunk, fell, hit his head, and died. And the slave "don't care." The usage, however, is probably not the origin of the term cracker.
  3. More likely is that it is from an early sense of crack meaning to boast. This sense dates to the 16th century. A 1766 quote in the OEO2 gives the origin of cracker as boastful. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)
  4. a small firework
  5. a slang term used by 19th century Georgian slaves to refer to the cracking of the slavemaster's whip.
  6. a white person (Dictionary of Afro-American Slang by Clarence Major)


N****R: The obsolete spelling "niger" dates back to 1574 dervied from the Latin word meaning black

  1. comes from the Latin root for black. The word was used in both England and America around the 17th century. Around 1825, abolitionists and blacks began feeling the word was hurtful to them. After the Civil War, the word "n****r" became the most commonly used term to describe the blacks. Even though the word was at first not meant to offend, such powerful white men as George Conrad continually used it during public speaking and argued that the word was not meant to be offensive.
  2. Phonetic spelling of the white southern pronunciation of "Negro".
  3. Term used by African captives to describe themselves, in many cases without attaching a stigma to the word.

 (North American English, slang) an offensive word for a poor white person with little education from the southern US


butterfly on headlynda  

by Member on Feb. 25, 2013 at 12:41 AM

Cracker to me is just as offensive to me as the word n*gger. Cracker was used when referring to the crack of the whip.  Calling a white person that is like calling them master, and I'm not a slave, so I have no master, so I don't call anyone that.

The N word is offensive, and it pisses me off when people says it means ignorant, when it doesn't.  How many white people are called "N*gger", to replace the word ignorant?  The definition for it in the dictionary doesn't even say ignorant, it says it's an offensive term used to describe black people. I don't understand why people are so hell bent on trying to say it.  

I rarely hear the word c*nt, but it's a vajaja, LOL.  I hear people being called a P* which is the same thing, but those are also meant in a derogatory way.  As a woman, I'm offended because when someone says that, it usually means that person is considered weak.  Hell women aren't weak and certainly not our vajaja's being stretched enough to shoot out watermelon sized little people, bleeding for a week 12 months a yea, and we don't die, LOL...weak my ass.

B*tch, a female dog, Why do some women like to say things like "I'm the baddest b*tch around", So you're the baddest female dog around.  That sounds stupid as hell. 

by Platinum Member on Feb. 25, 2013 at 12:44 AM
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 Psst I wouldn't waste my time with an alt either. There are alts in here. Nuff said. I don;t always agree with what you type but wanted you to know how the cow ate the cabbage. Greetings from the Great state of Texas! 

Quoting LoveMyBoyK:

If you want to believe the call for reparations is some minor Little fad, that is up to you. I do not care to waste my time trying to change your mind.

Quoting 0Kit0:

Google has a lot of things. I need something more solid than Google.

It's no different than there are whites who feel blacks are beneath them. There are groups that believe those things but its not enough to try and make it mainstream. So it takes me back to my question, how many do you know?

Quoting LoveMyBoyK:

Um, there are many blacks who believe they are owed reparations. Google it.

Quoting 0Kit0:

Well it didn't work. I think in a post like this,you have to put it all out there just make sure you don't attack anyone AND that it's in a group where a discussion can occur without the nonsense.

I didn't know cracker had such meaning. Something for me to look up. Thanks!

But how many black people do you know who feel white people owe them something? I ask because whenever race comes up on cm,it's almost inevitable that some white person will say that. I honestly don't know any black people hung up on white people owing them something. I wonder if that is some lingering concept held by some white people without habing any factual evidence to base it on.

Quoting MommyTo5Boys:

And the meaning of cracker is much much worse also, I just toned down the meanings of both as to not offend anyone of either race.

Quoting futureshock:

Quoting MommyTo5Boys:

Here are my thoughs on that (as posted in the other thread)

I feel that to me (as a white person) being called a Cracker by an AA is just as offensive as if I called them a 'N' (which I would never do by the way, I was just trying to make a point of how offensive that word is). 
Both words bring us back to the time of slavery. One is a horrible word used to degrade AAs and make them feel inferior. The other (imo) is just as offensive because it also brings us back to the time of slavery but is used as a derogatory term for whites, making them feel as if they owe AA something because of the way that our ancestors (people that we have never met and are nothing like) treated their ancestors (people that they have never met and are nothing like). 

Both are used as dergoatory term with a meaning that is racist, both words are used by other races to try and degrade the race they are speaking of. 

I guess I just don't understand why calling some one a 'uneducated slave' is worse than calling someone a 'heartless person who controls and beats others'.

Sorry but they are both just as derogatory to me.

If I thought the n word meant simply "uneducated slave" I would agree with you.  However, I think the actual meaning of the n word is much, much worse.

by Bronze Member on Feb. 25, 2013 at 12:52 AM

 let people say what they choose to say I well say cunt and bitch.

by on Feb. 25, 2013 at 1:17 AM

Just adding a little bit of levity.

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