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Romney: I Lost Because Minorities Love Obamacare

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Romney: I Lost Because Minorities Love Obamacare

Earlier today, Fox News Sunday broadcast former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney first post-campaign interview. In it, he blamed his loss on his poor performance among minorities, who he claimed were seduced by the President’s promise to provide them with affordable health care:

ROMNEY: We did very well with the majority population, but not with minority populations, and that was a failing, that was a real mistake.

CHRIS WALLACE: Why do you think that was?

ROMNEY: Well, I think the Obamacare attractiveness and feature was something we underestimated, particularly among lower incomes. And, uh, just didn’t do as good a job in connecting with that audience as we should have.

During the course of the interview, Romney agreed with Wallace that his “47 percent” comment — his claim that 47 percent of the country will vote for Obama because they are“dependent upon government” and “believe that they are victims” — hurt his campaign by leaving the impression that he did not like many voters. Nevertheless, this explanation of his loss is reminiscent of the explanation he gave his donors for his defeat shortly after the election — Obama won because of “the gifts” he gave to African-Americans, Latinos and young voters.

Ultimately, if Republicans want to appeal voters who turned their backs on the GOP last November, maybe Republicans should consider doing something that will actually make those voters’ lives better instead of working to slash MedicareMedicaid, and education in order to pay for tax cuts for the very rich.

by on Mar. 4, 2013 at 11:47 AM
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by Ruby Member on Mar. 6, 2013 at 9:49 AM

In the video

Quoting JoshRachelsMAMA:

Where did he use the word minority?

by Bronze Member on Mar. 6, 2013 at 9:56 AM
What kind of statement is that? Why wouldn't minorities love Obamacare? Healthcare in this country is screwed up and needs to be reformed. EVERYONE should have access to decent healthcare, we are a first world country and it is shameful that our citizens die for lack of care.
by "Dude!" on Mar. 6, 2013 at 10:07 AM
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That made me want peanut butter - hold the mold.

Quoting lucky2785:

He had nothing better to offer. We had a choice between chunky and creamy peanutbutter this election....and both were moldy.

Quoting meriana:


Quoting Aslen:

It's wouldn't. Rmoney's policies were GWB's policies, with the trickledown economics and trying to sell outsourcing as a good thing. Well, right NOW is living proof that's bullshit. 


Quoting meriana:

What about Romney's ideas (which were basically the GOP platform) would have helped this country? How would, for instance, lowering the tax rate and moving to a territorial tax system have made the economy better and helped the country as a whole?



You're absolutly correct. I posed the question because there are those on CM that go on about how bad Obama is and how he's destroying the country, so I thought it'd be interesting to ask what of Romney's ideas they felt would have helped more and been beneficial to the country as a whole. Apparently though, they have no answers.


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