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OUTRAGE! DHS Releases 'thousands' of 'Convicted' Illegal Aliens From Prison

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States are from AZ, CA, TX & GA. Paul Babeu, Pinal Co., AZ Sheriff said that the Obama Admin. lied & said they released only approx. 500, when in reality Obama released 2K & plans on releasing thousands of more.  Sheriff Babeu has tried to get the Admin. to give them the names of the prisoners that were released in his State/Co., yet they have not gotten back to him.  These illegals that were released are suppose to be low-criminal acts.  But, when listening to Judge Jeanine Pirro speak about this tonight & listening to Sheriff Babeu, I found this very alarming. 

 Now, I know there are a lot of Obama supporters on CM, & if you don't live in one of these States you probably don't let it alarm you.  I live in Calif. so YES I am alarmed! Sheriff Babeu was stating that some were convicted of weapon violations, drugs & part of the drug cartel & child sex molesters.  Now, I don't want to believe that Obama would do something like that.  But, it is very alarming!!  Sheriff Babeu & Judge Pirro was very angry & the Sheriff is very concerned over this.  What is so distrubing about this, the fact that they were released in the first place no matter what crime they have committed.  They already imo, have committed a crime.  Coming here illegally.

 They are waiting for deportation already & all they are required to do is show up for that court case.  Which in most cases they don't.  Therefore, there are thousands now just released out in our streets.  Out in society to do whatever they want. Without anyone keeping an eye on them.



by on Mar. 10, 2013 at 12:59 AM
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by Platinum Member on Mar. 24, 2013 at 9:16 PM

Donna, I don't know you really, but I don't think you are an ass or jerk.  I'm sorry this post went the way it did, I truly did  not mean for it to turn this way.  I hope people don't equate undocumented people as violent & evil.  That is not the point to this thread I promise you.  I can't speak for others that posted in here, but all I meant by what I have said was "CONVICTED criminal" illegals that were released back into society.  I don't know if it is true or not true.  That is why I wanted to have this discussion. 

It really would upset me if it's false & it was a scare tactic.  I would be REALLY bugged with the Reps. for saying what they have said, if it was ALL false.  At this point I don't know who to believe.  I'm turned off by both Dems. & Reps.  Next election I seriously am thinking of voting 3rd Party. 

Donna I have been called all sorts of names here on CM.  I have been called racist as well.  Please don't let that bother you, because you'll find here on CM there are just really horrible people in here.  Don't even try to prove them wrong, because it doesn't work.  Just be yourself.  :)  I think people take something that a person says & completely twist it around.  Taking what someone says out of context.  I find it's hard to express myself here, because I don't think I really put things down correctly.  So, that could be part of the reason some might misinterpret what I have said. 

I agree Donna, I want those that are here that came here illegally, to be citizens of this Country.  I want the Gov. to make it easier for them.  But, I also want them to follow the laws of our Country.  But, I have meant SO many wonderful, hard working undocumented people that live here.  Those that want a better life for their children, so who can judge them for that.  But, I also want those that have committed a crime & have been convicted to be deported.  I'm not talking about those minor crimes like driving without a license, etc. 

Donna thank-you for this post.  I think you really hit it on the nail here.  I agree, all this fighting over who is racist & who isn't is really depressing.  It doesn't do anything for the good of our Country.  I don't know what or why this is happening.  What did Rodney King say "Why can't we all just get along".  I wish we had someone like a Martin L. King too, because he was someone I feel we need our Country.  How he spent his life & his messege is what we ALL need right now.  How can we be a great Country again, if we are all fighting.  I think what is happening is that A LOT of us are just really suspicious of one anther now days.  Thank-You for your post it was great :)  and I completely agree with what you have said.  This thread certainly did need a post like this. 

Quoting Donna6503:

I don't know why; but, this whole post is a bit upsetting to me.

It's had degraded into a whole new level of proving that one person more of a jerk than another.

I was called a jerk, an ass, etc., in this post all because, I feel people are equating violent and basically all around evil people with other people who are undocumented.

I didn't call anyone racists nor did I imply such a notion. Yet, someone said I did, we had people who agreed and like that direct lie about me. I never directly called anyone stupid and yet; we had people lie about that and "liked" their reply.

Sorry, everybody agrees that our immigration policies need fixings. I understand there are different solution to this issue. But having a conniption fit over the term "undocumented," "they're all illegal," "they should just go back ...," etc., isn't going to solve anything nor is a solution.

Not to go back and forth on details of this (and who is a "better" racists) issue. The issue is how do we make for a better America, by finding ways to Americanize good and hard working people, to make for a better America.

I'll agree not everything from the left on this issue is proper or even good. I'll agree the complaints about Hart-Celler Act of '65 are real but the reasoning to fight against this Act is more sickening.

We need to find solutions, but finding clever means to insult the other side; doesn't do anyone any good.

My advise, for those on the right, stop calling those leaders looking for a solution, " a RINO," " just a pander apologists," "wanting to just give away the American Dream," you know the rest,

To the left, remember becoming an American should be honored more then just given. We need to help people realize the privilege of voting; after all, if a person is born here it takes em 18 years before they can vote. Maybe there should be a length of time before undocumented workers being given a right to vote (say longer than a year as some of the far left has propose)

There are many more things but I have said my piece.


by Platinum Member on Mar. 25, 2013 at 1:22 AM

Here's a few other links I found on this issue:  Titles:  Obama Announces Arrest of "dangerous' illegal aliens he let go last week.  Obama's Admin. recapture 4 criminal illegal aliens.  Released 8,500 in Dec., making me wonder how many others that have been released are convicted 'serious' criminals. It is beginning to sound like the report I heard is true.  That Obama's Admin. did release 'dangerous' illegals back into our streets.

**I will come back & fix these links if they don't work**

by Platinum Member on Mar. 25, 2013 at 12:14 PM

I'm still having problems with CM's site. I'm going to try to repost those links.  Click on the titles to get to the link.  A lot of those that were released in Dec. were undeportable meaning their Countries don't want them back because of the crimes they have committed.  I also read that we don't hold illegals in a detention centers unless they have committed a crime.



by Platinum Member on Mar. 25, 2013 at 12:35 PM

Is anyone else still having problems with CM's site?  I can't go back & edit my posts.  So, I'm going to have to post again, fixing the problems with the link.  Click on the titles when it takes you to the search.


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