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North Dakota Poised To Enact Six-Week Abortion Ban, The Most Stringent Restriction In The Nation

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North Dakota Poised To Enact Six-Week Abortion Ban, The Most Stringent Restriction In The Nation

Not to be outdone by Arkansas lawmakers — who recently overrode their governor to impose a 12-week abortion ban, the strictest in the country — abortion opponents in North Dakota want to go even further.

So far this year, anti-choice lawmakers in Arkansas and North Dakota have practically tripped over each other to see which state can impose more abortion restrictions. Arkansas initially pulled into the lead by imposing two stringent restrictions, a 20-week abortion ban and, later, a stricter 12-week ban. But North Dakota may be ready to raise the stakes once again. Republican lawmakers are advancing a “fetal heartbeat” measure to outlaw the procedure after just six weeks of pregnancy, before many women even realize they’re pregnant, and they expect to have enough support to push it though:

House Bill 1456 would make it a felony for a doctor to perform a nonemergency abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as five or six weeks. House Bill 1305 would prohibit abortions sought because a fetus has been or could be diagnosed with any genetically inherited defect, disease or disorder.

The Republican-led state Senate will vote today on the measures, said state Representative Bette Grande of Fargo, who co-sponsored the bills in the Republican-controlled House, where both have passed. Grande said she expects the Senate to approve both and the governor, also a party member, to sign them.

“The heartbeat is society’s marker for life,” Grande, a Republican, said by telephone from Fargo.

So-called “fetal heartbeat” bans are blatantly unconstitutional. Even though Roe v. Wadeguarantees the right to legal abortion services until the point of viability, typically around 23 or 24 weeks of pregnancy, heartbeat bans narrow that window by as much as 17 weeks. North Dakota’s heartbeat measure will also have the unintended consequence of mandating transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions, since there’s no other way to detect a fetal heartbeat at such an early stage of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only egregious affront to reproductive rights that women in North Dakota have to worry about. State lawmakers are also considering an even more radical “personhood” measure that would outlaw abortion altogether, as well as some forms of contraception. And, despite the fact that there’s just one abortion clinic left in the state, anti-choice Republicans are attempting to advance legislation that would force it to close its doors.

Testifying against the mounting abortion restrictions currently moving through the legislature, one Fargo-area doctor warned that North Dakota’s attacks on choice will ultimately force women in the state to resort to dangerous, “backroom” abortion procedures. Unfortunately, even while Roe technically still stands, North Dakota lawmakers could essentially roll back the clock to a time before women had the right to safely determine their own reproductive decisions.

by on Mar. 15, 2013 at 12:45 PM
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by Bronze Member on Mar. 16, 2013 at 5:37 PM

 I agree that people who don't want to get kids or want to get pregnant should be on birth control, but the same ones who are against abortion are also anti birth control.  I never said that abortion is birth control or murder did I?   There are folks who believe that birth control pills gives you cancer.  I can not take birth control pills do to past medical issues (heart surgery at a young age), so I know it will be bad for me.  So I can't do it.  Yes, there are unwanted children around.  Take a look at what happens in the media or rather look around you at the mall, the store, where folks are very upset with their kids and threaten them for being kids.  And let's not forget the adoption places that want to make some folks jump thru hoops, the transracial adoption bullcrap that folks have to go thru which is why most folks tend to adopt outside of the US. 

 I provided those examples for those who think that it is good this law has passed by stating that will happen more and more.  Adoptions are great and wonderful for some, but there are many kids who languish in those places because they are not the perfect children. If that was the case, you wouldn't have so many still in the foster care system now would you. 

One of the problems I find is that within the black community if you are pregnant, you are usually told that you have to have the baby.  Too many girls/women simply should not have children because they don't want to be bothered or are ready to be responsible for a child mentally or financially.  I saw one mother this past week who almost dropped her baby (via the stroller) but would not drop her cell phone.  That is ridiculous.  Or those who think children are fashion accessories instead of thinking of them as their own.  That is a problem I see within my community.  I have had friends/families who grew into the role as mother/father but too many don't think that way.  That is why it is a problem.  I am not saying an abortion is a cure all, but folks really need to think about the possibility before they get caught up in the emotion.  I truly believe that they should use protection before they think about thaving sex, but I guess I am dreaming.  If folks want to stop abortions, support sex ed and birth control. 

Quoting MrsBridges19:

If that is why some people shouldn't have children, then some people should be using BIRTH CONTROL.  Abortion is NOT birth control.  Murder is NOT birth control.  And there is no such thing as an unwanted children so long as there are people on the adoption lists wanting to adopt children because they themselves cannot have children.

by Silver Member on Mar. 16, 2013 at 7:25 PM

Yeah, North Dakota!

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