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Are Students Entitled to Free Lunches Just Because?

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When I was in public school, you had three choices for lunch.  Pay for lunch at the school cafeteria, bring your lunch from home or go hungry.  The school was not responsible for feeding a student who forgets their lunch or didn’t have money to buy one.

It was called ‘responsibility.’  Students and their parents were supposed to be responsible for providing for themselves.  For most of my public school days, I got up early enough to fix my own lunch.  The days I felt lazy and too tired to pack my own lunch, I went hungry.  I was responsible for my lunch, not the school.  Whenever I was given money to buy lunch at the school cafeteria, I thought I was living the good life.

In today’s world of entitlements and liberal sociology, it seems that it’s everyone’s responsibility to provide for a student when they and their parents fail to do so.  Students are no longer being taught responsibility and evidently, neither are their parents.

Case in point is what happened at Coelho Middle School in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  The school covers grades 5 through 8.  On Tuesday, the school denied lunch to as many as 25 students because they could not pay for the meal or their pre-paid lunch cards were out of funds.  Some students in the cafeteria line received their food, but when they got to the cash register, they were told that they could not eat it because of lack of funds.  In most cases, the meals were tossed in the garbage, because they had already been served and could not be put back according to health codes.

It was reported that some students actually cried when they were denied a free lunch.  One parent reported that her son offered to share his lunch with a girl in line with him who began crying when she was told to dump hers because of lack of funds.  Another parent, John Greaves was incensed that his daughter was told to throw her lunch away because she had no way of paying for it.  He said that people in prison get fed but that his honor student daughter was going hungry.

Whitson’s Culinary Group is the company that runs the school cafeteria.  The local site director for Coelho Middle School was placed on administrative leave because of what happened.  Pia Durkin, school superintendent said that the cafeteria workers failed to follow policy of providing a cheese sandwich and glass of milk to any student that can’t pay for a lunch.  She promised that no student will ever go hungry again.

So what does all this teach the students?  When you can’t pay your own way or not responsible enough to pay, you should expect the system to pay and provide for you.  If John Greaves was so upset because his honor student went hungry, I question to him is why didn’t you provide your honor student with the funds to pay for her lunch like a responsibly parent should?  Where does he get off expecting the school to do be responsible when he’s not?

The school district says that they currently have a deficit of $1,800 for delinquent student accounts.  At a time when so many school districts have to make drastic financial cuts including laying off teachers, every dollar is precious.  I hate to see kids go hungry, but blame the parents and the students, not the school.  If the parents don’t have the money for the cafeteria lunches, then they should see that their kids pack a lunch like millions of us have done for years.


by on Apr. 9, 2013 at 7:49 AM
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by Bronze Member on Apr. 12, 2013 at 11:42 AM

candlegal are you from the area? I am two towns over, and my mom works in a school cafeteria nearby as well.

At our schools you are only allowed to charge two or three times

by on Apr. 13, 2013 at 2:13 AM

II would have to say that's none of your business.

Quoting Raintree:

Ew. Your statement about the condoms was totally unneeded and icky. Is this something we should g expect as normal behavior for you in future? 

Quoting stormy0142:

Oh and I didn't attack your kids.  Just asked where to send the rubbers as per your arguement.

Quoting brookiecookie87:

You keep making up random statements. I point out I never made them and refute your claims.

I present you with sources, and data, that back up my claim.

Your rebuttal? You try to attack me/my daughters.  Very classy.

Quoting stormy0142:

You're lack of comprehension is astounding.  I am done. At least Romney had values.  Take your so called data and have fun.  I'll do what works for my family and only wish the best for your children with your chosen opinions.  Maybe I should send a box a condoms for your kid's next birthday?

Quoting brookiecookie87:

If the application of birth control, condoms, and Planned B have been shown to reduce teen pregnancy and delay the start of sexual activity.

How can you sit here and say it doesn't work?

No one is saying sex as a teenager is okay. You are more than free to continue to use shame and embarrassment as your method. If it works and teaches them morals and the difference between right and wrong the options being there won't be used by them.

I would rather teach my daughters morals and the difference between right and wrong so if they have those options they don't choose to use them. And if something terrible happens, they know what their options are.

I don't want kids having sex. I am not providing them with tools to have sex. I thought you said your reading comprehension skills are just fine? Because I have said none of this and you keep pulling arguments out of thin air.

A condom doesn't encourage a teen to have sex. What it does is prevent the spread of STD's and pregnancy between a teen who is going to have sex. Plan B isn't going to encourage a teen to have sex. What it is going to do is provide a way for a teen who makes a bad decision or a mistake to make sure they don't end up pregnant.

Right. Data and the results of giving out birth control, and condoms, and plan b doesn't mean anything.

What was the saying the Romney Campaign through out there? Something about their decisions not being dictated by facts? Seems about right here.

Quoting stormy0142:

I promise you my reading comprehension skills are just fine.  What YOU refuse to acknowledge is that some people do NOT want these items available to their children.  Sex as a teenagers is NOT okay.  Maybe your morales are a little low and for that I feel sorry for your children.  Getting pregnant as a teen is SHAMEFUL.  Why do you want kids having sex?  Why are you providing the tools for them to have sex?  One or two studies doesn't prove anything.  I am sorry but some of us have a higher moral benchmark in our families.  But of course us conservatives are the big bad wolf and can't do anything right.  So please find comfort in your exhibits, make sure to show them to your child(ren), and say "honey, go ahead I understand".  Hope you are ready to be a grandma soon!  Enjoy honey!

Quoting brookiecookie87:

What is your promise based on? If your city used shame and embarrassment why would any of those girls tell anyone else and risk the shame and embarrassment?

I wouldn't call a home that uses shame and embarrassment a good home.

And again:

Link1: This covers a school that started making condoms available. There was not an increase in sexual activity. There was an increase in the use of condoms (Big surprise).

Link2: There was a high school in New York who gave access to Plan B (as well as birth control/condoms). Obviously the teen pregnancy rate dropped. Surprisingly (To some) they are also waiting longer to have sexual intercourse. Which makes sense. If you have all the knowledge and all the options open. It makes it easier to stop in the moment and say, "Wait. I am going to get birth control first" and then after the moment goes away realize. Maybe I want to wait longer.

This might blow your mind but contraception REDUCES teen pregnancy and has been shown to delay sexual activity.

Since you missed it the first time (Or maybe refuse to acknowledge it). Contraception REDUCES teen pregnancy and has been shown to delay sexual activity.

And you do realize people can teach good morals and the difference between right from wrong with all the options on the table, right?

In fact those kids would have better morals and have a better understanding between the difference between right and wrong.

You are taking knowledge away from them, and replacing it with shame and embarrassment.

You are denying them the choice and knowledge that other kids have and because that they won't learn the responsibility the other kids have to learn, or the moral judgment (of not using it just because it is there), or the understanding between right and wrong. After all how can they know the difference between right and wrong if you deny them the "wrong option".

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