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In our culture it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on vices, etc., while refusing to take care of one's self or purchase health insurance.

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From Facebook:

During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive Shiny gold tooth, whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, who wore a very expensive
Brand of tennis shoes and who chatted on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular R&B ringtone.

... While glancing over her Patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer status was listed as "Medic...aid"! During my examination of her, the patient informed me that she smokes more than one costly pack of cigarettes every day and somehow still has money to buy pretzels and beer.

[Am I] expected to pay for this woman's health care?

I contend that our nation's "health care crisis" is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a "crisis of culture", a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one's self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance.

It is a culture based on the irresponsible credo that "I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me". Once you fix this "culture crisis" that rewards irresponsibility and dependency, you'll be amazed at how quickly our nation's health care difficulties will disappear.

by on Apr. 21, 2013 at 8:57 PM
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by Platinum Member on Apr. 25, 2013 at 2:12 AM
Everytime I think about the rise of Healthcare in this Country, I just think about how lucky I feel that our Healthcare too was free for us all during the yrs. we were married & had our kids. So, I'm thankful for that. No co-payments & prescriptions were only a few dollars. So, in some ways, I know I should feel happy for that. I have to remind myself of this & realize that a lot of people didn't have it that easy. Which makes me even more upset, for all the rest of Americans that are going through this. It's such shame what our Country has become, imo.
Quoting Sisteract:

The health care coverage is the big wild card for everyone. For many years, that is precisely why I worked because my employer provided 100% hc for workers and their family member for no cost out of pocket to the employee (unheard of by the way)- this just went away in 2011-

Quoting Naturewoman4:

Sister, I feel I have a very fun, active & rich life right now. I truly am happy in my life. Yes, I do feel spoiled at times. When my kids were much older, I started working as a Sub. at the County Schools. I did this, because I knew I could work around my kids schedules. Be off when they were off. After a yr. or so, I became permanent. I did this for 10 yrs. I go to my gym 3X's a wk., swimming my 50-60 laps. I have my 'social' group of friends there. I help out Seniors going in & out of the pool. Walking across the pool with them, so they can exercise. I then help Seniors at our local Library, with computer basics. I have a membership at Huntington's Library, in San Marino. Do you know the place? I love art, & Art Museums. After looking through all the artwork, I go outside & walk around the beautiful rose gardens, beautiful trees/plants from all over the world. The Japanese Garden. I bring a backpack, with my lunch/drinks. A sketching pad to draw pics. of the beautiful grounds there. I also bring a book to read. Having a membership, allows you to go anytime you want. It's wonderful! I'm taking 5 classes now, 2 fun classes, Guitar & World Music. A Psychology & Sociology class. Plus, a writing class. I want to start writing a book. My husband & I goes up to our local mountains 1 day wk. after he gets off & goes for a hike. My whole grip I have is as I mentioned the raising cost of Healthcare & how it will continue. I don't know if you read that article or not. Pretty scary, if it happens, to think in 2021 an avg. family would be paying 1/2 of their income to Healthcare. 2033, the cost of Healthcare will exceed what they earn. Hopefully, Obamacare WILL help US all. Lowering, the cost for not just some, but for us ALL.
Quoting Sisteract:

Nature, why don't you open another day or elder care business? Our friends just opened up elder care in their home-

by on Apr. 25, 2013 at 2:24 AM

How right you are. I agree totally. Stupidity isn't against the law. But it's going to take a lot of education before people start taking responsibiity for their own health. In the meantime, we still need universal health care coverage to reign in a greedy insurance system. It was better before the big companies took over. I used to pay about $25 for an office visit when my older boys were babies. I didn't mind a bit. 

From what I hear an office visit for a well-baby check up costs today, it's unbelievable. Health care isn't only for the rich. How  can all people follow their talents and passions and contribute to the world in the way they were intended to by their creator if they all have to worry about making enough  money to pay for insurance. It's ridiculous. Everyone enjoys beautiful art, but artists don't have benefits. Most dancers don't have benefits. And neither do many more people who do wonderful work in their lives. Don't they deserve health care, too? Let's don't even talk about all the people who can't afford COBRA when they get laid off. 

Quoting Healthystart30:

A patients health insurance should never be listed for anyone to see to begin with! Yes there are stupid people, but I want to believe that they are the minority! Most people work but because the system is for-profit, a lot of regular families can't afford good health insurance!

I think we should have universal/socialized healthcare. Basically I don't think people should be denied care because they are stupid. 8% of the amount paid to each employee goes into the system, and small fees for doctors visits and medications. No for-profit insurance companies and if you have a frivolous lawsuit against your doctor you will have to pay all lawyer fees, yours and his!
That might take down the cost. at the same time we wouldn't need all these administrators that eat up so much money within the hospitals trying to file paperwork and make calls to get the money in.

by Member on Apr. 25, 2013 at 10:15 AM
I can understand the doctors frustration. But. In a culture where emergency services are more likely to be utilized by the poor as a primary source of medical care, this should not be surprising. A patient's insurance information should not be available to anyone, but the bill collectors. The minute the doctor focused her attention to the patient's income and insurance, she removed her focus on medical care. It's her job to provide medical care, not judge a person's right to such.
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