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Do you think Jodi Arias will get off?

Posted by on May. 6, 2013 at 1:01 PM
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Jodi Arias' Closing Arguments Cast Doubt on Her 'Plan' to Kill Travis Alexander (VIDEO)

by Kiri Blakeley

Jodi Arias' defense team made closing arguments on Friday and her lawyer, Kirk Nurmi, stressed circumstances that weighed in favor of Jodi killing her lover, Travis Alexander, in self-defense, not out of a premeditated "covert" operation to kill him out of rage and jealousy. Travis was found shot in the face, stabbed 27 times, and his throat was slit. The prosecution contends that Jodi drove from California to Arizona with the express purpose of killing him. Jodi contends that she killed him in self-defense after he attacked her for dropping his camera.

Jodi's lawyer pointed out that she left a "paper trail" with her rental car for the drive -- something she wouldn't have done if she was trying to cover her tracks. Said the lawyer:

You don't go to Budget rent-a-car, plop down a couple of hundred dollars and drive off with their car ... you have a driver's license and credit card information. There's a clear paper trail. An airport with security cameras, and security all around ... It doesn't make any sense if you are on a covert mission.

The lawyer also pointed out that Jodi kept the receipts for the gas she bought -- something she wouldn't have done if she was trying to mask her trip:

Why would this smart woman not ... take this receipt and throw it right in the garbage can? 'I don't want anyone to know I bought this gas can, because I'm on this covert mission.' But she didn't do that, did she?

True, but she certainly wouldn't be the first killer to be really bad at planning a murder. The defense also pointed out that the gun used to kill Travis, which has never been found, wouldn't have been the gun that the prosecution says was stolen from Jodi's grandparents' home, since that led to a police report being filed -- something she would have wanted to avoid. He said:

Why would she stage this burglary ... when she could have just reached in there (to the gun cabinet), or got a gun from another source?

The lawyer pointed out that Jodi's father had unregistered guns she could have taken. Jodi claims she found the gun at Travis's home.
Well, I don't know if this all proves that Jodi didn't plan it, or that she did but just didn't have a clue what she was doing. She'd never murdered anyone before, after all.
The prosecution, of course, will question why Jodi, if she did kill in self-defense, didn't just call the police afterwards rather than lying about her role in his death for two years.
Decisions, decisions!

Do you think Jodi will get off?
by on May. 6, 2013 at 1:01 PM
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by Bronze Member on May. 6, 2013 at 3:31 PM
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I didn't see any kind of doubt that she planned it. Gas cans so she couldn't be traced in AZ, turning off her cell the whole time for the same reason, the "burglary" of her grandparents house, a rental car and dying her hair so no one can point her out. Theres so much against her for premeditation its unreal. Her lawyers are reaching at best. 

by Platinum Member on May. 6, 2013 at 4:40 PM
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Wow, I'm on pins & needles waiting for this verdict. I can't believe how involved I have gotten in this case. I have practically seen everything in this trail. I recorded it, when I wasn't home. I still have Martinez's GREAT closing arguments recorded, so I can re-watch it. I have no doubt she planned it & hope the jurors will see this too. Things that I wasn't quite aware of, Martinez talked about in his closing. Like, the fact she dyed her hair color, from blond to brunette. Also, that she turned her cell off right before she got into AZ & didn't turn it back on until she was in UT. I agree with Dee here, SO much evidence towards premeditation. I just wonder WHY it takes so long to come to a verdict. But, also I guess I understand jurors want to make sure they get it right. Kinda scares me though, because it seems to be taking too long. Most of the Attorneys on HLN says it won't happen till Wed.
by Platinum Member on May. 6, 2013 at 4:50 PM
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On the Defense side, saying it was self-defense OR heat of passion. Well, if that was the case, no evidence of self-defense. Heat of passion, but then why did she planned it. On May 26, Travis & Jodi had a really bad argument, Travis was done with her. Whatever Jodi did was the worse she ever has done to him. On May 28, the burglary at her grandparents house. Which Jodi planned that & stole the 25mm gun, same one that shot Travis. Then, she told her ex b/f she was planning a trip to see him & if she can borrow 2 gas cans. She said she was then going to AZ, I believe to see Travis. Which on the stand she didn't say that, she said she was planning on going to UT to visit a new b/f. This was on June 3. So, putting everything together she planned on killing Travis. Travis NEVER had a gun, even Jodi herself said that to the police. Travis friend said he never had a gun. No ammo, no gun cleaning kit, no license filed. Even his roommates knew he didn't have a gun.
by Platinum Member on May. 6, 2013 at 4:55 PM
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Now I'm wondering how heat of passion works. Travis didn't want to take her to Cancun? She got angry & felt used for sex? Therefore, she snapped & killed him. What 3 times? Heart, slit throat & gunshot to the head. All three most likely he would of died. I'm really confused on the verdict "Heat of passion". Heck, everyone that gets angry over something similiar, doesn't mean they kill that person. Especially, the way Jodi did. Killing a person, without it being self-defense, is just plain murder. Taking another person's life, needs to be nothing less than taking away your life. Either death penalty or life in prison. They should NEVER be allowed to get out. The person that took the life of another, doesn't deserve to have a life.
by Member on May. 6, 2013 at 6:50 PM

I am not sure about this one. During the Casey Anthony trial though, I knew within the first week of trial she would be let off.

by Gina on May. 6, 2013 at 8:16 PM

I very much doubt it. Hard to claim self defense when there is so much damage to him.

But, you never know. It does, however, sound as if the prosecution has their ducks in a row.

by Jes on May. 6, 2013 at 8:32 PM
I honestly don't know what happened and I'm glad I'm not on that jury...
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by #1 Raider fan on May. 7, 2013 at 9:23 AM

I definitely think the prosecution proved that this is a death penalty case. Now whether or not the jury agrees is another story.

by on May. 7, 2013 at 9:34 AM

I think she is guilty of murder 1 with cruel intent. Only because there is no need to stab 25+ time, slit the throat and on top of that shoot him in the face after he is dead. That woman is psycho and needs to be locked away forever. She wanted to destroy him when she killed him.  

by Milami on May. 7, 2013 at 9:47 AM
Am I the only person that has no idea who Jodi Arias is?
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