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Sportsmanship SO of would you take your child and leave

Reading the post about the mom who took her son from a game made me think of our T-ball situation last year. Jericho was 5 and loving T-ball. He hurt his hand and had to be out a couple games. Even though he could not play I still took him to practice and the games to cheer his teammates on. The other moms thought it was so neat that I had him come even though he couldn't play. I just did it because when you are part of a team you go to every game rather you play or not. I never played team sports as a kid so I don't know for sure...but that feels like the right thing to me. What do you think????

by on May. 7, 2013 at 3:33 AM
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by Whoopie on May. 7, 2013 at 11:21 AM
In the northern Ca finals of my son's sr yr of HS rugby, my son broke his collar bone. My son continued to attend every practice and game. Within a week he was wearing a coaching jersey and was referred to as coach O. His team ended up as national champs... At the sports dinner, my son was awarded a plaque by the coaching staff. The coaches noted that while many boys are injured on the field, they had never seen a boy accept an injury with such grace, not one compliant, angry word or pity seeking behavior shown.
by Gold Member on May. 7, 2013 at 11:26 AM

It's the right thing to do. I see it often. My son played baseball through high school. the injured players still show, even in water polo or other sports. It teaches kids commitment.

that said, I have pulled my son from teams and games. In high school, his water polo team at times conflicted with club baseball. Since water polo was a school sport, he would occassionally miss a practice. Well, the coaches decided that since he'd miss a practice for "something more important" he'd be benched for the game. He was a great pitcher, but was penalized. Ok, I understand the reasoning and that is often how sports are- but, my son just asked to drop baseball, didn't like the coaches attitude, and just focused on water polo. no more trying to accommodate one for the other, and he like the kids and caoches better on water polo anyway. He's a - star water polo player now, and the old coah lost most of his team...

I was find with that decision. But, many a times, many injuries, etc- we'd still show to support our team.

by Mahinaarangi on May. 8, 2013 at 2:15 AM

I was speaking for myself not suggesting you would :-)  I personally dont think its the right thing to do...but reading this post, I think its more about the sport and culture.

My kids play contact sport...its a hard physical sport, not really a cheering sport.  Its a nice gesture from the kids and parents to show up to support the isnt the right thing to do.

I also will mention....our games are a two hour return trip...some fields are a three hour turn around (350-400klms) away.  To turn up is an expensive and time consuming to do if you arent playing.

Quoting Jerichos_Mommy:

I would not hold it against someone. I just did what I thought was right.
Quoting turtle68:

Its a nice thing to do :-)  

But I would not hold it against someone if they chose to stay home.

My son broke his collar bone last year and he stayed home some games and came the other games.  I have three others playing so he tagged along and cheered or he didnt does not bother me.  To be honest if I only had him in sport...I would of stayed home, and Ive played team sports all my life and had all my kids in team sports most of their childhood.

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