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Should preschools be allowed to ban non-vax'd kids?

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Kids Who Haven't Been Vaccinated May Be Banned From Preschool

by Michele Zipp

vaccinationI'm afraid we've become a society with too much fear -- a crippling fear -- that we alienate those with different beliefs than we have. And this belief I'm talking about specifically is vaccinations. No one wants to get sick (well maybe those who are into lollipop parties are the exception). No one wants nearly eradicated diseases to creep back and hurt anyone. We don't have to get all crazy and start banning children who aren't vaccinated from attending child care centers and preschools, do we? Or should we?

The Sunday Telegraph and Daily Telegraph in Australia are launching their own pro-vax campaign called 'No jab, no play' with a nod from the medical association. The vaccination rates in the suburbs of Sydney and Manly are below 85 percent -- a high rate is considered 95 percent. The goal is to stop no-vax kids from entering child care facilities and preschools, and to punish their "free-riding" parents (their phrase) who refuse or forget to get their kids immunized. 

Dr Steve Hambleton told The Sunday Telegraph:

We need to lift the barriers, we need people to make an active decision to immunise because we have a responsibility to our children to protect them, and a responsibility to the community to contribute to herd immunity.

So what do we do here? Force vaccinations? Herd immunity is reportedly only fully effective if around 95 percent of the population is immunized. Is that even possible? What about the kids who really can't get certain vaccinations?

He goes on to say "The free-riders will actually cause a disease to occur in vaccinated children whose parents did the responsible thing." Isn't that proof that our vaccinations aren't working? 

Last year in my small town one of the kids at a private school contracted measles after a trip overseas. The child was in school, but sent home. The proper precautions were taken and no other child was affected. So should we add that we should never travel outside of our country to the list on how to best protect our kids from contracting anything? Where's the bubble? Do we need to stay indoors?!

My kids are vaccinated. But I'm not afraid to let them play with kids who haven't been fully immunized. Nor am I fearful of letting my kids play with kids who have runny noses either. Germs don't scare me. Some of the chemicals in hand sanitizers do. I don't believe we should keep our kids in Purell bottles.

This is about choice. Parents should be able to choose not to vaccinate their kids. And perhaps that choice should also apply to private schools, specifically preschools and child care centers. Maybe they should have the right to refuse kids who haven't been vaccinated if they so wish. Would all preschools do this? I don't think so. How would this effect communities? I'm not so sure, but I'm sure it would create a divide. Oh your kids attend that preschool ... some moms would say with uncertainly and fear in their voices when meeting families that attend the "conscientious objector" or no-vax school. Some are even calling to change the anti-vax conscientious objector tag with "vaccine refusers." That's certainly to the point. Is this discrimination? In their quest to create herd immunity are they bullying the anti-vax crowd? It seems they are. And the divide gets even bigger.

What do you think? Should preschools be allowed to ban no-vax kids if they wish? Should they not allow any of the loopholes parents use when they don't vaccinate? Do you vax?

by on May. 7, 2013 at 10:16 AM
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by Member on May. 11, 2013 at 6:48 AM

YOu know what people do when they can't prove their point they lie. Umm, did you even look at the site. It's pretty obvious a government site. But you think you can just snap your fingers and it is what you think it is. And btw I'm still waiting for research.

I know you are not going to show any because you don't have anything. 

YOu are wrong, you are just to prideful to admit it. 


Trust me, I am very informed about this subject. I've bee researching it with everything I can get my hands on for almost 10 years now. Polio went up as a direct result of the vaccine. Your information is very misleading, because it looks at a couple of years before the vaccine. If you look at the big picture, from 1900 on, instead of just the few years before the vaccine, you see a very big decline in the number of cases and deaths from polio, immediately following mass sanitation.

From 1923 to 1953, polio in the U.S. had declined by 47 percent. A similar decline
occurred in Europe.

by Ruby Member on May. 11, 2013 at 11:47 AM

Quoting buttersworth:


what i do have is my son who has a mastocytoma on his back from being given an immunization in NICU. I also have the memory of my son banging his head on my huband's shoulder for 4 hours, crying inconsolably and finally throwing up after getting a shot of prevnar. the pediatrician who gave it to him said he was having a reaction. she's the same witch, mind you, that threw us out of her practice when i stopped vaccinating because her concern was, not for the good of my son as her patient, but 'the greater good'.

live viruses or not, look what happens to adults and children when they take these.



Quoting funnygirlecu:


Vaccine shredding is this wild myth on the unvaccinated camp. Most vaccine are made with a dead virsus. It can't inflect anyone. It's like saying the dead seriel killer is going to get everyone but only if he becomes freddy couger. They have no research to back up this theory. 



Sorry that happened to you and your son. When my Dh's brother lived with us while fighting cancer his Oncologist told us NOT to allow ANYONE who had recently been vaccinated in the house due to his compromised immune system. He knew that one of our dd's was staying with us and was expecting and he flat out said that if the baby was going to be in our home, baby could NOT be vaccinated AT ALL, NO vaccinations of any kind while he was in our home PERIOD. I find it really sad that so many who do vaccinate refuse to admit even the possibility of a vaccination causing a severe reaction, even death in some individuals.
by Bronze Member on May. 11, 2013 at 12:10 PM

Onlyo ne they our danger to  is themselves not to the vaccinated kids.

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