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Texas county jail accused of running a "rape camp"

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Female inmates sue Texas county for running ‘rape camp’ at jail

Two female inmates have sued a Texas county and three former jailers for running what they said was a “rape camp” at the county jail.

In a court filing obtained by Courthouse News Service, inmates J.A.S. and J.M.N name Live Oak County and former jailers Vincent Aguilar, Israel Charles Jr. and Jaime E. Smith as defendants.

Although the three guards were arrested in 2010 on charges of sexual assault and are now serving time in Texas state prisons, the women have brought to light new disturbing details about the abuse. They are seeking punitive damages for civil rights violations, assault and emotional distress.

“Beginning sometime in 2007 to at least August of 2010 the Live Oak County Sheriff’s office ran a ‘rape camp’ known as the Live Oak County Jail,” according to the lawsuit. “In this facility, numerous jailers, all employed by the Live Oak County Sheriff’s Office, repeatedly raped and humiliated female inmates over an extended period of time.”

“These forced acts of lasciviousness included, but are not limited to, forcing female inmates to repeatedly perform oral sex on male guards, forcing female inmates to repeatedly masturbate the male guards, the male guards masturbating in view of the female inmates, male guards forcing digital penetrative sex acts in the female inmates’, forcing female inmates to engage in sexual sex acts with other female inmates, including but not limited to forcing female inmates to have oral sex with each other, among other things.”

The complaint continued: “In addition to the repeated sexual assaults, numerous female inmates were sexually harassed. Certain male guards would strip the female inmates of their clothing and provide only shaving cream to conceal their genitalia. Certain male guards would sometimes force the female inmates to shower in front of them while instructing them to shave their vagina's. In other instances, while detailing their degenerate sexual fantasies, the jailers would pin the girls against a wall, grope their persons, verbally berate them, digitally rape their vagina and/or anus, then force them to perform oral sex.”

The court document alleged that the guards would “facilitate their carnal impulses” by withholding food and water, physically abusing the women, threatening them and taking away privileges.

- Thoughts? 

I honestly don't give a flying rats ass what these women did to land in jail. Statistically speaking most of them were probably there for drugs, a nonviolent offense in many instances. In my own opinion drug addicts don't belong and jail but that's another post. My main point is that the people in jail are not always murderers and abusers and rapists. Most of the time women are in jail for drugs, robbery, and fraud. The majority are not violent offenders. So no, they didn't "deserve" it. No one deserves this. 

I hope they get a good size settlement. I also wonder if this is a private jail or a public one. That tends to make a huge difference. There tends to be more abuse like this in private prisons and jails than public ones since the public ones are better regulated and there's more accountability. 

So yeah, I found this to be deeply disturbing. 

by on Jun. 17, 2013 at 5:04 PM
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by Angie on Jun. 18, 2013 at 12:03 PM
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I understand.  It bothers me that inmates are treated like animals -- especially the ones that are convicted of minor, non-violent offenses.  They are subjected to horrible things.  Women thrown in jail for prostitution, traffic warrents -- it's crazy.  I don't believe the government cares what they do or what is done to you when you are in prison.   

Quoting ..MoonShine..:

I said female because the article had to do with female inmates. And I know more about their treatment since I studied it some in college.

I do not at all disagree with your statement.

Quoting MeAndTommyLee:

I believe that both women and men are treated atrociously in prisons throughout the country; both public and privately owned.  The reigning consensus is that prisoners give up all  their basic human rights when they enter.  I don't share that belief.  Women and men should not be raped by employees or fellow inmates ever. 


Quoting ..MoonShine..:

Female inmates are treated atrociously. This makes me so ill.




by on Jun. 18, 2013 at 12:03 PM

 I think you think drug use is a lot nicer than it actually is. The things I've read about female drug users doing to their children......well it would make you think differently about how unharmful drug use is.

Anyway, I hope these women do win because no one deserves to suffer that kind of abuse.

by on Jun. 18, 2013 at 12:11 PM

 Yup. Plus there are so many accusations made by inmates. I can't say what % of them are false, but I know that a lot of our clients have nothing better to do while in prison than think up ways society and the people around them have wronged them. I take all accusations with a grain of salt. I'm sure most people who hear them do because so many of them are just false. A lot of the inmates we deal with also have some sort of mental issue so there is that too.

I know it happens though. I certainly know it happens. It's sad! Happens to men in prison a lot as well.

Quoting Dee0886:

A lot of time, as sick as it is, the prison will just fire the gaurd, or allow the guard to quit, and the guard just goes to another prison for work and the cycle continues. And since there are a lot of false claims against guards from female inmates, the real ones get very easily overlooked. Also no prison warden or director wants his/her prison known for guards taking advantage of yeah it gets covered up a lot.

Quoting annabl1970:

Honestly I didn't know.
I thought those things very hard to go unnoticed unless jail administration did cover up:(

Quoting Dee0886:

Unfortunately it's very common in many female prisons and in jails. Many male predators get jobs like that to specifically abuse their authority. Sick and sad :(

Quoting annabl1970:

probably it's private jail.

It hard to believe it would go that long in public jail.


by "Dude!" on Jun. 18, 2013 at 12:23 PM
That's disgusting.
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