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Nanny Killer Yoselyn Ortega 'Heard Voices' the Day She Was Accused of Killing Lucia & Leo Krim

Posted by on Jun. 25, 2013 at 8:45 AM
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Nanny Killer Yoselyn Ortega 'Heard Voices' the Day She Was Accused of Killing Lucia & Leo Krim

by Sasha Brown-Worsham

Krim killingsYoselyn Ortega, the nanny accused in the brutal slaying of Lucia and Leo Krim, 6 and 2, last year in their Upper West Side Manhattan apartment, claims that she does not remember killing the children and that when she woke from her coma after stabbing herself, she was hearing voices saying they would kill people.

Though Ortega has been found competent to stand trial by two court-appointed psychiatrists back in April, new ones from the defense are saying that she is too depressed, psychotic and brain damaged to be fit for trial. Whatever the outcome is, the reality is we may never really have the answers we have all wanted since the horrifying day little Lucia and Leo Krim were stabbed to death in their bathtub.

There is not a parent out there who could not relate to the screams and cries of their mother Marina and who did not relate on some level to trusting another person only to have them betray that trust in the worst way.

Did Marina Krim simply trust a psychopath with her children? Did she miss signs that were there all along? It's unclear, though from what it sounds like, she may have been depressed for months and then finally had a break that night.

All of this means we may never really see justice for those poor children. This may simply be a case where there is no logical motive and no explanation for the horror she inflicted. She may truly have just been crazed with depression and hallucinations and done the unthinkable in that moment.

As a parent, it's hard to know what is worse. Is it worse to have a person who knowingly betrayed your trust and hurt the children you trusted to them? Or is it worse to have hired someone who simply hid their insanity from you and had no real "motive" that would make sense for harming them?

In the end, both beautiful children are gone and there is nothing anyone could say or do that would bring them back. Her motive probably does not matter terribly to the grieving parents, though it may mean the difference between being angry forever and being able to let go of some of that anger. A psychotic person does not know what they are doing.

It's hard to say what the truth is and the reality is, the truth in this story might never be told. My heart will always go out to the Krims for their unimaginable loss and their unreal strength in dealing with it. They are inspirational even in their profound grief.

As for Ortega, let's just hope she gets what is coming to her.

Do you think the nanny is faking psychosis?

by on Jun. 25, 2013 at 8:45 AM
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Replies (1-5):
by on Jun. 25, 2013 at 8:49 AM

No. I think she is psychotic.  

People fool other people all the time -- Look at the Ted Bundys of the world.

by on Jun. 25, 2013 at 8:59 AM
She is mentally ill. I would suspect she has a co-morbid dx.

Mental illness does not excuse her from her behaviour but it is a means of understanding and preventing further tragedies.
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by Gold Member on Jun. 25, 2013 at 9:02 AM

Why are so many children killed in bathtubs? Sounds like an episode of Supernatural: sound of the water filling the tub sends woman into trance and she kills kids. Turns out it's a water demon...

by #1 Raider fan on Jun. 25, 2013 at 10:01 AM

I can't even read this. I read it in the paper when it happened and cried for over an hour. Stuff like this justs makes me question too much.

by Gold Member on Jun. 25, 2013 at 2:21 PM

The assumption being that 'justice' involves executing someone.

That's a peculiar idea of justice.

To me, justice means carrying out the laws of the land, and that includes not executing the severely mentally ill criminal.

I haven't followed the case well enough to find out if there is any information available to the public to indicate the state of the woman's mental health.

But being  psychotic is one of the very few reasons a person would kill two small children and harm herself.

When a person is psychotic they just are not thinking rationally.   They add up 4 and 4 and get 2,072.   Very few people understand this.   

But we basically have made our bed (cut mental health care costs for decades, let insurance companies go hog wild doing whatever they please and deny the mentally ill coverage, treat everyone as if they are very mildly ill and yoga or a walk in the park will fix what ails 'em).  

Then we blame people who are so sick they don't have any idea what they are doing.

As far as the little information I've seen....

1. It isn't at all unusual for someone to not remember what they did during a really severe psychotic episode.  A lot of psychotic people don't lie much - their speech gets very 'concrete' - even if they do lie, they don't lie about the things we expect them to try to lie about.   They are not thinking rationally, that's why that is the way it is.   And quite often, when they say they don't remember, they really don't.  

We heard a story of a lady who videotaped her son having an 'episode'.   She figured she'd play him the tape and he would 'realize' that she was telling him the truth.  

What a foolish lady.   He looked at the tape and said suspiciously, 'That isn't me.   This is some kind of trick.  I never act like that.   I couldn't'.

2. It isn't necessarily obvious to an employer that a person is becoming more ill...the structure of work can often be the last thin thread people cling to.   I've often seen extremely psychotic people 'click in' to the routine at a simple job or even at a homeless shelter - 99% of people won't realize how ill they are.

3. Most severe mental illnesses go in episodes, especially at first.   The lady may NEVER have had an episode like this before, or she may have.   Women typically don't get severely ill til even as late as their mid thirties.   They may have had a brief episode before and breathed a sigh of relief thinking they were only going to have that one episode and no more.

4. Most severe mental illnesses do have mild symptoms for a long time, but 99% of people don't have a clue as to what to look for.   Most see the early signs as a person being 'stubborn' or 'lazy' or 'unfriendly'.

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