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School Defends Textbook Calling Muhammad “God’s Messenger”

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School officials in Florida are defending a textbook that declares Muhammad as the “Messenger of God” after critics accused an Islamic education group of launching a stealth jihad in American public school classrooms.

The Prentice World History textbook being used in Brevard Public Schools includes a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism.jihad4

According to a copy obtained by Fox News, The ninth grade textbook declares that Muhammad is the “Messenger of God” and instructs students that jihad is a duty that Muslims must follow.

“Jihad may be interpreted as a holy war to defend Islam and the Muslim community, much like the Crusades to defend Christianity,” the book states.

The textbook published large passages from the Koran, but failed to include any Scripture from the Bible. And while the book  makes declarations about Muhammad being God’s messenger, it does not make declarations about Jesus being God’s son.

“Some believed he was the messiah,” the textbook noted in an entry about Jesus. The book noted that He was later executed, but failed to mention His resurrection.

Brevard Public Schools defended the textbook and said it provided a balanced view of world religions.

“An analysis of one textbook cannot provide a balanced understanding as to what the students in Brevard Public Schools are learning throughout their academic careers,” spokeswoman Michelle Irwin said in a statement.

jihad1She said the Prentice Hall World History textbook incorporated a review of the origin of Christianity and Judaism – subjects covered indepth in sixth grade classrooms.

She also pointed out the book was among those approved by the state of Florida and that parents as well as community members were given the opportunity to review the textbook before it was adopted.

The book has been used in the classroom for the past three years without any complaints – until now.

Susan Aspey, a spokeswoman for the book’s publisher, told Fox News the textbook is balanced.

“Pearson and its authors adhere to the highest editorial standards when creating course materials, which undergo a rigorous review process,” she said. “A review of the book shows there is balanced attention given to the beliefs of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

William Saxton, the chairman of Citizens For National Security, testified before the Brevard, Fla. School Board, warning them that the book rewrites Islamic history and presents a biased and incorrect version of the Muslim faith.

“They promote Islam at the expense of Christianity and Judaism,” Saxton told Fox News. “It blew my mind to see the kind of propaganda, the pro-Islam information that’s in this book – at the expense of Christianity and Judaism.”jihad2

Saxton said he believes the inclusion is deliberate and he placed the blame an organization that was once called Council on Islamic Education. The group works with education officials and publishers to produce chapters on Islam for American textbooks.

But today, the Council on Islamic Education is known as the Institute on Religious and Civic Values. It’s founder, Shabbir Mansuri, is listed as an academic reviewer on the textbook used in Brevard County.

In 2001 the OC Weekly newspaper in California interviewed Mansuri about comments former Second Lady Lynne Cheney made lamenting the amount of time schools were spending teaching cultures that were not American. Mansuri took her comments as a personal attack.

“For the past 11 years, Mansuri has waged what he calls a ‘bloodless’ revolution: promoting an increased emphasis on world cultures and faiths – including Islam – inside American junior high and high school campuses,” the newspaper reported.

Saxton said he is highly suspicious of Mansuri’s organization and questioned why they changed their name.

“These people are dedicated to getting this language into the textbooks,” he said, noting their new name is “benign and does not sound “threatening or Islamic. “But the same people are running it.”

Saxton said they are hearing from concerned parents across the country – and the complaints have generally been the same: public school textbooks that favor Islam over other world religions.

“It’s a form of stealth jihad,” he said. “(Jihad) is not just blowing up buildings. It’s more subtle. I began to understand that one of the ways the bad guys are trying to threaten our way of life is through our children. The Islamists want to get to the hearts and minds of our kids.”

Saxton’s all-volunteer organization launched a nationwide study in 2009 to root out what they believed to be Islamic bias in American school textbooks. He said they found as many as 80 textbooks that overtly promoted Islam.

Last year, the Citizens For National Security was able to get a similar book removed from the classroom in Palm Beach County.

“In short, you are using an Islam-biased, flawed textbook that has neither partially nor fully been corrected,” he told Brevard County school leaders.jihad3

A spokesman for IRCV told Fox News they would agree to an interview but never returned repeated calls.

In 2009 Mansuri found himself facing similar accusations of promoting and glorifying Islam – accusations he strongly denied in an Orange County Register interview.

“IRCV is recognized within the education community for our expertise in teaching about world religions,” he told the newspaper. “This expertise stands from our long-standing interest in religious liberty, religious pluralism and the practice of faith within a civic social framework.”

He blamed the criticism on “children of 9-11,” who were miseducated, the newspaper reported.

Saxton said the Prentice Hall textbook is riddled with errors. He especially took issue with their definition of jihad. The book called it a personal duty for Muslims and a way to defend their faith.

“Violent Islamic groups have used jihad for centuries,” he said. “The 9-11 attacks were an example of jihad as terrorism, not self-defense. Declarations of jihad have been made for purposes of violence against Christians, Jews, Americans, British and fellow Muslims hundreds of times.”

The textbook also alleges that “Muslims consider Jews and Christians to be ‘People of the Book.’”

Saxton said in practice, Jews and Christians have been subjected historically to violence and murder by Muslims.

“Christians and Jews are permitted very few of the rights and freedoms that the Muslim majority is allowed,” he said.

The textbook said under Islamic law women are spiritually equal, although they may have different roles and rights.

“This content is confusing at best and intellectually dishonest at worst,” he said. In Egypt and other Arab countries, women may not be employed in the private sector because they belong in the home. Women are stoned to death under Sharia law in Iran for adultery.”

School Board member Amy Kneessy told Fox News she had a chance to read the textbook and she was especially troubled by the section about how Muslims treat women.

“I was really disheartened,” she said. “To see such a blatant misportrayal of how women are treated in Muslim countries, I found disconcerting.”

Kneessy said there seems to be a double-standard and found evidence of bias in a number of passages – especially when it came to religious wars.

“When wars were involving Jewish people or Christians, some very hard adjectives were used – like ‘massacre,’” she said. “Whereas when it was a Muslim group, it was ‘occupy’ or a very innocuous term.”

She said the school has an obligation to be fair and balanced when teaching history.

“War is never clean and tidy,” she said. “Wars are bloody. People die and bad things happen. The facts need to be reported fairly from all perspectives.”

Kneessy said she plans on asking the entire school board to reevaluate the textbook.

“I am concerned it is more ammunition that continues to water down what this country was founded on,” she said. “This country was founded with Christian values. God was very much a part of our government. When you take the religious context out of it, then you take away the very heart of what this country was founded on.”


by on Aug. 1, 2013 at 12:05 PM
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by Silver Member on Aug. 2, 2013 at 10:46 PM

If the students are being told that he is the Muslims messenger thats fine by me.I don't know not once in school did I hear of Jesus or Muhammed or any others.

by Ruby Member on Aug. 2, 2013 at 10:56 PM

candlegal, could you summarize this article for me?  I don't understand the problem.

by Ruby Member on Aug. 2, 2013 at 11:16 PM
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Christian Crusades have deliberately been misinterpreted for yrs by secular anti-Christian authors & historians. A bias interpretation to appease those who despise Christianity & the Catholic Church. Too often history has been altered & changed in our children's academic literature which angers many parents~

Crusades: Truth and Black Legend

God's Battalions

The Crusades: A Response to Islamic Aggression

Quoting stringtheory:

Interesting that Jihad is compared to Christian crusades in this textbook. Shouldn't that anger Muslims? And I do think that if this book "declares" Muhammad a messenger of God, that is a problem if it doesn't also "declare" Jesus the messiah. Of course, if either description is followed with "according to the xxxx religion," then I don't care. I don't see any context in this article, so I am leaning toward "I don't care."


by Ruby Member on Aug. 2, 2013 at 11:33 PM
36 whole pages on Islam! its jihad I tell ya! Id lime to see tge whole quote where the text states as fact that mohammed is a messenger. Something tells me the yahoos freaking out about this haven't told us the whole story.
by on Aug. 3, 2013 at 1:41 AM

 Oh, FPS.

S. Peter Lebowitz, Vice-Chairman, CFNS
Carl Rose, Executive Director, CFNS
Stuart Small, Associate Executive Director, CFNS
Jay Drossman
James Landon
Nick Messerschmidt
Dr. Gary Newman
Stanley Pierce
Douglas Sensenig
Morton Singerman
Nicholas Martin, Director of Planning and Development, CFNS

(members to date)

Dr. Walid Phares
Co-Secretary General
Transatlantic Legislative Group on Counter Terrorism

Dr. Daniel Pipes
Eminent Middle East historian,
Founder of Middle East Forum

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser
Founder and President,
American Islamic Forum for Democracy


by on Aug. 3, 2013 at 1:47 AM
by Ruby Member on Aug. 3, 2013 at 5:28 AM
Quoting blondekosmic15:

The Crusades: A Response to Islamic Aggression

Your source is:

Um, wow.

I encourage everyone else to go look at what the other articles are on that website, that Blondie is using.

by on Aug. 3, 2013 at 6:50 AM

 Jesus was mentioned; at least according to the article He was.

The Fox spin is just pissed they have to share time with a Muslim. Now if the World History book contained only Christianity that would make Fox happy. But then again, it would not be World History it would be "A portion of World Histroy" Book. Or, better known as the Bible.

Quoting LaBuenaVida:

 What, no interest in this article?

Not surprised. 

If Jesus Christ was mentioned in one of these lib's kid's textbooks, they'd be screaming their heads off. 


by Gold Member on Aug. 3, 2013 at 7:12 AM
Another biased source from a hateful teabagger. Can't you use a REAL news source? It's been PROVEN over and over again, by our Founding Fathers' own words, we are NOT a Christian Nation!

Maybe op is just mad because her views go more the way of radical Islam as opposed to Christianity
by Ruby Member on Aug. 3, 2013 at 7:50 AM

I glanced through the first few pages.  You are right, absolute bullshit.  

Quoting Della529:


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