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How Much of a Hypocrit Are You? / Poll

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Question: 1) Do you agree with the Pro-Choice movement's slogan, "Our bodies, our choice"? 2) Do you think vaccines should be mandatory? 3) Should Americans have a choice not to buy health insurance?


1) Yes, we should have choice to abort the unborn

1) No, fetuses should be protected by law

2) Yes, vaccnies mandatory for everyone and/or some select groups

2) No, all people should have a choice not to be vaccinated

3) Yes, Americans should have a choice to go without health insurance if they choose

3) No, Americans should be forced to buy health insurance if not provided by an employer or face a fine/ jail time

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by on Oct. 12, 2013 at 9:48 PM
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by Teflon Don on Oct. 13, 2013 at 9:09 PM


Quoting motha2daDuchess:

I think these are comparing apples to spinach to baseball

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by Milami on Oct. 13, 2013 at 9:12 PM
I believe in choice.
by Mahinaarangi on Oct. 14, 2013 at 12:49 AM

Its not a matter of who is judging what is what....its from a historical viewpoint ...what is better for the majority.  Seatbelt wearing is mandated by law because the found that it saved lives, it is an individual wish to wear or not to wear....but judging the reasoning behind the law is pretty saves lives.

I say the living takes precedence over everyone else....if it is my body and I am mentally fit and able to make decisions concerning my body...then I and I alone get to say what happens to it.  Others beliefs do NOT come into play.  The government is OTHER peoples belief.  Most western countries realised this and took off the "abortion is illegal" laws.

Healthcare is a fundamental right IMO....if it is to be paid by all of society in accordance with their income...I have NO PROBLEM with the government mandating that I pay a small part of that bill.  It benefits everyone and encroaches on nobody..physically.

It is not hypocritical that I believe in one but not the other....because of who it benefits in the long run :-)

Quoting buttersworth:

 but then, how do you judge who has better reasoning ? everyone justifies their actions according to their beliefs, but people do not believe the same.

that problem resulted in the Constitution, which set out to protect the individual rights of everyone. so no law can be made, even if a majority of people favor it, that infringes oin the rights of others.

and, i disagree, if abortion were made illegal there ARE those who would benefit...the unborn!!! they would get to live!

I also disagree that 'healthcare' would benefit everyone...because what is  mandated that we all have, is not what everyone would call a kind of care that they'd prefer.

Quoting turtle68:

If the reasons are different behind the issue makes a huge difference.

Who benefits from the government imposing such regulations. one.


Quoting buttersworth:

It's hypocritical to say you want government out of your business when you want to abort, but then turn around and say government can be in your business if you're talking about forcing you to buy health insurance.

in one instance you want freedom of choice, and in another you want everyone to have what you favor, to be hoisted upon them

government in your uterus (your healthcare), or government out?

Quoting turtle68:

so if I chose yes, no, yes....Im a hypocrite?  

Quoting gdiamante:

Because if you don't believe all three are free choices OR all three are to be mandated/controlled by others, you're a hypocrit. At least according to the logic of the OP.

how is answering a poll going to answer your question..."how much of a hypocrite are you"?

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