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A Hooters restaurant is being sued for racial discrimination after firing a black waitress, Farryn Johnson, and telling her she couldn’t wear her blonde highlights.

Johnson, who says she works with white waitresses who are allowed to wear highlights in their hair, took her complaint to the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.

In an interview with CBS’ Baltimore affiliate, WJZ, Johnson gave her side of the story:

“My other coworkers, they all had different colors in their hair, like red and blonde highlights. I didn’t think it would be an issue.”

Johnson, 25, was told her hair color violated the company’s employee image standards.

“They gave me write ups and they told me I need to take the color out of my hair. And they said I couldn’t have blonde in my hair because I’m black. They specifically said ‘black women don’t have blonde in their hair, so you need to take it out,’”

Johnson’s attorney, Jessica Weber said the main issue here is that the standards aren’t applied across the board.

“What’s wrong is that both federal and state law clearly say employers can’t impose two separate and distinct rules governing employee standards–one for African-American employees and one for everyone else. And that’s clearly what Hooters did here,”

Hooter declined comment. The case is now in the hands of Maryland Commission on Civil Rights and their investigation could take months.

by on Oct. 23, 2013 at 8:13 AM
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by Teflon Don on Oct. 23, 2013 at 3:54 PM
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Right? LOL

Quoting juno1:

Ha...that made me laugh... Hooters image..... omg

Quoting paganbaby:

Quoting SuzCahn:

 I'm not sure what a "Hooters Image" is supposed to look like?

I need more info to make a judgment.

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Breastfeeding tickers

by on Oct. 23, 2013 at 4:21 PM
I've seen Hooters waitresses with all kinds of highlights, like pink, red (like a fire truck) blue, purple, green, orange etc. So I'm leaning towards discrimination if they did tell her that she can't have blonde if she's black.

I do think the vast majority of people who color their hair blonde look silly, if they don't already have blonde hair of some sort. But to each their own
by Bazinga! on Oct. 23, 2013 at 4:22 PM


Quoting romalove:

I'd love to see the actual write ups.

If the story is as told, of course it is discrimination.
by Platinum Member on Oct. 23, 2013 at 4:23 PM

If the facts are as she states then, hell yes.

Furthermore, there's a family in my neighborhood (one spouse white, one spouse black) with two little girls who are very dark skin toned....   and each have flaming red curls.  

by Bronze Member on Oct. 23, 2013 at 4:23 PM

Quoting romalove:

I'd love to see the actual write ups.

If the story is as told, of course it is discrimination.

Agreed, if the story is as told.

In Vino Veritas

by Platinum Member on Oct. 23, 2013 at 4:34 PM

Sonds like it to me.

by on Oct. 23, 2013 at 5:11 PM
by Esther on Oct. 23, 2013 at 5:13 PM

Sounds like discrimination to me.

by Christy on Oct. 23, 2013 at 7:45 PM

Just found this story very interesting, it has been positioned it is ok to treat school children in such a manner but it is discrimination when it comes to an adult in a workplace. Where is the logic in that. For the record, I consider it wrong on both accounts.

by Silver Member on Oct. 23, 2013 at 8:15 PM

No I don't think it's discrimination although I think it' a stupid policy and personally invasive.

I also think her bosses are idiots to even THINK they wouldn't be misconstrued and filed suit against are dumb, because obviously their explanation makes them SOUND racist.

So I'm not defending them, but I think what they were trying to say is that with blonde highlights this woman basically equalled to a white woman with blue highlights in her hair...that's a certain look...and you get it by having an unnatural highlight. A white woman with blue, pink or green looks emo or punkish or alternative...whatever it's called these days. They were equating this to the black woman's style.

I think they were gravely mistaken, as I've seen black women wear their hair this way but not trying to be emo.

They didn't understand her style. but with a-holes like this running a company, I guess they deserve a lil' spanking.

only big problem is, now this will be another log added to the false flag race war that some special interest somewhere, keeps trying to incite.

Black women, white women...we should be really pissed off that someone's trying to divide us like this. And, we also should see it because you just have to think...why is the race war only encompassing blacks and whites when there are other races out there ? Not like we're the only ones!

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