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My gay nephew was bitching about our insurance increase. He looked through his and was perplexed to see maternity care. "Does Obama think I'm gonna have an asshole baby?"

Of course he doesn't pay much attention to politics.
by on Nov. 9, 2013 at 8:45 AM
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by Silver Member on Nov. 10, 2013 at 7:01 PM
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I listen to public radio and an elderly gent called in and said he has to pay for infertility treatments, abortions and birth control.  How unfair can you get!  And yes, your nephew shouldn't have to pay for maternity care.

by Destiny on Nov. 10, 2013 at 9:25 PM

Yep, that would be me. Had a hysterectomy 4 years ago, Hubbs had a vasectomy 7 years ago. We don't need any OB coverage. 

Quoting JMmama:

Sure, but I don't think anyone should be forced to pay more to carry maternity insurance. My mom went through menopause 20 years ago and she isn't going to get someone else pregnant. Why does she need maternity coverage? Women who have had hysterectomies, etc, why do they need maternity coverage? When I was working I opted not to carry insurance with maternity coverge because my husband's was much better. While I do see reasons a man would benefit from carrying maternity coverage, I don't think it should be mandatory for everyone.

Quoting Luvnlogic:

I guess. I'm basing my opinion on it taking a male AND a female (or the bio parts of each) to have a baby, so only requiring the person who physically births the baby to carry that extra coverage seems a but unfair. You play, you pay ;)

Quoting JMmama:

Well, that's a matter if opinion, lol.

Quoting Luvnlogic:

Thanks for the info. So requiring all policies carry this isn't as cuckoo as it sounds.

Quoting JMmama:

For surrogates, it depends on the insurance. Otherwise, yes. I don't work so I am covered only by my husbands insurance and it covers all my maternity care.

Quoting Luvnlogic:

I wonder if he used a surrogate to have a child or adopted a newborn, could he use his insurance to pay for their care? For that matter, if my hubs had insurance and I didn't, would his cover labor, delivery, recovery care? It's his baby, too. Hmmm...just thinking out loud here. We've always both had insurance through his employer so I never paid attention to which one of us it was "charged" to.

by on Nov. 10, 2013 at 9:36 PM
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I completely agree. I had a hysterectomy at age 27 for medical reasons. My husband and I should not be charged for a bunch of coverages we will never need for the rest of our lives.

Quoting Carpy:

Treating it as seperate means lower rates for those of us who WILL NOT USE IT.

Quoting AdrianneHill:

How is it fair that anything that can happen medically to a man is covered under his health insurance but women need to buy extra coverage to take care of their bodies? And saying "well women in menopause shouldn't pay" just shows how you are unable to see the inherent sexism of it all.

There is NO REASON to separate out the treatment except for money. It isn't medically needed or even wise. Don't let the insurance companies off the hook when they decided that pregnancy was an extra illness that needed its own coverage like cancer. If not than half of the population might get pregnant in their natural lives, it isn't "extra" coverage. It means that it should have always been covered.

Those women in menopause pay the same rates when they aren't having the same number of heart attacks and other health problems mainly associated with men but it's only unfair when they pay for pregnancy coverage. You're covering men's prostate health, why can't they kick in on medical care for pregnancy and reproductive health?

How about not putting maternity care as a separate issue and medical care is medical care? No need for different rates because necessities are covered. We're not talking plastic surgery or weight loss stuff, this is the birth of children and maternal care. How could this be treated as optional? Because men don't get pregnant. That's the only reason to separate normal reproductive health care from maternity care.

And if you have a better idea that doesn't include leaving things like they were, I'm truly waiting to hear it.

Quoting pixie92:

So now men and women, even women that have gone through menopause should pay higher rates to cover birth when they will never need it.

Quoting AdrianneHill:

It doesn't really matter.

Women had to pay for the same coverage a man received but weren't as fully covered as the man. A man didn't need special coverage for his prostate even though a woman paid the same amountfor her coverage. A woman shouldn't need extra coverage for the use or non usage of her body parts just because women's prices have been paying for male focused coverage since the beginning. Men's bodies were the medical norm while women's bodies did all of these "extra"and expensive things.

by Silver Member on Nov. 11, 2013 at 8:21 AM

Being a woman is no longer a pre existing condition.Now your nephew can know you,his mom,if he has a sister,female friend is now covered no matter what.If he ever adopts a baby from his heart  instead of his asshole......he and his partner can have maternity leave.

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