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Oklahoma Sheriffs Visiting State Capitol Building Ordered to Disarm — How Do You Suppose They Responded?

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Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert traveled to Oklahoma City, the state’s capitol, earlier this week with 40 other sheriffs from around the state like they do every year — to meet with politicians and lobby.

Everything was going fine in the state capitol building on Tuesday. More than that, “everybody in that building knew who we were,” Colbert told KTUL-TV in Tulsa.

Image source: KTUL-TV

Sheriff Bob Colber (Image source: KTUL-TV)

“One of the senators, who they wouldn’t tell us, complained because we were armed in the building,” Colbert added to the station.

Then he said the sheriffs were given a choice — disarm or leave.

“So we all packed up and left,” Colbert told KTUL.

Colbert said he doesn’t know which senator complained, but he has his own beefs about the treatment he and his associates received.

“We’re the people that protect these people,” he told KTUL.

In addition, Colbert said politicians should be more concerned about improving state business than law enforcement officers who happen to be carrying guns.

“If the state troopers are satisfied that we’re OK in that building,” he told KTUL, “I’m pretty sure that the legislators should have something else to worry about such as the economy or something.”

While Colbert acknowledged that some lawmakers have called to apologize about the incident, the insult will be felt for a while.

“Pretty sad day for me,” he told KTUL.

BizPac Review noted that a different account of the incident was reported in The Oklahoman, a paper which serves Oklahoma City.

When the sheriffs entered the Senate gallery, “the sergeant at arms asked the sheriffs to take off their guns or leave the building,” the Oklahoman said. “But a state Senate official says the sheriffs were only questioned briefly before being allowed back into the Senate gallery, still wearing their service weapons.”


by on Mar. 17, 2014 at 10:26 AM
Replies (91-94):
by Ruby Member on Mar. 18, 2014 at 5:16 PM

A really simple google search give you the proof you need.  And I never said the people in the front didn't notice, I said they didn't do their job.  I bet you it was someone fairly new who thought that law enforcement was exempt in any situation outside of an emergency.

"Carrying of any firearms or weapons in a government building or on school grounds is illegal and a felony, even if the citizen carrying possesses a concealed carry permit. The only exceptions to this law are for licensed government or security personnel, such as state police officers, agents of the federal government, and certain security guards. Security guards of at least 21 years of age may receive a license to possess firearms during the course of their official duties if they meet certain requirements. Security guards are not authorized to carry firearms outside of their official duties. Police officers and qualified retired police officers are allowed to carry a handgun when off-duty, however, they are subject to many of the same restrictions and conditions on carry as a private citizen with a handgun carry license when not performing their official duties."

These officers were not here doing their official duties.  They were having a meeting.

Quoting LoveMyBoyK: Yes, you can not cite any proof that weapons were banned from the entire building AND assume that numerous police officers just walked in with bobody noticing they had weapons. Oopsie. Ya, sure, ya'betcha!!! *wink wink*
Quoting kailu1835:

Because someone finally noticed that they weren't.  I know that fact is killing you, but it is still a fact.  Someone in the front didn't do their job, and someone finally noticed.

Quoting LoveMyBoyK: They were NOT asked to disarm until entering the Senate gallery. I know that fact is killing you but it is still a fact. They were allowed in the building armed. They were not allowed in the gallery armed. If you have proof to the contrary, present it. I will continue discussing based on facts presented, not assumptions.
Quoting kailu1835:

Just because the guys at the front didn't do their jobs and tell the sheriff's group to disarm doesn't make any difference.  They were asked to disarm because you are not supposed to have weapons in government buildings.

Quoting LoveMyBoyK: They were asked not to enter the Senate gallery armed. Is the Senate gallery the only room in the building?
Quoting kailu1835:

Considering as how they were asked to leave because they were armed and would not disarm, it logically seems that it was not allowed in the overall building.

Quoting LoveMyBoyK: I really do not care what your buildings do. There is no way a number of Sheriffs walked into that building illegally armed so it would logically seem that it was allowed in the overall building.
Quoting kailu1835:

I don't know about everywhere, but I know in the few government buildings I've been to, guns were not allowed anywhere on the premises.  There are signs posted everywhere.

Quoting LoveMyBoyK: Where does it say they were not allowed in the building?
Quoting kailu1835:

If guns are not allowed in the building, they shouldn't have brought them in.  End of story.

babiesbabybaby development

Hi!  My name is Jenn!

by Whoopie on Mar. 18, 2014 at 5:31 PM
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We have metal detectors at the entrance to most government buildings around here.

I am sick to death of people and groups thinking that they are somehow "special" and "above" all things that apply to all other citizens.

by Platinum Member on Mar. 18, 2014 at 5:37 PM

Thanks for the insult.

Sounds like what I said.....lets arm everyone.  Maybe we should start having our tots carry, including at school.  Don't think they would do any worse than the armed grown ups in their midst. 

And what states are people not allowed to "bear arms" (as opposed to bare arms....)?

Quoting LoveMyBoyK: If you really are confused, you are not very bright. She has never said she does not WANT the police armed. She supports the rights of gun manufactures to stand up for what they believe in. What she WANTS is for people to be allowed their right to bear arms in those states so that the protests are not necessary.
Quoting idunno1234:

Huh...I'm confused.

Didn't you post a story about gun manufacturers refusing to arm law enforcement agencies in states they deem have violated the 2nd amendment, implying fear of an unarmed populace at the mercy of big bad law enforcement?  All the implied conspiracy crap that says unarmed citizens are vulnerable, that law enforcement has turned evil, sinister, obviously controlled by Obama. are saying that the sheriff's and soldiers should be allowed to be armed at all times because otherwise those big bad terrorists and outlaws will win.

Which is it? Or is it that we should just all be armed, sitting around waiting for someone to start shooting?  What a scary, scary world you envision.

Quoting candlegal:

I dare to bring it up again  and again I will say, if soldiers were able to carry on base, Ft. Hood probably would not have happened.  Disarm our soldiers and Sheriffs and the terrorists and outlaws will win.

Quoting Sekirei:

Dont you dare bring that into it. You were never able to carry on an installation. Since my dad joined in 1980. When he joined, you couldn't even have them on the bases, even in your home.

Quoting candlegal:

They don't seem to allow our military to carry their weapons on base either anymore.   That is why Ft. Hood turned into such a massacre.

Quoting dawnie1:

Democrat here! They should have felt insulted! Cops are NEVER without a gun. They DO get special treatment. Whithin reason, I'm not talkin' crazy talk here!!

by Ruby Member on Mar. 18, 2014 at 5:46 PM
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For idunno:

Actually, I said IF you are confused. I do not think you were, I think you were being deliberately obtuse. I have NEVER seen Candle suggest we arm toddlers so there is that deliberate obtuse thing again.
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