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One Hundred Arguments Against Vaccines!

Posted by on Apr. 5, 2014 at 2:37 PM
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One Hundred Arguments Against Vaccines

100 Arguments Against Vaccines

  1. NO vaccine is 100% safe.
  2. NO vaccine is 100% effective.
  3. ALL vaccines have severe life-threatening side-effects. Any “immunity” gained from a vaccine is short term only.
  4. There are no long term studies that have been done on the effects of vaccination (
  5. Vaccine safety trials are only carried out on healthy babies, children and adults yet once approved, they are given to everyone – healthy or not.
  6. Vaccine safety trials are paid for by the very people who make the vaccines, so there is no possibility of the information being unbiased or truthful.
  7. Unvaccinated children are much healthier than vaccinated children (
  8. Vaccination is NOT responsible for the decline in infectious diseases (
  9. The polio vaccine of the 1950’s and 60’s was contaminated by the SV40 virus which is now confirmed to have caused cancer in many people who had received the vaccine. New viruses are being discovered all the time, so it’s a matter of Russian roulette on when such a virus will sneak into another vaccine (
  10. The cells of an aborted human fetus was used to make the rubella vaccine, which is part of the MMR vaccine (
  11. Cow cells, monkey cells and chick embryo cells are all found in various vaccines – how can anyone really know the long term effects of injecting this foreign DNA into a 6 week old baby’s body?
  12. Add some heavy metals, antibiotics and preservatives and you have a toxic cocktail called a vaccine.
  13. Oh, and don’t forget to add some GMO’s to the above as well!
  14. PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES CANNOT BE TRUSTED! They have proven over and over again that they are only in it for the money ( and
  15. An Italian court has ruled that MMR was the cause of autism in this man’s case:
  16. In New Zealand a fully vaccinated child in 1961 would have received 12 vaccines for four diseases (four jabs and three sips) up until the age of five. The current vaccine schedule includes 11 injections for 10 diseases by age four ( This will continue to increase as the pharmaceutical companies realize they can make more money if they inject our children with more vaccines.
  17. Herd immunity by means of vaccination is a LIE the pharmaceutical companies use to make parents feel bad for not vaccinating their children (
  18. Vaccines are regularly being withdrawn from the market due to adverse reactions (
  19. In New Zealand, 65% of people who contracted whooping cough in 2012 were vaccinated (
  20. Most children who catch measles were already vaccinated (
  21. Even ex-vaccine developers are coming out and exposing the lies that the vaccination industry is based on (
  22. The swine flu vaccine caused an increase of narcolepsy cases in children recently (
  23. At least one death in NZ has been linked to the Gardasil vaccine (
  24. …and four more deaths from Gardasil in India (
  25. Homeless people died after being paid £1-2 to participate in a vaccine trial (
  26. Since the 1980’s, vaccine manufacturers in the USA have been protected from lawsuits following vaccine injury (
  27. Vaccination is being used to REDUCE fertility and reduce the worldwide population (
  28. The pro-vaccine movement openly admits that it is willing to sacrifice some lives in order to “save” many. I’m not willing to risk that my child is that one that will get sacrificed due to vaccine damage.
  29. Ian’s story:
  30. Stephanie’s story:
  31. And I couldn’t resist throwing in some celebrities who do not vaccinate their kids or at least question the effectiveness and safety of vaccines: Mayim Bialik (Amy Farah-Fowler from Big Bang Theory) –
  32. Jenny McCarthy (,8599,1888718,00.html).
  33. Jim Carrey (
  34. Rob Schneider (
  35. Donald Trump (
  36. The legendary Chuck Norris (
  37. Even Dr Oz’s wife doesn’t allow him to vaccinate their kids (
  38. The medical profession still has no clue how the immune system really works, let alone understand the fragile immune system of a 6-week old baby! Do you really think it’s a wise idea to inject foreign DNA, heavy metals, antibiotics, GMO’s, preservatives, etc. into something if you don’t know how it works (’s_Desk/pos t/Eminence_based_medicine,_part_2/)?
  39. Vaccines are NOT “free,” like the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, etc. would have us believe. They cost the NZ tax payer millions! Oh, and we also have to pay for the damage they cause.
  40. Pharmaceutical companies cannot be trusted! A video interview with Dr Russell Blaylock on fraudulent vaccine science and ethics – a must watch:
  41. Oh and if you need some more evidence of the untrustworthiness of pharmaceutical companies, read the book entitled “Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer” (
  42. Vaccination bypasses all the body’s natural defense systems – it’s a totally unnatural process – something we were not designed to have to deal with.
  43. Antibiotics are blamed for creating superbugs, yet they are routinely added to vaccines!
  44. Big Pharma keeps on increasing the amount of recommended “boosters” as it’s just such a fabulous way for them to make more money without having to do any extra work. See this excellent blog:
  45. There is no consideration for a child’s mass when they are given a vaccine – a 6 week old baby is given the same dose as a 5 year old:
  46. Even immunologists admit that vaccines compromise our natural immunity:
  47. Childhood illnesses actually help to strengthen a child’s immune system.
  48. The short term immunity that is sometimes gained from vaccination in childhood only means it is much harder for the body to deal with when that immunity has waned and you get the illness as an adult.
  50. Vaccines are commonly believed to work by producing antibodies. However, a number of researchers have found that the presence of antibodies only indicates that the immune system has come into contact with an antigen. What this means is that we are told of vaccines producing antibodies, which in turn will protect us against disease, is a lie! The presence of antibodies does NOT equal immunity! We know what the signs and symptoms of the so called “vaccine preventable” diseases (e.g. measles, influenza, pertussis etc.) are. We know the best the treatments (natural or pharmaceutical) for each. However, once vaccinated, possible side effects from the vaccinations (all noted in the insert leaflets) are many and various, and may or may not be successfully dealt with.
  51. This “60 Minutes” program was on in July 2011 and looks at two New Zealand children who were brain damaged by the whooping cough vaccine and another who was killed by the Gardasil vaccine. During June 2005 and June 2011, ACC paid out on 449 claims of vaccine damage:
  52. The Hippocratic Oath states that physicians swear to do no harm – yet vaccines routinely destroy the lives of people right around the world (
  53. The polio vaccine actually causes vaccine induced polio paralysis:
  54. Vaccines accomplishing world depopulation:
  55. GlaxoSmithKline were responsible for the death of 14 babies during illegal vaccine experiments:$1m-over-tests-that-killed-14–babies.
  56. Even though mercury has been linked to numerous illnesses, it is still routinely used in vaccines:
  57. Fully vaccinated doctors get whooping cough – so what’s the point in getting vaccinated (
  58. Vaccine ingredients can lead to a severe form of kidney disease:
  59. The whole policy of vaccination is based on money, not on health, safety or anything else that might benefit the human race:

I guess Im not the only one so "ill-informed" and "uneducated" asking questions that cant and wont be answered by the people who are capable of answering them. When in doubt, I follow argument 100. 

by on Apr. 5, 2014 at 2:37 PM
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by Member on Apr. 5, 2014 at 2:38 PM
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Trasfered #s wrong but this is 60 - 100
  1. Vaccines are the cause for many of the chronic diseases we see these days:
  2. Vaccines are used to commit genocide among First Nations people in Canada:
  3. Vaccination is not compulsory in New Zealand or the United States – we have the right to refuse to undergo medical treatment:
  4. If you’re religious, then there are plenty of reasons to not vaccinate:
  5. More information is becoming available regarding the link to vaccines and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS):
  6. Most doctors have no idea what ingredients are found in vaccines. If you don’t believe me, ask your doctor at your next visit! Why would you allow your doctor to inject you with something when they do not even know its ingredients?
  7.  Only about 1% of serious events are reported to the FDA. That means that 99% of adverse vaccine reactions are not reported:
  8. The pertussis (whooping cough) bacteria are adapting to the vaccine and mutating, much like antibiotic resistant superbugs, becoming more pronounced:
  9. 30 Years of secret official transcripts show UK Government experts cover up vaccine hazards to sell more vaccines and harm your kids:
  10. If you need any further evidence regarding the numerous errors that occur during vaccine manufacturing, storing, administering, etc. then here is a great resource:
  11. The head of the Center for Disease Control – Julie Gerberding – admits in this interview that vaccines can cause autism-like symptoms. Same difference!
  12. Vaccines are the cause for the alarming rise in peanut allergies around the world. When I was a child, I didn’t know a single kid with a peanut allergy in our entire school. These days, peanut-containing products are banned from most school grounds to prevent deadly anaphylactic shock in those who are allergic to peanuts:
  13. Yeast is a common ingredient in vaccine manufacturing and has been linked to the rise and cause of asthma in many young children:
  14. Vaccines cause allergies because they clog our lymphatic system and lymph nodes with large protein molecules which have not been adequately broken down by our digestive processes, since vaccines by pass digestion with injections:
  15. There was a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths reported to VAERS after the flu vaccine was given to pregnant women: women/?.
  16. AIDS was transmitted to the human race via the monkey cells used to make vaccines. I challenge you to listen to this interview with Merck vaccine scientist Dr Maurice Hilleman who admits “I didn’t know we were importing the AIDS virus at the time” (
  17. Disease outbreaks still occur in fully and highly vaccinated communities. This website has several links to journal articles documenting these:
  18. Newly vaccinated individuals are responsible for the spread of disease via “shedding” from live virus vaccines: and
  19. Pro-vaccination enthusiasts like to point to pharmaceutical industry sponsored research for evidence that vaccines work. In this interesting article by John Ioannidis, he writes why most published research findings are false:
  20. Those who promote vaccines also happen to be the ones who benefit from it financially:
  21. Some doctors in New Zealand are either intentionally lying about the effectiveness of vaccines, or they are just incredibly ignorant. One such example is Dr John Cameron, who blatantly lied (with a smile on his face) about the flu vaccine on “Campbell Live” earlier this year: – and here is the IAS’s response –
  22. Courtesy of Dr Goldman: Prior to the universal varicella vaccination program, 95% of adults experienced natural chickenpox (usually as school aged children) These cases were usually benign and resulted in long term immunity. This high percentage of individuals having long term immunity has been compromised by mass vaccination of children which provides at best 70 to 90% immunity that is temporary and of unknown duration, shifting chickenpox to a more vulnerable adult population where chickenpox carries 20 times more risk of death and 15 times more risk of hospitalization compared to children:
  23. Many parents have commented that their unvaccinated children are much healthier than their vaccinated children. Here is a blog to read on one such mum’s journey:
  24. Why bother getting the flu shot? At best, vaccines are effective against only influenza A and B, which represent only about 10% of all circulating viruses. Therefore, there is a 90% chance you will not even be exposed to an influenza virus:
  25. Here is a great resource showing cases that were awarded damages by the US Government via the Vaccine Court, which is a federal court of claims for the flu vaccine. Note the number of deaths, in just 2012:
  26. If you’re not yet aware of the lies and scare mongering surrounding the 2006 Bird Flu saga, then start your journey here:
  27. Oh and don’t forget the Swine Flu hype! History is always repeating itself, so be prepared for more Big Pharma induced scare mongering in the future – with matching vaccines to “save us all” of course!
  28. Hassle the Ozzies all you like, but at least they are waking up to the dangers of vaccination, with a 600% increase in the number of parents refusing to vaccinate:
  29. Gardasil contains polysorbate 80, also known as Tween 80, which has been linked to infertility in mice:
  30. An eye-opening report from the International Medical Council on Vaccination:
  31. More deaths following the MMR vaccine:
  32. This brave Queensland Police officer speaks out about vaccine damaged children being written off as cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If only we had more people brave enough to come out and speak the truth about vaccines:
  33. A University of Pittsburgh study showed that monkeys developed autism-like reactions when given the same vaccines as children:
  34. It’s all about the money, honey:
  35. If you’d like some real-life stories of vaccine reactions, you’ll find them on this Facebook page:
  36. Serious neurologic, thromboembolic, and autoimmune complications have been reported in patients who received human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines:
  37. And if you’d like just a little more evidence of the fraudulent activities of Big Pharma, have a read of this:’s_Desk/post/Former_Merck_Scientists_File_Suit_Against_Merck_Under_the_False_Claims_Act_/.
  38. Dr Janet tells us the real reasons behind why doctors push vaccines:
  39. This resource lists some great books about vaccination, with plenty of reasons to not vaccinate:
  40. Information on the link between diabetes and vaccination:
  41. And argument number 100 to NOT vaccinate: listen to your gut instinct.

by Silver Member on Apr. 5, 2014 at 2:48 PM
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I've never heard of anyone just not vaxxing without doing a shitload of research first.  I'm not sure where these claims of non-vaxxers being "uneducated" comes from...

by on Apr. 5, 2014 at 2:53 PM
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Well those who are against Vacs should count their self lucky if they are not immigrating to the USA because if they were and applied for a Green Card giving them residency they would not have a choice. Getting vaccinated is a part of the immigration process and you don't go to your own doctor and insurance does not cover it. You go to their doctor and pay cash along with being finger printed.

I myself think it is very logical that they make it part of the immigration process. Most modernized countries do vaccinate but they vaccinate for other diseases that would be a threat to in what ever region they are from and being that every region vaccinates for different things those immigrating and not vaccinated for the diseases vaccinated for in the USA could easily be a carrier of something and pass it on in the USA.

by Maya on Apr. 5, 2014 at 3:08 PM
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What a load of bullshit.

Anti-vaxers are paranoid, and believe a ton of propaganda.
by Bronze Member on Apr. 5, 2014 at 3:11 PM
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Yeah, still vaxing my kids thanks.  I read the first two and then stopped.  NOTHING is 100% safe.  Nothing is 100% effective.  If you make decisions for your child based on whether something is 100% safe or not, better get an expanding bubble for them to live in as they grow.

Walking out your front door is not 100% safe.

by Member on Apr. 5, 2014 at 3:32 PM
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When posting, I didnt imagine most "pro vaccinating bashers" would get past number one, so you already exceeded my expectations!

Quoting Outspoken.Mime:

Yeah, still vaxing my kids thanks.  I read the first two and then stopped.  NOTHING is 100% safe.  Nothing is 100% effective.  If you make decisions for your child based on whether something is 100% safe or not, better get an expanding bubble for them to live in as they grow.

Walking out your front door is not 100% safe.

by on Apr. 5, 2014 at 3:33 PM
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Quoting RandRMomma: What a load of bullshit. Anti-vaxers are paranoid, and believe a ton of propaganda.

You seem to be a very passionate and intelligent poster here within these threads. I'm disappointed to read your blanket statement opinions regarding stereotypes and characterizations. You're entitled to feel any way you wish about these things, as we all are. However, I'm less likely to consider your input after this.

by on Apr. 5, 2014 at 3:33 PM
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Read them all, didn't change my mind.
by Member on Apr. 5, 2014 at 3:39 PM
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It's weird that I'm the one who's paranoid because I'm NOT pumping synthetic immunity into myself and my children to prevent something that could possibly happen but most likely wont. Just don't understand that logic.?.

I agree, believing a ton of propaganda is good for no one. 

Quoting RandRMomma: What a load of bullshit. Anti-vaxers are paranoid, and believe a ton of propaganda.

by Member on Apr. 5, 2014 at 3:49 PM
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And thats totally ok. That was not my goal to change minds...maybe just open some. Thanks for reading :)

Quoting Cmgmqmmom: Read them all, didn't change my mind.

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