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vidEOS: ‘Hunky Jesus Contest’ 2014 – Look How Pro-LGBT San Francisco ‘Progressives’ Celebrate Easter Sunday

Bashing Jesus and Christians is fair game but Islam goes untouched by profane homosexual “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”


GOD-HATING ‘GAYS’: A man in bunny ears attends the homosexual “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” ”Hunky Jesus” contest mocking the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. Drag queen “Sisters” like this fellow have been mocking Jesus Christ and His followers for 35 years. Note that cowardly “gay” activists would never spew their vulgar hatred at Muhammed. Large crowds turn out in San Francisco every Easter Sunday for the annual, blasphemous “Hunky Jesus” event. Photos: Facebook page, “Sister Ambrosia Discordia.” Click to enlarge.

“How long will the wicked, O LORD, how long with the wicked be jubilant?”Psalm 94:3


Here are two short videos (under two minutes) and some photos covering Easter Sunday’s uber-blasphemous “Hunky Jesus Contest” 2014 in San Francisco [watch on YouTube HERE]. The annual Resurrection-mocking event is sponsored by the San Francisco-based “charity,” Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. [See previous AFTAH coverage of  the "Sisters'" "Hunky Jesus" contest HERE.]

The “Sisters”–who are popular in the homosexual Mecca by the Bay and raise money for mostly homosexual- and transgender-related causes–are a bunch of (mainly) homosexual men who dress up in drag and paint their faces to appear as deviant “nuns.” As such, they mock the Catholic Church specifically and Christianity in general. Their urban popularity testifies to the godlessness, insensitivity, bigotry, and immaturity of snarky modern “progressives”–who strangely view themselves as more sophisticated than the rest of America.

The “Sisters”–spouting perverse names like “Sister Tillie Swallows” –get it? “‘Till He Swallows”: an allusion to homosexual oral sex–are now 35 years old [see their "Sistory" HERE], with “orders” in various other cities like Los Angeles and Boston.

Psalm 94:3 gives me comfort, because I know that God is just. Imagine that all these lost people who mock the resurrected Son of God on the most important date on the Christian calendar will have to answer directly to Him some day! I hope some of the “Sisters” and their fans grow up, repent, and see that Jesus Christ and the Resurrection are real, rather than fodder for raunchy “gay” double entendres–Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth

P.S. My tweet about how we’ll never see a “Hunky Muhammed Contest” follows the video, and under that (after the jump)  is another short video of Hunky Jesus 2014:

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by on Apr. 27, 2014 at 8:15 AM
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by Platinum Member on Apr. 28, 2014 at 4:31 PM
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no, I keep small children and a flask in here. 

Quoting romalove: I would have guessed in your cleavage.
Quoting mehamil1:

I keep my outrage in my pocket. 

by Whoopie on Apr. 28, 2014 at 5:44 PM


Quoting snookyfritz:


Quoting Sisteract:

Abortion protesters- Let me address this one right now.

I often times have to drive my car through those nice folks protest on my way to work-work that entails taking care of sick, injured, abused and neglected infants and children. Now if those protesters would like to do something really productive, they'd garner the training and checks needed to volunteer in units similar to mine...we need people who love, respect  and appreciate infants and children.

Duplicity indeed.

Quoting snookyfritz:

Ok, let's agree to remember to remember this conversation the next time a post about abortion protestors comes up.  The duplicity around these parts just blows me away sometimes.  And no matter how nicely it's put or how subtly I try to draw attention to it (so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities) it is completely talked around

Quoting Sisteract:

I have no idea what you're talking about.

I do not care what your belief system may or may not be or how you conduct your life, as I doubt it affects or will ever affect me. I do not walk, chant, dance, volunteer or sing in any one else's "name"...there's probably the difference between the "religious" and others. I would not presume that you needed me to focus my energy to better or improve your life. You seem to want others to have, appreciate and derive some sort of inner peace from your way of life and your belief system.

The bottom line, people have free speech, not freedom from consequences of that speech, but free speech nonetheless.

My point being, bringing these folks forward does nothing but give them the attention they seek.

If I was offended by what they say, so much so that the very core of my being was hurt, I would not be posting about such...why give them and their voice that attention and control, unless it makes one feel better???

Quoting snookyfritz:

Under what circumstance have I ever indicated that I don't accept anything? Or bombarding.  There's no disconnect.  I see a trend here of over simplifying and assuming how my mind or spiritual life works.  I find that kind of offensive. 

I think the difference and disconnect being that I would never dare to presume how you conduct your inner self.  But you seem to have no problem assuming mine.  You have no clue what my experience is, what specifically, I pray for, or the language I use.  You are presuming to know though.  And that, I believe, is where your disconnect lies. 

And we could go into a long debate about relativism, but I would guess it to be as frustrating for both of us.

Quoting Sisteract:

Which is great, but here is the tricky part, accepting and respecting those for whom prayer does not make them feel better.

Maybe their "religion" is picking up trash, listening to music, exercising or meditating in pure silence.

What makes one "feel better" should not trump what makes another "feel better."

Also, with respect, comes the ability to avoid continually bombarding others with what makes you (general) feel better. Unfortunately, this seems to be where the disconnect happens.

A blind person would never be berated because s/he could not see....

Quoting snookyfritz:

It does. 

Quoting romalove: Like I said, if out makes you feel better....
Quoting snookyfritz:

It's a conversation.  A conversation I have with God which includes what I'm grateful for that day, what I screwed up and need help with, when I saw God in someone else and how that effected me, what I plan to do tomorrow to make the world a better place, then the people that I ran into during the day that could use someone praying for them.  And I end with the Our Father.  Takes about 10 minutes and the order change.  I then read a devotional.

It is a very powerful tool. 

Quoting romalove: I was told you were supposed to pray for God's will to be done, not a wish list. Either way, if it makes you feel better,enjoy.
Quoting snookyfritz:

Well, you're wrong.  Prayer is doing something.  It's not a Christmas list to God.  It's a conversation. 

What did I pray for that you didn't value?  How can you possibly know what I pray for?  See, there's that assumption thing going on.

Quoting romalove: Of course I don't get to say what you should pray for. I asked lol because I don't value what you prayed for. Prayer does nothing but make the person praying feel like they are doing something in my opinion.
Quoting snookyfritz:

What's more important than the souls of people?

Not to mention that I don't have a myopic prayer life.  There's a whole range of things I pray for.   But, the most important being the human soul.

All prayer is answered, answered for the ultimate benefit of all.  God doesn't control our actions.

You, direct you, don't get to decide what I pray for.  There are a multitude of issues that a great many people pray for.

It's obvious from this post that you don't understand much about the practice of prayer and what it does.

Quoting romalove: Can't you pray for something really important like a solution to the Ukraine crisis or for North Korea to not be menacing the world or for an end to child hunger or cures for disease or or or.....and before you tell me you pray for all of those things too, be aware that so far prayer hasn't done much for any of the things I mentioned, and putting gays in offensive parades alongside those other issues you are either demeaning the importance of those larger issues or elevating something that I find far less important.
Quoting snookyfritz:

I prayed for them last night.  That's the mightiest action possible.  When prayer is your first line of defense, everything is actionable. 

Quoting romalove: Not at all. I address actionable things, or at least try to. If Christians think homosexuality is sinful, and teach adherents as such, as long as they don't expect all Americans to agree and base their laws on Christian belief, I wouldn't mention their belief at all.
Quoting snookyfritz:

Oh, sunlight also sanitizes. 

So, the double standard is that you should address every instance of what you perceive as gay hating, and I'm supposed to ignore every instance of Catholic hating? 

Quoting romalove: But your "cockroaches" in this case don't scatter, they get all excited, invite even more friends, and put on a show.
Quoting snookyfritz:

Sometimes you have to turn the light on and watch the cockroaches scatter

Quoting romalove: Yes, but in this case you are giving them exactly what they want, with little for you to gain. JMO
Quoting snookyfritz:

Some publicity is good publicity.  Some is not.  Anyone with an agenda wants publicity

Quoting romalove: I think people who behave outrageously are publicity seekers, and the more people they "outrage" the happier they are.
Quoting snookyfritz:

That's a good thing.  I've seen most reasonable people condemn the actions too.  That is a nice show of solidarity to decency.  Don't ya think?

Quoting romalove: Well a bunch more people know now. Yay?
Quoting snookyfritz:

What could anyone possibly do?  It's not illegal.  It's just outrageous and offensive.  As with many things, we are left to wring our hands and raise awareness.  That's what this thread did.

If I were a witness to this sort of behavior, I'd certainly speak up, but the most I can do is pray for the people who feel such hatred. And that is definitely something

Quoting romalove: If I get outraged I want to do something about it. I find this tasteless but that's about it. Frankly I feel about tjius exactly as I feel about WBC. Less publicity the better, because attention is what they want.
Quoting snookyfritz:

Why does something have to be done?  Awareness is something, isn't it?  I'm not sure why you think something has to be done in order for a discussion to be had.  Maybe a lesson in sensitivity, human decency, respecting your neighbor?  Maybe an example or someone saying to people who do this sort of thing "This has gone over the line"  I don't know.  Why does a solution have to be offered in order to feel outrage?

Quoting romalove: But I have asked repeatedly what should be done and there is no answer.
Quoting snookyfritz:

If it were just a gay guy in a bunny suit...

Quoting UpSheRises: Im far more outraged bt the commercialization of religious holidays. Equating devition to faith with disposable commercial goods is far more offensive than a gay guy in a bunny suit.

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