pencils on notepad paperEvery parent with two or more hopes that one day their kiddos will be BFFs with their siblings. But during childhood, it's quite possible that sibling rivalry may reign supreme! And it looks like one parent who took to Reddit recently knows this truth all too well.

User lala989 shared the below photo of her "daughter's list in case anything happens to her older brother," and it's definitely an eyebrow-raiser! Take a look ...

reddit list for brother

Ouch! Looks like someone's not exactly the biggest fan of her big brother ... Thankfully, it seems like this mom-turned-Reddit user has a healthy sense of humor about the ordeal. After all, sibling rivalry is more common than it's not. Not that it isn't difficult for moms to contend with! But this mom has to know she's definitely not alone.

Oh, of course it couldn't hurt for her to check in with her daughter and maybe see why she's SO upset with her brother. But is this really cause for alarm? Most likely not. Just a kooky kid thing anyone with a sibling has done in some form or another at one time. Surely, this little girl will outgrow it -- and if not become BFFs with her bro, at least move past the urge to dye his carpet pink!

What's the craziest example of sibling rivalry you've seen?


Image via Kristinnador/Flickr