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How Bible-Thumpers Can Rethink Same-Sex Marriage In One Simple Chart

Posted by on May. 7, 2015 at 10:36 AM
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How Bible-Thumpers Can Rethink Same-Sex Marriage In One Simple Chart (IMAGE)

MAY 6, 2015 10:20 PM

Gay marriage is wrong. Why? Because the Bible says so.

That’s the depth of thought by some constantly drumming on the holy book. They take it as the literal words of God, as if the alleged great creator of all that is and ever will be was somewhere “up there” chewing on a pencil and painstakingly setting each book, chapter, verse and word down in type. And if you think that’s impressive you should see God’s printing press!

Wouldn’t you like to see the rough draft and revisions God went through before the Bible was printed and published?

If only someone had told God to put more sex in. Sex sells, you see. You’ve heard that before. Perhaps all these holy wars would have never come about had God just thought to deliver on the T&A, you know? And God would never forget the ladies need their eye candy, too. Oh, no no no – God wouldn’t do that.

Or God could have just left sex out of the picture entirely — never even “invent” it. Then no one would know any better and pine for the steamy sections. They’d just read their Bible and pray. Why bother with even coming up with something as murky as “attraction?”

But God did invent sex and attraction. Or, someone/thing did, anyway, and here we are. People are attracted to each other. People have sex with each other, and people marry each other.

All kinds of people.

Only those who believe the Bible is the literal word of God think there is an “instruction manual” for sex and attraction, but even in that “best case scenario” for such folks, that “instruction manual” only briefly touches on subjects like homosexuality.

And it’s almost entirely guaranteed that all but a fraction of a single percent of the folks who “think” like that don’t follow the “literal word of God” as set down in the Bible in every literal manner in their daily lives, such as avoiding shell fish and whatever other whacked-out no-no’s folks were socially pressured by some 2,000 years ago to avoid. You know, before science really got its hand on the ball.

Church and state are supposed to be separate, too, anyway. (Cue the sarcastic laughter.)

But whatever one’s religious beliefs are, folks need to remember that their beliefs are nothing more than their own personal beliefs, and there is something in the United States referred to as the Constitution that is supposed to protect something we call “inalienable rights.” So, whatever one’s personal beliefs, the Constitution guarantees that others are free to live and think as theychoose for themselves.

Religion has no place in government, and has no use in being pressed upon others who do not believe in the same beliefs. Rights guarantee, among other things, that none of us should feel forced to accept others’ religious beliefs, and government has no business inserting religious beliefs into citizens’ lives, which means there is no legal grounds for discrimination against homosexuality or same-sex marriage.

See, rights give individuals freedom to live as they see fit for themselves. They DO NOT give individuals the privilege to impinge on other peoples’ rights simply because they live their lives by different beliefs. Perhaps you’ve heard that line, “If you’re against gay marriage then don’t get gay married.” It’s truly as simple as that. That’s as far as these Bible-humpers’ rights regarding same-sex marriage go. And that’s as far as the law should go, too, meaning same-sex marriage should be perfectly legal. Get over yourselves, Christians. Your beliefs have no place in a legal code representing multiple faiths, and those who rationally choose to live without it altogether. That is the spiritual side to your life – entirely personal – and we are talking social fabric, society and legal codes, here. Seldom should the two meet.

Still, there is little doubt that there will still be some out there wondering how they should feel and what they should think when caught between their Bible and the Constitution. Folks in the U.S. sure love their ‘Merica, but not even that will trump their God. But perhaps, if they can take a good ribbing, the flow chart below will help them see that no matter what their beliefs and no matter “who” their God, their religious beliefs are private, personal agreements between them and their God, and that each such agreement made by individuals has no bearing whatsoever on a complex, ever-evolving society and its government.

Check out the chart below and see how you fare:

gay marriage

by on May. 7, 2015 at 10:36 AM
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