Grandmother smoking marijuana for the first time
Is legal marijuana headed to Texas?
Well, this is unexpected news out of the Lone Star state:
In a surprise move that supporters hailed as a historic victory, the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee approved legislation Wednesdaythat would make it legal to buy and sell marijuana in the state.

Two Republicans joined with the panel's three Democrats in support, giving House Bill 2165  a decisive 5-2 victory.

It is extremely unlikely to come to a full house vote this year, but hey—this is serious progress. Even more surprising is who exactly is making the case to end marijuana prohibition in Texas:
Republican state Rep. David Simpson of Longview argues marijuana comes from God and therefore shouldn't be banned by government. The tea party stalwart has repeatedly championed what he calls the "Christian case" for legalization.
Of course, support for legalizing or decriminalizing in Texas mirrors the rest of the nation, with a 2013 poll showing 61% support ending all criminal penalties. As trends go, that number is likely even higher today.