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Anti-Choice Terrorists Defy The Law, Release More Bogus Planned Parenthood Videos

Posted by on Oct. 26, 2015 at 9:53 AM
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Anti-Choice Terrorists Defy The Law, Release More Bogus Planned Parenthood Videos (VIDEO)


For all their tough talk about law and order, right-wingers seem to have very little respect for the law when it disagrees with them.  reports a federal judge banned the so-called “Center for Medical Progress” (CMP) from releasing more of their anti-Planned Parenthood propaganda videos, in response to a lawsuit brought by the National Abortion Federation (NAF). Small wonder: These videos were debunked as deceptive and heavily edited by several reliable news sources. Even Rep. Jason Chaffetz(R-Utah) had to slink back into the deep, dark troglodyte cave from whence he came with his tail between his legs after his Planned Parenthood inquisition yielded zero evidence of wrongdoing by the organization.

Yet, RH Reality Check reports that by some suspiciously strange “coincidence,” a right-wing hacker named Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer somehow managed to get hold of those “leaked” videos and posted all of them to his YouTube channel. And then Charles “Chuck” Johnson blogged about those fake Planned Parenthood videos and the anti-choicers swarmed them like flies on rotting meat. Never mind that Johnson’s so toxic he managed to get banned from Twitter — TWITTER! Land of the TROLLS! — or that his right-wing blog, GotNews, is so vile it makes The Drudge Report look all perky and credible like USA Today. The Washington Post still found Johnson interview-worthy and asked him whether he was worried about that restraining order.

But really, Johnson claims, it’s not about smearing and defunding Planned Parenthood to deny women access to family planning and healthcare services. It’s about protecting CMP ringleader David Daleiden’s civil rights so he can violate the civil rights of others with impunity.

“To me it’s more of a speech issue than a life issue. If it comes to court, I hope the free speech organizations will protect me. f not, I guess I’ll litigate it myself.”

In his post on GotNews!, Johnson also claims the restraining order on the bogus Planned Parenthood videos doesn’t apply to him or Auernheimer because the federal judge’s restraining order only applies to Daleiden and CMP. Plus, attempting to deter from smearing and helping to shut down a vital nonprofit with vicious lies is a violation of his First Amendment rights. Never mind that the First Amendment doesn’t cover “free speech” that endangers others, like shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theater or inciting people to violence.

If this latest example of right-wingers finding ways to pass the buck and thumb their nose at the law seems familiar, that’s because Donald Trump did something similar during last week’s rally in Miami. Since the New York State Supreme Court barred his campaign from interfering with protesters, Trump simply stood by and let his followers do his dirty work for him.

As for Auernheimer, he reportedly lives in Belgrade, Serbia and dares the U.S. government to come and get him:

“They can extract me but they are going to have to fight the local militias.”

Now, why do I so strongly suspect that Weev’s friendly local Serbian militiamen would those serving in our own open carry “militias” here in the U.S. pee in their pants?


An earlier post from RH Reality Check reveals that David Daleiden is not only a misogynist who devotes his life to preventing women from having the right to choose whether or not to have children or have access to affordable health care…he also has ties strong ties to Operation Rescue, an anti-choice terrorist group.

But the muscle behind Daleiden [and CMP] consists of longtime anti-choice operatives who have worked for decades to criminalize abortion and take down abortion providers. Among these operatives is Troy Newman, who is an original founder of Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

Troy Newman was listed as a secretary for CMP when the group first filed their nonprofit paperwork. He also happens to run Operation Rescue, whose members have been bullying and terrorizing Planned Parenthood staff and patients since the 1980s. And guess what? Media Matters reports Operation Rescue’s senior adviser, Cheryl Sullenger, served two years in prison for plotting to bomb a San Diego clinic back in 1987. Eight other Operation Rescue members were found guilty and sentenced as well

Make no mistake, this is where the GOP’s war on women gets real. The smears against Planned Parenthood aren’t about respect for life. It’s about depriving girls and women of their reproductive freedom, forcing them to bear children they don’t want or can’t afford to provide for, and then keeping them down through poverty, terror and intimidation. And sure, the Republican Party dismisses trolls and terrorists like Johnson, Daleiden, and Auernheimer as lone wolves and outsiders. Yet, they serve the GOP’s purposes amazingly well.

In case you still don’t get what the fuss about these Planned Parenthood videos is about, here’s a quick, one-minute debunking from Media Matters.

by on Oct. 26, 2015 at 9:53 AM
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