photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

This Wednesday, a federal judge announced that three state officials will face charges for their part in the Flint, Michigan water crisis — a crisis that forced residents to drink lead-contaminated water for months. 

According to tweets by Detroit Free Press reporter Elisha Anderson, the three officials — Stephen Busch, a former district supervisor in the Department of Environmental Quality’s Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance, Mike Prysby, a Michigan Department of Environmental Quality official and Mike Glasgow, Flint's laboratory and water quality supervisor — will face charges of misconduct in office, tampering with evidence and treatment violation. 

They have 13 counts against them total. 

News of the charges come amid news that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, not charged, vowed to drink contaminated Flint water for a month to show his dedication to solving the problem. But it might just be a bit too late. 

President Obama had declared Flint's crisis a national state of emergency and citizens effected, mainly poor families, relied on volunteers to donate water bottles and new faucets.

The water allegedly became contaminated when the Michigan government decided to their water supply from Detroit to a new pipeline to save money. Per the New York Times, officials brushed off the complaints about the water that trickled in shortly after. 

Looks like Karma has finally caught up.