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Climate-alarmist researchers say they’ve found a disturbing strategy to trick you into ‘going green’

Posted by on Apr. 24, 2017 at 8:53 AM
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Climate-change alarmists know most Americans don't take seriously their constant dire warnings about the impending doom caused by man-created global warming, so climate-alarmist researchers are now working to find a way to motivate you to "go green," and the strategy that's emerging is disturbing.

In an article written by Andy Murdock of the University of California for Vox, a left-wing website, Murdock asks, "how do you get people to adopt new behaviors to begin with?"

"In terms of behavioral change, we need two things," said Magali Delmas in the Vox article, in response to Murdock's question. Delmas is a professor at the Institute of Environment and Sustainability at the University of California at Los Angeles and the Anderson School of Management. "We need first to increase awareness, and then second, we need to find the right motivations for people to change their behavior."

A study, titled "Nonprice Incentives and Energy Conservation" and co-authored by Delmas, is featured in the Vox article. It seeks to determine how climate-change believers can convince the rest of society to take action.

In the study's abstract, Delmas and her co-author Omar Asensio write under the heading "Significance," "We investigate the effectiveness of nonprice incentives to motivate conservation behavior. ... In a randomized controlled trial with real-time appliance-level energy metering over 8 mo, we find that environment and health-based information strategies outperform monetary savings information to drive energy conservation. Environment and health-based messages, which communicate the environmental and public health externalities of electricity production-such as pounds of pollutants, childhood asthma, and cancer-motivated 8% energy savings versus control. ... However, we do not study the persistence of these behavioral changes after the conclusion of the study."

In other words, "the right motivations for people to change their behavior" Delmas discussed with Vox is, according to her study, to scare people by telling them "electricity production" hurts kids with asthma and causes cancer.

"This strategy was particularly effective on families with children, who achieved 19% energy savings," found Delmas and Asensio.

Fear isn't a new a tactic for climate alarmists, but this study shows, using scientific data, fear actually works.

by on Apr. 24, 2017 at 8:53 AM
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