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And So It Begins -Obama Releases Terrorist

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Tonight, Military Families United has learned from various news sources and informants inside the Pentagon that President Obama will be releasing a dangerous terrorist, Binyam Mohamed, next week. Mohamed is a current detainee at Guantanamo Bay and he will soon be free to rejoin the fight to kill innocent Americans.

Included in his laundry list of terrorists activities are:

  • Training at various Al-Qaida training camps, where he specialized in firearms and explosives
  • Being taught by senior Al-Qaida leaders how to falsify documents
  • Receiving money by Al-Qaida leaders to travel to the United States
  • Implementing plans to blow up high-rise apartment buildings in the United States
  • Holding meetings with Saif al Adel (a top level al Qaida planner and leader) and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (Mastermind of 9/11 attacks)
  • Attempting to illegally enter the United States on April 4, 2002 but was turned away due to his forged passport

This is no joke and we are stunned by this news. Releasing Mohamed is an unprecedented move by the Obama Administration. This is the first time that a terrorist, who is classified as an “enemy combatant” and known to pose a threat to the security of our country and our allies will be released in American history.

According to the agreement, instead of receiving justice for his terrorist activities, he will be free to rejoin Al-Qaida and continue plotting to kill Americans. His only requirement once being released from Guantanamo Bay is that he voluntarily “check in regularly with police.”

If this is frightening to you, please considering joining our fight once again.

We believe this should not be allowed this to happen. We have to act now to protect our homeland and our brave men and women in uniform. We ask you to do three things:

  1. Call President Obama and tell him to make our national security his first priority. If we don’t stop him now, he will continue these type of actions. PLEASE CALL PRESIDENT OBAMA RIGHT NOW AT 202-456-1414
  2. Please send this to every friend and family member you have today. It is incredibly important to grow our grassroots movement and we are relying on you to do it. Ask your friends and family to join our fight by signing up at:
by on Feb. 20, 2009 at 10:51 PM
Replies (21-30):
by Member on Feb. 21, 2009 at 12:49 PM

agreed, before obama became president.. i said these things were going to happen and everyone defended him... yyou see now?

Quoting JJTaylor:

Look, I may seem like I am a bit liberal on a lot of my opinions on things... however, with regards to these prisoners... you can hate me for this... but I could honestly care less what the HELL anyone did to these men... honestly, they deserve everything they got PLUS a hell of a lot more!!!! 

They cheered and honor something that has everything to do with HATING everything and anything American!  Even the flower in the hair toting hippies!  They hate us all!!!!  Listen they chose to help murder thousands of innocent lives... when they KILLED this wasn't during war time... we were not at war with them... you can try to tell me until you're blue in the face that we somehow got what we were coming... REALLY?! HOW?!  These monsters would happily kill anyone one of us... they live to kill!  They blame America and it's citizens for crimes that we the citizens had nothing to do with!!!  But, somehow it's our fault?!  PLEASE!!!!

They brought the war to us... they killed innocent people... 3,000 plus human beings of all nationalities from all over the world... not just Americans.  They wanted to kill more that day...

When they released what they did about the "abuse" to these monsters... that was the very first time in my entire life I felt no remorse for any of them.  In fact you could say I felt anger that the media was wasting my time by telling me this crap!  I might not agree with how we got to where we are... but, I do not agree these monsters deserve the same rights as an American does...why give them rights from a country they hate... give them freedoms we give our citizens... why treat them with any kind of respect... an eye for an eye...I have yet to see this.

Maybe we can hope for one thing from this... when they finally do find an American prison to put these things in... do you think any inmate no matter what they did... will think twice about killing, beating or maiming them at any cost?  They will be looked upon as heroes... what do they care, they are probably already in there for life... how many jury's will feel remorse for a terrorist that would have likely killed any of them if they were alive...

For the mother that has a son in Iraq and all the other mothers that have children in Iraq and other lands afar... and are fighting for not only our freedoms but trying to help rid the earth of these sickening monsters... thank you.  I cannot imagine the fear and pain you are dealing with on a daily basis.  My daughter is only 5, and I worry about her one day coming to me and saying she wants to be in the military, I worry because I know what can happen, I would be proud of whatever she chose, but, I'm always her mother and would always be worried no matter...

by Member on Feb. 21, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Well here is one thing to look at..

by Bronze Member on Feb. 21, 2009 at 12:54 PM

Does anyone not wonder WHY these people haven't been ANY type of trial. Does anyone not see anything wrong with that?! I've seen posts on here talking about capitol punishment and not being for it because of those who are convicted yet are innocent. How in the world does this not concern you?! Are you not wondering what is wrong with our government to pick up a person and label them a terrorist and never give them a trial OR PROOVE that they are?! That's pretty fuc**** scary if you ask me!!!!!!!

by on Feb. 21, 2009 at 12:55 PM

k I haven't seen a post saying this is AN INTEREST GROUP talking here. I posted a New York Times URL as they are usually unbiased in their writing. There are links down to the bottom of the page that gives updated and ACCURATE information on what's going on with this guy from  Gitmo.  

On another note, I really think the US govt. screwed up in the first place with Guantanamo. You go around arresting anyone looking like they're from the Middle East or are in the Middle East that have a candlestick in their hand (or some kind of thing that may be used as a weapon) and throwing them into a pit until God knows when is immoral and against the Geneva Conventions' Human Rights. Regardless if they may be a terrorist OR NOT, they should have had a day in court in front of a magistrate within the 48 hours, as US law concedes for citizens. At least within that first week. NOT 7 years later.

by on Feb. 21, 2009 at 12:59 PM

You're a bit of a conspiracy theorist aren't you? (Not judging, really- it's a valid opinion).

Quoting just4today21:

Well here is one thing to look at..

by Member on Feb. 21, 2009 at 1:05 PM

Quoting rlemde:

You're a bit of a conspiracy theorist aren't you? (Not judging, really- it's a valid opinion).

Quoting just4today21:

Well here is one thing to look at..

I'm really not anything...just as most people believe the nonsense of 911... i believe what seems to be more realistic IMO.  Just like most think we are the richest country....yet we are very much so in debt.  People believe normally what the majority does... I like to look at both sides and do research before making my mind up. 

by Member on Feb. 21, 2009 at 2:02 PM

No matter how much of a bad taste the Bush Administration has left in my mouth I am sorry... I think it's insulting to even suggest that we killed our own people! 

I still think to me... we are talking about two different things... we are American Citizens with American rights.  Let's pretend for a second that the tables were reversed... do you think you would have even been spared your life had the tables been turned and lets just say they arrested you in their land; I hardly think they would even give you a trial (fair or not); however, they would happily kill you and blame it on your sins... even if you were there to help their country; had nothing to with this war, just there to help.  The fact is these monsters lost any right in my book. 

There have been atrocities in this world, and even though some of you will disagree, I personally think these monsters and what they stand for are no better then the Nazi's during WWII; people turned a blind eye for years... while they murdered MILLIONS of innocent people just because of culture, religion and medical issues.  The Al-Qaeda are the reincarnation (again, IMO) of the Nazi regime.  They have killed, beaten and tortured their own people let alone innocent bystanders that were only there to help bring medical and food aid to that region. 

America for all it's sins is the biggest supporter of the world, we hand money and food and supplies hand over feet; yet, we are called bullies and pushy and we are imperialist... the list goes on for miles! 

Bottom line is these people are and have known ties to terrorists in some way shape or form.  If we give them a fair trial you really think it will make us look better to the world?  Doubtful.  What is done is done.  Should we let them go?  Let them go and live out their lives and be happy to start doing terrorist activities once more? 

These terrorists have already prejudged us... all of us; regardless if we think they should have a fair trial or not, they HATE us all... and nothing we do will ever change their minds about that. 

by on Feb. 21, 2009 at 2:09 PM

Quoting jalex:

If someone is known to be a terrorist, they should stand trial in America.  If we have no evidence, they may really be innocent. Sounds pretty simple....   The world is going to respect us more when we stop pretending like we have the right to do whatever we want.


I agree with Jennifer.  How do we REALLY know what any of them actually did when none of them have ever had charges brought against them? Little alone a trial.

I read an article in a newspaper about two lawyers that are defending a couple of men at GITMO, and all they did was know some Muslim priest or whatever you call it, that is under suspicion of having ties to terrorists.

I read another article about alot of men were turned over to the USA by their governments, not because of any evidence of wrongdoing.  Who knows, maybe someone in the government had bad business dealings with a guy, so turned him in to USA as being a terrrorist.

I guess very few of these men were actually found on a battlefield.  If we allow these men to be punished without even knowing if they ever did anything wrong, then what does that make us.  If we erode our American values for this, how long before this kind of thing start happening to American citizens too.

by Member on Feb. 21, 2009 at 2:12 PM

I don't see why so concerned about helping other countries... when OUR country needs help..OUR country is in debt...WE have many many homeless people, people with no insurance, children without families...etc.  Why are we spending so much money we DO NOT have to 'help' another country?  It is not our responsibilty.. and OUR troops are over there dying. 

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