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Lesson in Modern Newspeak

Posted by on Apr. 1, 2009 at 4:19 PM
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Words which have been altered
Words whose meanings have been altered to destroy old ways of thinking, and replace them with new "politically correct" concepts.

Borders :
Old - Lines that divide one country from another. Crossing borders and forcing residents out of their land by acts of violence, and living off the labors of the inhabitants (i.e. Slavery) was considered an act of war.
New - Places to collect tariffs and perform random searches. Crossing borders and forcing residents out of their land by acts of violence, and living off the labors of the inhabitants (i.e. Welfare) is considered immigration.

Community :
Old - Your neighbors.
New - Your government.

Old - When a person commits fraud, theft, or violence against another citizen.
New - Crime is still crime. But now, a person can be arrest for hurting himself. I am talking about "victimless crimes" such as seatbelt laws, drug laws, suicide laws, gambling laws, etc.

While these laws seem well intentioned, there is one unfortunate side effect of these laws. Since there are no "victims" to report the crime, the only way to insure their enforcement in to invade the privacy of the individual. (See : Big Brother)

Constitution :
Old - Greatest document ever put to pen by man.
New - Manifesto of a racist, Indian murdering Nation written by a bunch of slave owning, money grubbing revolutionary terrorist.

Democracy :
Old - (From Webster's Dictionary : Government by the people). Government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation. When our country was founded, each representative represented 20,000-30,000 people
New - The U.S. Government, which is actually a Republic. Each representative represents almost 1,000,000 people, and a Senator may represent over 10,000,000. With these ratios, it difficult to claim that anybody is really represented at all. The only people that are really represented are corporations and extremist groups large enough to hire lobbyist.)

Discrimination :
Old : Ability to notice differences. (to discriminate, discern)
New : Racism. There are no differences between races. One that says that there are differences is a bigot. Suggesting that there are differences is to imply that one way of life might possibly be better than another. In addition, the cultural differences between the races must be respected and protected by law. (see : Orwell's doublethink)

Old - Possessing a wide range of qualities.
New - A society which accepts all types of people, except for conservatives, Christians, boy scouts, capitalists, hunters, whites, etc.

Old - The process of teaching a child all he will need to know so he may care for himself in adulthood.
New - The process indoctrinating a child with the prevailing political philosophies, but neglecting to teach him how to care for himself in adulthood.

Old - Equal treatment under the law. The belief that no person should be treated differently from another.
New - New - If any inequities are discovered in society, create laws which treat which provide special treatment for them in order to make them equal.

Old - A married man and woman raising their own children--and possibly caring for a parent--with all members living under the same roof.
New - any one or more people of any gender raising anyone’s children anywhere.

Freedom of the Press:
Old - right of private individuals to print and distribute information and opinions without interference, subject only to laws against indecency and libel.
New - right of individuals to invade people’s privacy, stalk and harass them, and print and distribute false information and rumors about their private lives.

Old - The notion that a person should be punished for transgressing others.
New - The notion that a group of people should be punished for the actions of their ancestors.

Old - Freedom from government oppression.
New - No meaning. Most people recognize it as a word which appears in several old "patriotic" songs and in the names of several old monuments, but most have no idea what it really means. Most modern political movements are unable to acknowledge the true meaning of this word, since it would interfere with their obsession of using government programs to re-organize the thoughts and behaviors of society.

Melting Pot :
Old - America is a land of immigrants. The culture of America has been produced by a mix of many diverse cultures.
New - The Melting pot is has been turned off, so it can remain chunky (see : Multiculturalism). To suggest that Immigrants should melt into American society is racist.

Militia :
Old - A army of regular citizens, important to the security of a free state. (See : The 2nd Amendment)
New - A group of political or religious wackos which threaten the authority of the U.S. federal government.

Patriot :
Old - One who loves his country and culture.
New - Bigot , Racist, Possible Terrorist

Old - No war. A state in which each nation leaves the others alone.
New - A state of world occupation. There may be localized conflicts, but these are caused by "troublemakers" who are unable to get along with their neighbors and who interfere with the UN's quest for world government. The path to peace lies in the nations of the world disarming, and leaving multination "peacekeeping" forces in charge.

Racist :
Old - One that believes his race to be superior.
New - Somebody that does not agree with the political agenda of a Minority organization

Old - The inalienable rights of man. The "Bill of rights" is a short list of shall-nots for the federal government, which protect citizens by containing the power of government.
New - Entitlements. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" has been superseded by the right to "Law & Order, financial security, and the pursuit of lawsuits". Citizens expect to be protected by expanding the power of the federal government.

Old - When a society permits a person to live his life as he sees fit, without fear of persecution.
New - Forcing others to admit that your way of life is just great, and persecuting them if they believe differently.

"Man to Person" - The phenomenon of replacing the suffix -man with the neuter suffix -person has been responsible for changing many words. It is the most blatant attempt by any group to alter the language. It is based on the idea that the suffix -man is meant to exclude woman. While this has already been accepted for some words (Chairperson, Gentleperson... even my spell-checker accepts these words), an attempt to apply this change universally is difficult. (Personhole Cover, Huperson, Woperson.)

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by on Apr. 1, 2009 at 4:19 PM
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