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PS ... The entire world population could fit into the state of TX.

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Is the World Over Populated? Lets do the math... The World Can Fit In Texas
The world has a surface area of 510.072 million sq km. Well clearly we can not live any where on the surface of the world as the majority of it is water 361.132 million sq km. The remainer is the land mass 148.94 million sq km. So what is the population of the human race? Estimate is currently at 6,525,170,264 (July 2006 est.).

Now let us do some translations. For every 148 sq km you get 37,000 acres of land.

37,000 acre = 148 sq Km meaning that the world has about 3.68*10 to the 10th Acres of land. I will be using 37,000,000,000 acres for the math below. Now if you were to split that land up between all the people of the earth and gave each one a share each would get 5.67 acres of land.

37,000,000,000/ 6,525,170,286 = 5.67 acres per person

That does not sound like a lot does it? Some may say "Much of the land is unliveable" and they are right so let look at a area where we could make it nearly totally liveable. The Great State of Texas. Texas has a surface area of 261,797 square miles.
1 square mile = 3,097,600 square yards = 640 acres
640 * 261,797 = 167,550,080 acres in Texas

Now lets say we move all the people of the world to the state of Texas. They would each get only .02568 acres of land.
167,550,080 / 6,525,170,286 = .02568 acres per person

That does not sound like alot. But wait how much is .02568 acres?
1 acre = 4,840 square yards
4,840 * .02568 = 124.29 square yards
1 square foot = 1/9 square yard
124.29 * 9 = 1,118.61 square feet

Thusly if we moved every living human to Texas and the split the land amoung them they would each get 1,118.61 square feet. Now you may say that still does not sound like alot. But consider the average square footage of a house.

"The average American house in the 1940s had an area of 1200 square feet". Well that means individually each person could have almost a house worth of space to live in. But there is more as we know most people don't live alone.

The average population of a household in the USA is 2.5. Ok then combined the average household in this World Population Texas would have a living space of about 2,796.5 square feet. Easily a nice sized living space. But the "Over populated world crowd" may say "You need roads, schools and other things then just living space", and they would be right. Let us consider New York City.

8,143,197 People live in the area of New York City. New York City's land area covers 321 square miles (almost 206,000 acres or nine billion square feet). So how much land are does the average New York Citizen use?
206,000 Acres / 8,143,197 People = .02529 acres

.02529 acres per person in a working, functional, and "Safe" city. How much land would the people get in our Total World Population in Texas? .02568 acres per person. Wow nearly exactly the same amount, and in fact it would be a little more spaceous then New York City is.

CONCLUSION: The total world population could move to Texas and make Texas in to a functional MEGA city that acre by acre would look much like New York City does today. Leaving the Rest of the world with out a single person on it. Image Russia and China devoid of people. The only humans you could find would live in Texas. And that city would be as safe as New York City is today, Skyscrapers and parks included.

Summery: The world ISN'T over populated and has a long way to go before getting any where near it. The truth is that man kind is spread around and yet even with the spread we seem to perfer to live in cities. So we group up and naturalist get upset at seeing these groups and think that is a sign of over population. It is all a game on their part and don't buy in to it.

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by on Apr. 1, 2009 at 10:58 PM
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by Bronze Member on Apr. 2, 2009 at 6:15 PM

Have you thought that maybe America is doing something but hell we can't help the whole world when they don't want to be helped. Look at some countries and their dictators. I don't know what country this was from but they printed a one billion dollar bill(in their country's money) just because bread costs that much and most people can't afford that.

Not everyone wants to take the time to tend to a garden or they don't have time. It all comes down to keeping money flowing. if everyone were self efficent alot of jobs in the grocery industry would be lost and not just the workers at the stores.

I live in Texas and work at a major grocery store here in Texas. We buy alot of our produce here in Texas. If we can't get it in Texas we do buy from other areas  in the states. The store I work for actually have their own plants to make foods like ice cream, milk, bread, etc. There is also a new law that every produce item will say on it where it was purchased ad other info because of the scare with the peanuts.

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