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Drugstore Christians and how they warp the faith...

Posted by on May. 16, 2009 at 8:34 AM
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I see here quite often those professing continually to be Christian- they make a point to state it at every POSSIBLE given opportunity, I sometimes think they believe if they say it enough one day it will be true. The irony is that they continue to show themselves to be the least Christian people I have every encountered (thou doth protest too much, as they say). I refer to them as Drugstore Christians- a phrase derived from the antiquated but accurate description of a fake cowboy, known as a "Drugstore cowboy"- these "Christians" are also fakers- they want to talk the talk, they want to put the title on their t-shirt and write it on forms, and may even go so far as to attend the right services with all the right people, they use this faith they claim as their own to justify every form of ill will, meanness, ignorance, vindictiveness and judgement the mind can conceive- using scripture often as a literal justification for their completely and utterly UNCHRIST -LIKE views and behaviors (gotta love the irony of it, right?).

They often will even take it further and DARE you to question their Christian faith, their devoutness, their pure intentions, lol! They set themselves up as judge and jury for any and all who disagree with them politically, spiritually or otherwise- condemning souls to hell, to be shut out of God's grace and glory because well...they don't fit with their view, with their holier than thou criteria- I mean surely if you don't shout I'm a Christian at the top of you lungs (or in all caps) at every opportunity, and you don't quote fifty pages of scripture or sources from some nutty Christian website and you don't think that Obama is going to hell or that torture is acceptable then you are bound to burn- not because God said so, but because the Drugstore Christian did- it has apparently been passed down to mere humans to judge and decide who makes the cut to get into that prestigious heavenly club- I missed the memo from God in which he revoked his command to not judge your peers, apparently I've missed a great many codicils to the testament of Christ and God- because Drugstore Christians seem to hold an entirely different set of values and realities than I ever understood a Christian to hold- I particularly love it when they say things like "won't so-and-so be surprised when judgement day comes" and I think "umm, I think you may be in for a shock there yourself- lol- you may find yourself in quite a prickly pickle, lol"

And, to me, still the very saddest result of these heinous pretenders (and that's what they are make no mistake about it) is that they frighten real people AWAY from God, AWAY from Christianity, AWAY from the teachings. Someone who crosses thier path, listens to thier hatred and venom and insanity and THEN hears them couple these disgusting qualities with "Christianity" flees in the other direction. Their demeanor, their ignorance, their pride and condescension and loathsome ways make many a rational thinking person denounce or veer away from a beautiful, wonderful, compassionate and fulfilling religion- the VERY OPPOSITE of what a real Christian should be doing and of what Christ asked be done- and yet still they claim the title of "Christian"- it's sickening and I for one am deeply disheartened and saddened and frankly affronted by thier audacity coupled with what I can only assume to be their ignorance.

I find that many "Christians" are going to find that no matter how much you say it- it simply ISN'T the truth.

by on May. 16, 2009 at 8:34 AM
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by on May. 16, 2009 at 8:59 AM

This is my grandmother. When I was 12 years old I agreed to go to Church with her and once I arrived six people ran up to me, speaking in tongue to cast out my demon.  For many years because of her actions and words combined with the fact that I grew up in an Agnostic home even though I knew I had faith in God and Jesus I choose to deny it simply because I did not want to have it.  I didn't want to be like her, I didn't want to accept that my parents may not be with me in Heaven because they had not been saved.  It took me 26 years to realize that I cannot base my faith on what other people do and say, on hypocrites, on on others choices. I had to be strong enough to grow in my faith and as a person regardless of others. Once I became saved I also realized that through my positive example and life now as a Christian I have been slowley opening my parents hearts to the possibly. My pastor talks about people who only wear the Christian badge, and why people like you speak of make it even more crucial they we revolve are life and actions around Christ for the world to see.

He's my star....and I'm his sky....

by Ruby Member on May. 16, 2009 at 9:24 AM

For me it's been a combination of things. I've realized that I don't hold the *exact* same belief system as my parents- this is a denominational thing. And, I feel that calling myself Christian is presumptuous. It's sort of a process- and until you get there, it's best to keep trucking on down the path.

And I admit to being discouraged by the mainstream. The prosperity gospel. People worrying more about the taxes they pay than the 30,000+ children that die every day of hunger. People that worry more about protecting the flag than the homeless. That type of thing.

Stand up, this is comedy. The DNA lotto may have left you smart, but can you stand up to beauty- dictator of the heart. I can stand up for hope, faith, love but while I'm getting over certainty. Stop walking God across the road like a little old lady. - Bono

by on May. 16, 2009 at 9:41 AM

All religion is a joke.  People who take it seriously are the butt of the joke.

by Angela on May. 16, 2009 at 9:44 AM

Was is Ghandi that said, "If it weren't for Christian's I'd be one."  ?  I didn't even receive Jesus as my Savior until I was 27.  Always believed in God just didn't quite understand who Jesus is.  I called myself a "Christian" my whole life b/c I believed in God....had it all wrong but I'm so glad God knew my heart and desire to know Him from as far back as I can remember.

I love to say I'm a Christian over using the titles of.....Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian,......b/c Christian means to be a follower of Christ.  This I am not ashamed of.  It is so simplistic....the Grace is powerful and yet it cost so much.  I am soooooo not into legalist Christianity....sinful man has done so much to wrap religion in the form they want and to suit their needs.  This is drugstore Christianity to me.  Do I know I do as Jesus did his entire walk here on earth.....heck no....I battle my sinful nature all the time.  But I am so glad I can admit if I've done wrong.  One of the greatest areas of my life to change is the "judging" area.  It has become so apparent that every person has a story and hurt's and family dysfunction's.  Is God great enough to meet even a serial killer right where he's at and change his bet.  I don't have to agree with wrong doing...but I should find it in my heart b/c of Jesus to pray for them.  If I have been forgiven sooooo can I not forgive?  To me, this is true Christianity...b/c only God can give you this kind of grace to do as Jesus did.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone:)  Thanks for listening. 

by on May. 16, 2009 at 10:57 AM

I grew up in 2 homes. My dad's home- He was a 'christian", but he only followed Jesus' teachings of love and compassion. And my "christian" foster home, where they  taught me to be afraid of hell, and gays were bad. 2 very different "Christians", indeed.

by on May. 16, 2009 at 11:01 AM

I am a Christian & I tend to agree with you. & it makes me sad cause those "Christians'" give up who truely try to live by what we believe is Gods Word, look bad.  When people find out I'm  a Christian I'm usually instantly judged also though. I am told I'm narrow minded, judgemently, believer of a fairy tale. . .etc. . .people don't even take a second to get to know me. The fact that I'm a Christian is equel to having the plague to some people.

As  a Christian I DO believe we are not to hide our light, but we are to show love & mercy. . . not condemation. . not judgement. . .I always like to say I want to "live to love" to see people through eyes of mercy & grace. . they way i believe God see's them.

& no i am not perfect. .. Christians are NOT perfect (nor should they claim me to). . .

Sometimes I think people just wait for Christians to fall. .. to mess up & then say ha i knew it! *sigh*

it's a two way street.

Yes there are people who claim to follow Christ.. .but if they do He is NOT the Christ I read about in my Bible. . He is not the Christ I follow

The flip side is I know what it's like to be judge because i AM a Christian. I know I am looked at with disgust sometimes because of that.

but the Bible does say I will be hated cause of that. ..I know if i post a Bible verse I'll probably get bashed & say "well not all of us believe that" which is fine & true. . .but I DO believe it. .. & the Bible says I will be hated cause I love Christ. . .

I've rambled. . .but this subject hits close to home

my heart Breaks when i see people who clailm to follow Christ kick people when their down, who burn clinics & hold up disgusting signs. . .my heart breaks when i hear people judge & condemn. . .its sad. It really is

by Member on May. 16, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Christianity is a very personal relationship with God. Look at all the people that Jesus hung out with. People that made the higher ups question him and his authority as look at what he did. He turned the world at that time inside out.

With churches come people from all over and with that their baggage. A lot of people come for change and a lot of people will change. Some people do change but what they change is perhaps illegal behavior and whatever it is that brought them there but sometimes some people end up the same people just not drug addicts or theives or the baddest of all evil or the slutty neighbor they used to be. Some people realize that after a long time but not all do.

Yes there will be people that we do not like as Christians or will not attend church because of hateful sister so and so or the gossiper or that woman that tried to steal your man or one up you on being a great mother, wife or whatever. My deal is that when I go to a new church everyone wants to get your phone number AND your address. I want to be annonymous hear the message or just do the study and go home.

But we need to look at what church is in our own way. To me it is a hospital and a place to get well. It is a mecca where you will find yourself in God and learn to live a better way. It is a school a place to learn more.

Will we like everyone there? No. Will we like every lesson or agree with every message? No. Will we enjoy every speaker or agree? Will we want to spend every Sunday or whatever day you attend there for three hours and the speaker wants to take his watch off and you cannot wait for altar call just so you can close your eyes for a minute? No. But we can take the good with the bad leaving the bad right there where you found it. The purpose is the message and the journey that took us there.

by on May. 18, 2009 at 7:06 AM

Thanks so much for your responses ladies- it is enlightening to read.

The response that all faith is a joke= perhaps you're right, I don't pretend to know, laugh away if it makes you feel better.

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