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it was cherry, and went delightfully with the brownies! After snack time,( and a nap of course) I decided to write up this little memo for those of you under the misguided assumption (we all know was ASSumption means, don't we children?) that anyone who agrees with the policies of Obama is a cult member or brainwashed. So I would like to take this time to point out a few things-

1. We know he's only human, it's those opposed to him that seem to have trouble grasping the concept that he's just another politician- first you deride those who support him for treating him as the second coming, and then you bitch and whine because he can't fix the universe in five minutes like he's the second coming- take your meds and pick a fucking theory already.

2. Not only do people often agree with his policies and stands on the issues, (here's a shocker) they did WHEN THEY VOTED FOR HIM! I believe there may even be a direct link there to him winning the election......(and please spare me your ignorant bs about believing that because the whopping approx. 17% of aa's in this country somehow controlled the election and made him win- even if every black person in the country voted for the man he couldn't have won, nor carried the states that he did win- clearly a lot of other people agree with his potential as well, though his great tan certainly did help I'm sure!)

3. He could fuck up. We (I, they, the enemy, the kool aid drinkers, those listening to your brainwaves) get that. He's a politician, and the true effects of his presidency won't be known until he has already done the job- there is a clear delay in the results of any given administration- look how long it took the republican party to figure out Bush was a boob! And while I, obviously, often support this president, there are often times I DON'T- either I don't like the way he's handled a situation, or I don't like the basis behind the policy, or I have concerns about the way things will turn out from any given decision. The difference is I can process each action or decision separately and decide on a logical basis how this affects me and how I feel about it, as opposed to putting on my tin foil hat and running around screaming the sky is falling every time Obama farts. The point is- he's elected, he's doing a job, he has to do that job whether you like it or not, and no one expected some of you to like it- because being the loser sucks( and well let's just face it some of you are ignorant, crazy or stupid, or some odd combo of the three and your voices confuse the hell out of you), it's one of the base principles of life, but there are little leaguers in Minnesota in the freezing cold that whine less about it.

4. Calling people kool aid drinkers doesn't really bother them that much- I know it's catchy and it makes all kinds of implications that just tickle some of you (it just makes me thirsty for kool aid), but it's sort of stupid, how about poo-poo-head? or cootie catcher? or maybe you could just stick your tongue out and wiggle your hips? all equally intelligent and meaningful.

Ultimately, some of you detest the man- great, it's your right to do so- but to believe that your dislike signifes the end of the universe is so warped (I hate Tuesdays, perhaps it's because the world is going to end on one?), so self indulgent and so blatantly ridiculous that it doesn't even warrant rational discussion (and some of you clearly aren't capable of such a thing anyway, if the wind blows east you write a post thanking Obama for the disruption in weather, and we all know who I'm talking about and I don't think anyone believes that is what we would call "rational").

They said Roosevelt was the end of the universe as well, people have accused more politicians of ending our nation than I even know how to list- hell the world has been ending since it began- I find it ironic as hell that so many of you bitch and moan about the fact that you don't believe our president can tie his shoes, but credit him with single handedly (and diabolically I might add) bringing down a country that has survived far worse, far more devastating issues and presidents.

So forgive us kool aid drinkers if we don't leap onto your bandwagon and sing kumbaiya with you- we think you're as crazy as you think we are. Thankfully, despite active politics in real life and heavy interaction with both the dem and rep. party- I have never found real nuts like the ones here- I believe them to be an anomaly- thankfully again- most people simply have at the core similar goals and different ideas about how to get there and can rationally discuss those things without mentioning scripture, conspiracies, terrorists presidents or even the smug "I can't wait until I get to tell you "I told you so" (which by the way is lovely- wishing war, famine, disease and any number of atrocities on people just so you can say "I told you so" good bet the person that said it claims to be a Christian too.....)

Well I'm out this liberal has some kool aid in the fridge and needs her nap-

by on May. 21, 2009 at 8:38 AM
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by Member on May. 25, 2009 at 9:26 AM

And I am just as sick of hearing that I don't like him because he is (HALF) black. I'd rather be called a kool-aid drinker than a racist.

But the sad fact is that SOME people didn't vote for him because of his skin color. But on the other hand, THERE ARE some people who have a lot of "kool-aid" drinking qualities. I go to college, and Obama was the cool thing last year. You have no clue how many people didn't have a clue about what he was doing, going to do, or his voting history or lackthereof, however you want to look at it. We would have discussions (my many McCain/Palin t-shirts brought them on lol) and they could never answer  any questions. It was ridiculous. However, they knew all the negative about Sarah Palin. I would definately say that they were drinking the Kool-aid.

That was what was so frustrating to me. Racists are just ignorant, its unlikey that we can ever change them, but the uninformed Obama followers (yes, I call those people followers, NOT supporters...) could have easily gotten informed. They just didn't care. It drove me insane! If you know whats up and still voted for him FINE. I don't get it or agree with it, but I can respect your decision. If you didn't know whats up you should've stayed home in bed on Nov. 4th and let the country make INFORMED decisions for this country.

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