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Can a 6 year old molest his siblings???

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For the last 6 months, my almost 6 year old stepson (who is at our home 50/50) has been caught touching himself in public and recently started touching his step-siblings and peaking on them in the bathroom as well as getting dressed. We have taken extreme measures like moving his bedroom to the opposite side of the house, putting Bells on his door, enrolling in therapy, rarely letting him out of our sight and even having a parent sleep in the other children's room.

He was caught yesterday rubbing my 5 year old's penis (above clothes). When he was caught, he explained that he wanted to touch my son's penis and so he waited until I was in the kitchen and then did it. It was premeditated, which is what scares me also. Last night, he admitted to touching my "baby" (the three year old on multiple occassions, as recent as this weekend, when he woke up and made sure that everyone was sleeping. He then went into my youngest son's room (where he was sleeping also) and woke him up by rubbing his penis. He told my son not to tell me, which my son agreed. :( It makes me sick and breaks my heart. These are two of many example... When my Stepson was explaining what he has done, he was very matter of fact and cold. He didn't seem remorseful at all.

I asked my Husband to allow my step son's biological Mom to care for him until we can get this under control. He clearly has too many temptations at our home and is targeting the younger kids. I am not sure if a this is considered molesting or if there are other issues. My step son has even gotten an erection from touching the other kids. My step son says that he thinks about touching my younger boys' privates every day.

Here is the issue: My husband thinks this is a slight over reaction and that we could handle this in home versus asking my step son's Mom to step in. He thinks that we can keep my step son in his bedroom for the majority of the time and watch him vigilantly while he is out of the bedroom. He wants me to forgive his son and give him a specificdate in which I think I can "move on" from this...

I am truly scared that his son will excalate and hurt my children more. I think he has done enough as it is.... I can't give a time frame as to when I will be "over this." I am angry, I am disgusted, I am so sad for my children... I am just wondering how others would react to this and if, in your oppinion, my reaction to this is justified or if it is an over-reaction.

If this were any other child, a kiddo at school or at daycare, I would be a Mama Bear and expect the preditor to be moved to a different class and have no contact with my children. I know this is slightly different but I am still just as concerned and upset. Thoughts please.... :(



Thank you all for your posts. His Mom has agreed to take him full-time until we get this all figured out. My husband agrees that he is a threat to the rest of the children and that we need to find out the source of all of this and fix it before he comes home.

One person mentioned "If this were your son, would you ship him off" (or something along those lines)? Trust me, I have thought of that. I know how hard this is on my husband. My heart aches for him, for my kids, for myself. No one is taking this easy, of course. Please keep in mind that just because he is not biologically my son, that doesn't mean that I don't love him or that this isn't hard on me too. I am having a very hard time sending him to his Moms as well. He is part of this family... However, at the end of the day, do we keep him here (because maaaaaybe that is what is best for him) or do we protect the other three children and place him in a home for the time being that is also safe for him.

We believe that we have made the right decision... Thank you all again.

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 11:42 AM
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by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 7:03 PM

In my opinion

Quoting Kimberli3:

Quoting ColorMeCrazy:

He needs to go IMO. He needs therapy immediately and I wouldn't allow him in the home anymore. I'm not saying this to be mean, he just obviously has a problem and it's your job to protect your other children. He's planning this stuff out, meaning that he absolutely knows what he's doing. He needs to be removed from the home.

I don't know what IMO means...

by Silver Member on Oct. 10, 2012 at 10:45 AM

 Good luck with everything- this is a tough situation:(

pregnancy week by week
by on Oct. 10, 2012 at 12:12 PM

No i dont believe he can do it.

by Member on Oct. 11, 2012 at 12:39 AM

Your step son is being molested by SOMEONE!  And if it isnt from you and your husband's side, than its from HIS MOM's side, so all you did was send him back INTO THE LIONS DEN!  This is in NO WAY normal growing up behaviour!!  Children only act like this if someone is doing it to them or they are watching it on tv or between two adults.  The therapist you have taken him to are WRONG!  You need to find another psychologist and another opinion.  Natural "curiosity" is if your step son was making himself have a "hard on" NOT your other children or "spying" on them!   

by on Oct. 11, 2012 at 1:08 AM

Something is going on because this is not "normal" behavior.  Of course, what we used to think of as "normal' is undergoing change...  However, I believe you are wise to get help for the boy, and to separate him from the other children right away.  It is not right for him to be able to touch the other children, because it will damage them.  Now, this next bit is just me thinking...  I am NOT an expert...  Mainstream psychology admits that gay/lesbian thoughts are present from very early childhood, making them believe there is something that "wires" us (gay vs straight) to the sexual orientation that we are as adults, something that is present practically from conception.  If this is true, I have a suspicion that pedophiles might be "wired" that way, too.  So, the sooner you get him help, into counselling, the sooner you will know what to do. 

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