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Think I have postpartum depression! Help!

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 I think I might be suffering from postpartum depression! I just feel down. I had been feeling fine for the first couple weeks, but now I just feel not good enough. I feel like I'm letting everyone down. I'm having finacial problems due to my maternity leave, and I feel like it's all my fault. Keep thinking if I would've done this or that things wouldn't be so bad now. I'm hurting so bad money wise that I'm returning to work tomorrow. Tuesday will be 4 weeks since giving birth to my daughter. I wish I could spend more time at home with her, but I just can't finacially. I feel so useless.. but I don't feel any sadness towards my kids. They are the only thing that keeps me smiling nowadays. When I look at either one of them a smile comes on my face, and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Anything else makes me sad though. I normally don't get this upset over money. I've made it through tough times many times before, but it just seems to hit harder now. Makes things worse when my husband makes the comment that I should've listen to him months ago, and did something different so we'd be more prepared. It makes me feel like it's more my fault. Could this be postpartum depression? Any advice would be helpful.

by on Nov. 16, 2012 at 11:24 AM
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by on Nov. 18, 2012 at 9:39 AM
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Gosh, don't worry about baby fat right now, some of carry it for years.  (I think after a year you can't officially call it baby fat, lol.  Mine are 14 and 12, maybe I can call it I like to eat cuz my kids stress me out fat.)  Please don't worry about your weight.  Feel good first.  Get up one morning, shower, put on a nice sweater and comfy jeans and take the baby for a walk.  It will feel good, even for that short time.

Look up "local mom clubs" and there is a lot of sites listed in which you can look.  If you don't find any, we are here. :-)

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You sound like you are very overwhelmed.  You're not alone, many of us have, I do and my kids are 14 and 12. 

I did have postpartum depression for 8 months so I feel for you.  But I got out of it by getting out with other moms to the park with the kids or just coffee one morning or evening.  Simple things like talking to other moms can make a huge difference.

Get to that doctor as soon as you can, make sure you are not depressed.  He or she can surely help you.  Insist they do.

If you are overwhelmed, it will pass.  Life will make a turn upwards for you soon.  You already know to talk to moms and your doctor.  You're a smart woman and smart woman never go down without a fight. :-)

I wish you the best.  Do you have friends you can talk to?  A mommy group to go to?  I know when I had my second child my friends brought dinner to my house for a few weeks.  It really relieved the stress of making dinner and the financial worry of buying food.  See if you can get a few meals brought to you?

I hope I helped.  I've been there.  Not easy but you'll get out and your baby will bring you so much joy forever.

 I think being stuck in the house doesn't help any. I haven't been out except to pay bills and grocery shop in almost 4 weeks. I think being at work around people I can talk to will help a lot. I have a few close friends to talk to. I lost a couple friends after I got married and found out I was pregnant back in March cause they were jealous of the good things that were happening for me. No lose if you ask me. If they were true friends they would've been happy for me. As far as I know there isn't any mom groups in our small town, but will definately look into it. That might be fun! My husband normally cook, cause I'm a terrible cook. A couple friends have brought me food, but their idea of food is a fast food restuarant. I truly appreciate it and I eat it cause they bought it for me.. but honestly I'm trying to lose this baby fat and all these burgers aren't helping :) You have put a smile on my face from your kind words, and I thank you!

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