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So mad, ex killed lot of cats while my kids were over for a visit. *Update in red*

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So angry at the moment. My youngest DD has emotional and behavioral issues and has just now this weekend started being able to go back to her dads for daytime visits (no over nights) while my oldest DD has been spending every other weekend at her dads. (Youngest didnt deal well with his new much older wife and her moving her grown children and her grandchildren in to his house. Partly because when my girls are at his house that makes 11 people in a 3 bedroom trailer but thats a whole nother story lol)   They came home last night telling me that their dad killed about 10 of their pet cats because they were sick and only 4 cats are still alive(yes he had a LOT of  cats and about as many dogs).  They did not take them to the vet, he doesn't ever take any pet to a vet, even one that broke its leg he just duct taped it.  Instead he took his rifle out and slaughtered them all.  While my kids were at his house.  True they were inside the house but they still knew what was going on.  Their step mother told them she "didnt believe in giving animals chemicals" and that they "lived free so should die free"  Can I say wth?  We live in a rural part of the county, there is not an ASPCA  that I know of in the county so I cant turn him in there.. Not sure what to do exactly.. I already have a call in to my girls counsleor/therapist so she can help with dealing with emotions.  Had a talk with the girls regarding that is not an approriate way to treat an animal.  They have watched animal cops on animal planet before so I asked them what would happen to someone on that show if they did what their dad did.  We ourselves recently had to take our dog to the vet after another dog was in our yard and attacked him, causing an eye injury that resulted in having to remove his eye, so I know at home we are teaching them the right way to care for a sick or injured pet.  I called him and told him that was not right at all but what the hell was he doing it when the kids are there.  Not sure what to do from this point.. I feel like he needs to be punished but I do not feel that calling the sherrifs office will do anything much more that stir up  trouble.  There are no leash laws, people let their dogs roam free, and a lot of people out here think the proper way to deal with a sick animal is to kill it.  Any advice on dealing with this kind of situation?

*Update*   I went to the closest humane society today and told them about what happened and asked what could be done..  They told me they have nothing to do with that kind of thing, but that I could contact the sherrifs office.. They also told me that unless the bodies were found then 99% probablility of nothing being done about it.. An investigation *might* be opened but that most likely nothing would happen to him,  That being the case I am making sure the kids are taken care of emotionally.  They talked to the theraphist today.. It has been documented in their file, if wind up going to court over custody it will be brought up to show that it is an additional reason that the environement over there is not approriate for them to be there.  We also talked again about there are doctors for sick animals just like for people and that we would continue being good pet parents and making sure that our pets got treatment when they need it.  As far as contacting the sherrifs office I do not think it will do any good and will only make things worse in the long run.. I will just have to content myself with the fact that after I found out what happened I called him and chewed him out about it..  

One final thought.. to the ones that beleive that chasing the cats down and shooting them instead of the cost of vet, and that he might think this is approriate way of taking care of them.. IF that was what he felt HAD to be done, my 2 kids are over there for 2 days...out of 14 days in a 2 week period they are there 2 days..the cats did not just now become sick, he could have picked any other day rather than Sat or Sunday  while they were there to do it.. matter of fact he brought them back @ 5pm on Sunday, he could have done it after he brought them back.

by on Jan. 28, 2013 at 8:19 AM
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by Gold Member on Jan. 28, 2013 at 4:20 PM

 Why didn't he turn them over to a shelter?  They could have gave them medicine or euthanized them.  Why did he have so many cats if he couldn't care for them in the first place?  He sounds crazy.  idk.  I'd be making some phone calls to someone.  GL!

by on Jan. 28, 2013 at 4:22 PM

 you have every right to be MAD!

by on Jan. 28, 2013 at 4:27 PM
You need to call in and report it! The living conditions are horrible too. If I were you, I wouldn't send your kids there anymore. Especially after being traumatized after what happened. I wish I could shoot his ass! I know they are your kids dad, but to do that to animals AND cause trauma to children is uncalled for.
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by on Jan. 28, 2013 at 4:34 PM
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Wow! I bet if you had a sick pet you would shoot it too. People like you should be shot. Animals are just animals. Are you fucking kidding me!! They are not objects! If you can't afford to have them euthanized, there are ways people can help out. I have more compassion towards animals than most humans, because there are assholes like you and this dirtbag.

Quoting JavaLadybug2:

Personally I don't agree that animals should be taken to a vet's office for something that you can cure yourself. A bite wound.. Apply triple antibiotic salve after saline solution is used to clear the area of debris. That being said.. IF the animals were severely sick.. all the vet would have done is PUT THE TO SLEEP. Your ex saved himself money.

And if he no longer has them well then he can no longer be abusing or neglecting them.

Animals are just that ANIMALS!

Now I don't agree with treating them inhumanely.. but Neither do I beleive in spending hundreds of dollars on medical treatments on animals. There are humans who can't afford medical treatment.. Why on earth would you spend money on an animal when you could use it on a less fortunate person and improve a life of a human being?!

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by on Jan. 28, 2013 at 4:47 PM

We can't kill another person because they are sick without it being called murder. 

by Amber on Jan. 28, 2013 at 5:03 PM

That's true but I certainly wasn't there and neither was OP. Idk, lots of details that I don't feel like looking harder into lol.

My point is that who knows.

Quoting Lurion:

I could see that if it were 1 cat that had a really serious illness. But 10? How did they all get so sick that they shold be put down? How did he know they were that sick they needed to be put down? Just wondering...

And sorry but the words "psychopath" and "serial murderer" come to mind...

Quoting AM-BRAT:

Wow.  :(

It is normal to deal with animals that way for some people. How do you think people did it before vets?

BUT, if it really really bothers you and the kids I hope you find something to do about it. 

by AnnaLisa on Jan. 28, 2013 at 5:05 PM

 yikes, i wouldnt want my kids around him.  sounds like your ex needs some help

by on Jan. 30, 2013 at 1:03 PM

Your ex is a sick f**k.

Sorry, but if you know that he is neglecting his pets you need to call animal protection. And if you don't have that you call the humane society. Or the police. Go outside your county. There are places that will step in.

Treating a broken leg with duct tape is cruel. Killing is even worse....I would go above and beyond to get those animals out of his care.  You don't shoot ten cats. Period. Don't care what anyone thinks about the vet and treating yourself.

Have you considered calling CPS on him?  His living conditions along with the treatment of his pets might warrant a well needed visit.


by on Jan. 30, 2013 at 2:03 PM

If your children are getting counseling at their school because this horrific act, the counselor should have reported this to CPS, why ? because this has caused them much distress and they are going through a rough time with this. If the counselor hasn't they should, they are required by law to report any type of child abuse, physical, verbal and emotional. Now we know this is not something you did,but your ex is the one who needs to be reported for this and also for having that many sick and possibly abused animals in his care. He sounds like a very sick man, and yes most serial killers did start out that way abusing and killing animals even as children. Get yourself a lawyer or call your lawyer if you have one and go back to court and make some big changes in visitation if you have already have this established. They should not go back over there . They may in time learn to live with it, but you can be assured they will never forget it. Do what you can to make some changes so that they are not subjected to any more unstableness in that environment. I sincerely hope that your children get through this and that this whole situation gets handled in the right away.

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