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I would like opinions on wheather to vaccinate or to not vaccinate. My daughter has already gotten her two month shots but I am not sure if I want her to get anymore. I would like to know pros and cons, and also why you chose to vaccinate or to not. Please HELP!

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 6:00 AM
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by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 8:31 PM

 I was only looking for advice or opinions. I will not let anyone chose for me, me and DH will make the ultimate decision. Just asking for both sides and some reason why they do or don't. I have heard stories to and that's why I was asking. When me and DH were discussing this last night, I said the same thing you did... " We were vaccinated and we are just fine". I just know things change over the years. Don't worry, I don't let ANYONE tell me I am a bad mother because everyone parents differently. I don't talk bad about anyone else's parenting so I don't tolerate that if they do it to me. I always do what I feel is best for my child. Thanks for your opinion. :)

Quoting DragonMother10:

Never, EVER ask for opinions on how to take care of YOUR child that doesn't have a medical license/degree. Talk with your child's Pediatrician about vaccinations and you decide what you should do. Many people choose NOT to vaccinate because they hear so many horror stories that they just flat out refuse. Not everything online is true either. I was vaccinated and nothing happened to me. My son has been vaccinated on time, and nothing has happened to him. The child I am carrying will be the same. It was MINE and MY HUSBAND'S choice to vaccinate. If you chose to no longer vaccinate, that will be YOUR choice. DO NOT let ANYONE tell you whether you should or shouldn't vaccinate. Also don't let anyone tell you, you are a bad mother if you decide you will continue to vaccinate.


by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 8:46 PM
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I vaccinated both of my kids on schedule and I am pregnant again, so I plan on doing so with my third child. 

I think that you should vaccinate, but you should go at a pace that you feel is best for your child. In the end, its really up to you. Good luck!

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 9:16 PM

I would vaccinate- but not right away- give them time to mature and develop an imune system and then only one or two at a time and the the 12 or 15 edifferent ones at once. Also, the ones that need booster shots- My son reacted very badly to the DPT Pertusses one when he got the first one- he screamed and screamed. I told my Dr. and he said not to give him any more.

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:02 PM

And also keep in mind that if you should choose too not vaccinate it may have repercussions that you may not be aware of. I was exposed to a child who did not have the varicella vaccine and developed chicken pox-not shingles, as I did not have them as a child enough to have immunity. It snowballed into not being able to see the OB/GYN after having been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, which then ruptured, which caused me to become anemic. I then also developed pneumonia as a result of my poor health, which required a hospital trip and blood transfusion and repeated treatment with B12 shots for many months after. All because I could not be around pregnant women with a chicken pox. So yes, there are risks to your child if you immunize, but risks to others if you choose not to do so.

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:16 PM

I don't vaccinate anymore after my son had a seizure after the MMR vaccine.  I have also had vaccine reactions and they are no joke.

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Yes, I would.  I do vaccinate on time, not at a slower pace.  I want my child to be protected from illnesses that could possibly kill him or someone else if he gives someone else the disease.  I don't believe any of that other stuff people say.  I listen to what the medical professionals say, and what the RESEARCH says.  

by Silver Member on Feb. 5, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Nobody can answer that for you, but I did vaccinate my DD on a slowed schedule. She's now two and has had all of her shots that she should have by now, except flu shots. I never got more than two single vaccinations (for one illness each) or one multiple vaccination (like the MMR) in one doctor visit. DD was so sick after her four month shots (she got three) that I decided it was a bit much and started staggering them and she did much better. Whether she would have done as well if I hadn't staggered them , I honestly don't know but she never got that sick again after vaccinations.

I decided to vaccinate because the risks of the shots, in my opinion, are ;ess than the risk of catching certain diseases. Years ago it was safer to not vaccinate because everyone was vaccinated and so the diseases weren't going around. Now not everyone does vaccinate and I see that as a hole in the defense and it's a way those diseases can make their way around again so not vaccinating now carries a higher risk of catching diseases than it did years ago. Now, whether the risk of vaccination harm is greater or less than the risk of catching these diseases is up for debate, but in the end I decided I was more afraid of the diseases than any possible effects from the vaccinations.

by on Feb. 5, 2013 at 11:42 PM
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I chose TO vaccinate for a very selfish reason.   I do not want my children to suffer.   I vaccinate SO my kids DO NOT get cripled, horrific pain, or die because of diseases that I can prevent.  

I am very passionate about this so please please read why.   And please bear with me because it is a very raw emotion for me and I have been told I come accross as angry or B****y.  That is not my intent.   I just want everyone to get it.    I am sure I will get anti-vaccine drama galore.  I don't care. 

But please read and then do the research yourself!

I took a medication when I was pregnant for pain.  Long story.  But I thought that hey, the doctor gave it to me so it must be safe to take.  I didn't even look it up.  My child was born and off he goes to the NICU for monitoring.  Thankfully he was fine.  But they scared the hell out me.  I thought everything was perfect and here was this perfect baby and then Bam the room was spinning and he litterally was taken out of my arms as my husband started screaming he would get a lawyer.  We were blindsided.   We were young and we didn't know better. 

Or maybe we were just young and stupid.   Either way I vowed to never put my children in unnessassary risk.   And to never do anything medically (including taking medications) without every spec of research being done on my part.   I want to know every risk, side-effect, pro, con, ALL of it. 

I read everything I could get both for and against vaccines.   I looked up statistics, read medical journals and research articles, I even went out to European research to see what they said.  

I also read what the potential side effects could be.   Many people scream about autism.   In all my research I have not found a single link to autism from vaccines except one reference that has been discreditied.  Everyone on that side seems to say but look at the coincidence.  We put this chemical in the body and autism went up.    I came to some cold hard truths.   The people who get so upset about vaccines and autism either need someone to blame for autism, are so desperate to understand it that they would beleive anything, want to ban all chemicals and go totally organic everything, or are simply repeating what people before them have said.   Unfortunatly, this has been a combination of the "telephone game" -- remember when you whisper in someones ear and it just gets more screwed up the farther it goes.   Mixed with the fact that people can make a whole lot of money when people are scared.  There are alot of people are raking in a ton of money on this. 

My conclusion about the autism aspect was this:   There is no way to prove it has a link.   We put a thousand chemicals in and around us every day and it could be any one of them.   (Though if you get a chance I do urge you to look up genetically modified food, hormones,  and research that food later)  Yes, I am saying that I beleive autism may potentially be linked to a chemical BUT I have not seen a single piece of evidence which links it to the vaccine chemicals. 

Also, autism has been around for a long time if you pay attention to old writings,books, stories, ect.   It wasn't called that, but it was.   I am sure you have heard the phrase "deaf & dumb" & others.  There are also countless stories about babies & children being left to die throughout history because of something not right with them, posesed by the devil, ect.   And autism generally is accompanied by other medical conditions.  100 years ago a baby with a now common medical condition might not have had a chance.   My point is that knowing this is a possibility for a cause of autism long before vaccines leads me to beleive there are such gapping wholes to the autism issue that it is absurd to take it into consideration.  

Never-the-less I did some research on autism just in case.  What I learned is that compared to these horrible diseases - autism is not that bad.   Let me clarify........  If it came down to it and I had to pick this horrible disease or autism I would take a child with autism in a heartbeat.   And again, I have not seen any hard evidence that there is any link in the first place. 

Then came the actual preventable disease themselves.   I researched every single one of them in great detail.  I came to the conclusion that it absolutly without question was worth the risk for me that my children to get the vaccines.  

I will include some links below.  I strongly urge you to look at them.  One mom once emailed me back and said that she couldn't look at them - she couldn't handle seeing that.   If you can't handle reading it or pictures of it then you certainly can not handle having your child suffer through it.  

I pray you get your children vaccinated.  God bless you and your children!  Also, make sure you got your whooping cough one!

Good luck!  And God Bless!

~ I speak from the heart because the truth is always the best - even if you don't know it yet. ~
by on Feb. 6, 2013 at 12:30 PM

 Wow!  That was the main problem we had with the vaccinations.  Thank you; I'm even more glad that we stopped when we did!

Quoting emmy526:

they'r e not stretching anything today get more UNtested combo vaccines than ever before...and they get them all at once, way to tell a reaction to any particular vaccine, since so many are given in one settting. 


Quoting MrsJoe125:

 When I started having kids, it was like 10 rounds by the time they were three and each round was usually one, sometimes two, shot(s) of like two or three vaccinations each round.  I'm glad they're stretching it out now.


Quoting emmy526:


now, it's like 50 shots by the time they go to kindergarten..

Quoting MrsJoe125:

We chose largely not to.  We went ahead with what the dr's said until we made up our minds completely not to.  We didn't b/c there was too much controversy on their safety and they were adding new ones about every year at that time we started having kids.  IDK what it's like now, but schedules were also being accelorated at the time, so we just decided not to do it anymore.








by Gold Member on Feb. 6, 2013 at 2:18 PM
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IN the end, OP, the decision rests on your shoulders, and it is one that should not be made in an emotional manner.  No one but you is going to care for your child, therefore, while everyone' personal stories are nice, at the end of the day, YOU are the one caring for the child.  The best  you can do is educate yourself as best as you can, think with your rational mind about this, and do not let emotional stories pull you.  

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