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all he wants to do is eat!!

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OK, so my son is a little under 2 weeks old and all he wants to do is eat. Between breast milk and formula he eats way more than the Dr has recommended. But what am I suppose to do? He cries every hour to an hour and a half wanting to eat and he acts like he's really hungry. How ami suppose to deny him food because its too soon? Also, when he eats he can eat more in a sitting than the Dr has recommended also. I don't want my baby to start out with a weight problem. I feel like I'm feeding him all day and night and he's never satisfied. I've heard giving him rice cereal in his bottle but isn't he too young for that? I just don't know what to do is I'm over feeding this baby.
by on Feb. 18, 2013 at 7:30 AM
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by on Feb. 20, 2013 at 10:28 PM

At that age you feed on demand. It is way too early to worry about a weight problem. I would cut out the formula if you are worried about weight gain, because formula tends to be more fattening. There is nothing wrong with a nice fat, healthy baby :)

by on Feb. 20, 2013 at 10:29 PM
I think every baby is unique and this should be an issue to talk to pediatrican about. I jouraled every feeding, meds, poop and pee height an weight with times in a day per pg calendar along with vaccines, illnesses and dr and therapy appts that way I have a way to give dr all the info she needs to pinpoint triggers or concerns. I'm a bit adhd and ocd so this helped me make sure kids got right amts at right times. For formula fed babies my drs rule of thumb was 1 oz of formula per 2 lbs of weight per feeding......aka 8 lb baby gets 4oz of formula per feeding as a general rule not exact though. Ds was a snacker and would drink 2oz burp & fart give a sigh and fall asleep for half hour then wake up and want more he would do this all day, have an 8oz bottle b4 bed, burp and poop and slept right through the night until 5am......

Dd was opposite 4 to 8 oz at a time, eating machine she would scream bloody murder after you wrestled the bottle from her to be burped she would belch and fart like a sailor finish bottle belch and fart or poop again then sleep for a few hrs. Only way she would sleep wasin bassinet next to bed or swing next to bed her fave was a cosleeper box betweem mom and dad with each of us with a hand on her tummy....for her it was formula allergy she had to be on nutramagen neither of my kid could tolerate good start or similac.

I wish I could have breastfed but I don't have milk ducts due to breast reduction & lumpectomy in '99. I had a ton of cysts a few precancerous. Thankfully dr got all the lumps.

Quoting Mom2Just1:

Water is very dangerous for a baby before 6 months. All babies need is breast milk or formul for a year. Breast milk being the preferred choice.

Quoting ericahager2005:

I think with my dd6 ped said she could have water at around 4m....

Quoting Mom2Just1:

No water!!!!

Quoting RainyDayMom78:


I agree with this, newborns are always hungry because they have a fast metabolism and a smaller stomach, so always need to have more. I would also stick w/just breast milk if that is possible, way better for baby and you. However if you can not then just stick w/a good formula going back and forth can upset the stomache. You can also try giving a small (4oz) water bottle now and then if you really feel it is too soon to feed, this will comfort and hydrate the baby and good to get them use to drinking water. However stick w/a filtered water, too many added chemicals to our basic drinking water out of the faucet and bottle water has a risk of poison leaking from the plastic bottle esp. the cheap water bottles. better to give baby as pure as possible.

The only time I would be concerned is if he is eating so much he vomits it up, almost every time he eats, (a real big spitup every time). That could be a sign that his hunger trigger is not fully developed so he is eating too much and time to take him into the Dr's to get looked at. There is a little valve at the top of our stomaches once we are full, it sends a message to our brain we are full, if something is wrong w/the valve or the message line, a child could be full but not feel it so they will overeat because they feel hungry and will not ever feel full.

This is what happened w/my child, so I did have to time and watch her under the supervision of the doctor, she eventually grew out of it, more acurately the hunger trigger developed and though even now we have to be careful because of the delay, (it sometimes does not work). =( We have talked w/the doctor and this is not an uncomon thing to be undeveloped at birth but the majority of the time they develope just fine a few months after birth w/out other problems.

So as long as your baby boy is not throwing up after a huge feeding, I would not worry, he is just doing a lot of growing,,, just wait till he becomes a teenager! =)

Quoting rockinmomto2:

First of all, you're not overfeeding. IMO, stop formula all together and just give breastmilk. Every hour or hour and a half is totally normal for a newborn. He's trying to not only regulate your breastmilk (the more he eats, the more you produce), but he's trying to regulate himself as well. He's only been alive for two WEEKS. Throw the clocks away and feed on demand. It's also impossible to overfeed a baby. He will eat when he's hungry and not eat when he's not hungry.


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by on Feb. 20, 2013 at 11:58 PM


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Quoting HuggaBug1991:

 Rice cereal in the bottle is a good idea, it will make him feel fuller (it's not to early I started my dd on cereal when she was 1wk old) Also if that doesn't help/work, just give him a bottle of water.

Please do not offer any more advice like this^^^^ its wrong from the first word to the period.  Its so wrong I almost assumed you must be a troll.  This is the very opposite of good advice.

 I guess I should clarify and say i am only offering advice that my PED. advised me to do! And again with the water, I didn't mean like a whole 8oz of water I meant about an 1oz or less. If you don't like the idea of cereal in the bottle then don't do it, I did with both my babes and it was a life saver! But you can also make (thin) cereal and give it by spoon!  Almost everybody on here is always assuming instead of thinking straight! ( I don't mean you, I have had alot of people say mean and nasty things about me and my parenting/mothering style!)

by on Feb. 21, 2013 at 7:30 AM

don't feed him rice. Keep boobs going! :)

by on Feb. 21, 2013 at 8:34 AM

 my daughter is 8 months and i swear all she does is nurse. LOL. when she was a newborn she was nursing every hour. BF'ding is a lot of work but so worth it. giving formula is what is going to lower your supply. if you nurse on demand and drop the formula you will make enough milk. i hope everything works out for you.

by on Feb. 21, 2013 at 8:41 AM

I wouldn't put rice in his bottle until the doc gives you the green light. He is under 2 weeks and did the doc say to cut back on the food intake or is he just recommending an amount because he isn't eating that much or what? 

If he doc is just recommending then I would call and ask them and ask if you should be feeding him if you are having doubts. However, mychildren would eat so much when I was bfing but that was because I was drying up. However, even when I had to put them on formula they would still eat a lot. They are older now and have no weight problems, however, my oldest one has weight problems because of his mental issues from what happened to him a while back, which I understand, but I don't like the fact that his weight is heavy because of my family history, but I understand because the similar thing happened to me when I was younger than him and I developed weight issues also

by Mom2boys on Feb. 21, 2013 at 8:49 AM

Don't take this advice. Funny thing both my sons were satisfied with breast milk for a year.  Solids for us are just for practice. The effects of cereal on a person's gut are not seen until adult hood. Research has shown the negatives of solids too soon. 

Quoting mamabear484:

I started my babies on the cereal and some fruit baby food when they were 4 weeks old, i did not tell the doctor. But i think taking doctor's advice and not feeding solid foods till they are 4 or 6 months old is crazy. Formula and breast milk alone cannot satisfy a baby that long. I have noticed peple who do try to wait that long to introduce solid foods usuaally end up with a hungry cranky baby.  By starting my babies on the cereal early did not hurt them

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by on Feb. 21, 2013 at 9:28 AM

Try pumping in between feedings to help stimulate milk production.  You can store what you make in the frig to use later.I wouldn't use formula if your breastfeeding.  I'd just try a pacifier to help between feedings and pump

Quoting rockinmomto2:

How do you know you're not producing enough?

Quoting lyricmother:

I don't produce enough milk, that's why I'm supplementing in the first place. And at this rate I'd never be able to keep up with him anyway

by on Feb. 21, 2013 at 10:02 AM

My babies all nursed about every hour for the first 6 weeks and are very slender people.  Drink lots of water and watch caffeine consumption.  Try to just enjoy these weeks, I remember never getting anything done but cuddling my baby.

by Bronze Member on Feb. 21, 2013 at 10:03 AM
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You arent producing enough becausing you are giving formula. I thought the same as you, but it isnt true (most of the time) the more you nurse the more your body will produce. Just nurse him on demand around the clock. He will nurse all the time at first, but after a while it will slow down. This is also around the time that they go through a growth spurt. All you need to do is put the bottles away and nurse on demand for as long as he wants, and count his wet diapers to ensure he is getting enough. Also there is an amazing breastfeeding group on CM, you should check it out. They helped me tremendously when I was nursing (my kids are now 5, and 4 yrs old).

Quoting lyricmother:

I don't produce enough milk, that's why I'm supplementing in the first place. And at this rate I'd never be able to keep up with him anyway

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