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teething an no sleep is killing us :(

Posted by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 11:49 AM
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i don't know what to do anymore. my daughter is 14 months old and has been teething since 2/3 months...i am pretty sure she is cutting 2 top molars right now along with at least one bottom tooth. she has never been a good sleeper and we havent slept in 14 months. my husband and i are at the end of our rope and im scared we arent going to make it through this. i love my girl with everything i have but she doesnt sleep and whines all day. she wakes up screeching constantly throughout the night. tosses and turns and seems genually uncomfy. we have given her tylenol which she doesnt like the same with motrin, they dont seem to really do anything. we decided against oragel because it can numb her whole throat and i am all set with that, plus the benzocaine is not good for babies in the kind that has that. and ive heard some things with the teething tablets they can do the same thing and i cant remember right now but something else about them wasnt super great either. i keep debating about the amber necklace which i have my doubts on for many reasons but i dont want to risk the obvious choking hazard besides i wouldnt leave it on her at night anyways and thats when we have the most issue. and during the day she will chew on it because thats her thing to put every and anything in her mouth. and i wont do the whole whiskey on her gums because no offense but my 14 month old doesnt need alcohol no matter how tiny an amount :/ so i know that leaves me with no opinions and basically just grin and bare it...but there has t be something im missing. especially with the whole she doesnt sleep thing. she has slept through the night maybe 3 times ever. she is still nursing a little because she refuses to drink milk and doesnt want to give up nursing and is still nursing at night because sometimes tthats the only way to get her to sleep. but the last week she hasnt really wanted to do that overnight which works for me but yet she doesnt want me to go in and get her but my husband doesnt want to do it. which yeah i get he has to get up early to work but what does he think i do all day? she is a full time job on top of the fact that i work from home for 2 jobs plus have a weekend job as a waitress and then get to come home and take care of the baby. is it wrong that i want him to pick up a little more? and if i ask him to help in the afternoon sometimes he gets pissed because he wants to play his video games and do things on his schedule. its just frustrating. all we do is fight these days and i dont know how to fix it. she needs to get more sleep because she is not getting nearly enough. some nights she only gets 4 or 5 hours if we are lucky. and she doesnt eat well enough no mater how much i try and her poor teeth. i just dont know what to do anymore :/

by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 11:49 AM
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by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 11:50 AM
Wish I had some advice. Dd used to sleep really well but between teething and adjusting to then move the good nights are getting fewer and far between.
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by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 11:55 AM
Does she eat solids? It sounds like she could be hungry. And rotating Motrin and Tylenol ever 4-6 hours doesn't help? What about a frozen waffle or wash cloth at night?
Hylands teething tablets are all natural and they work for us :)
Try solids before bed and like I said a frozen waffle or cold wash cloth during the day
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by Bronze Member on Mar. 11, 2013 at 11:57 AM

Is she co-sleeping?   I had a bad sleeping with my first and he nursed ALL night for over a year... but he slept while nursing, which meant I slept too!

by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 12:03 PM
Sounds like my 9 mo old dd. but we ruled out teething because Tylenol, Motrin, teething tablets and Orajel did Nothing for her. She's always been gassy, sometimes it would take me 20 min in the middle of the night to get something out if her! So we tried gas drops. NOTHING worked, until we decided to try more naps since she wasn't sleeping enough at night. The more we can get her to sleep suing the day, the better she sleeps at night. (I know this was it because we tracked everything for months! The only thing consistent was the more sleep she got napping, the better she slept at night.

My dh doesn't help ANY with the baby. Says he doesn't do "babies". He does help more w/our 3 yr old. The quicker I got over that, because this stage is temporary, the better we were. But your dh needs to realize he has to help somewhere! It's his kid too and he has a responsibility!
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by Gold Member on Mar. 11, 2013 at 12:06 PM

 What about a frozen washcloth or a teething feeder?  Teething feeders are awesome.  You can put cubes of frozen breast milk, frozen banana slices or grapes and they can gnaw on them without choking.  You can get them at walmart or target for less than $10.  Google teething feeders.

With the teething tablets...they have belladonna in them and some babies were getting belladonna poisoning so the FDA recalled them 2 years ago.  They changed the formula so there is less belladonna in them so now they are "safe".  Personally I think the "new" teething tablets don't work.

They make baby oragel swabs so more gets on baby's gums and they don't swallow so much.  Just something to think about.

I have no advice with regard to your dh not helping.  Sorry mama.  If my dh got pissy about helping out with the baby he would come home to find his shit on the front lawn.  :-/  Good luck!

by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 12:39 PM

My son is 15 months but for the first 12 months he would not sleep through the night and he started teething when he was only 2 weeks old. He also wanted to nurse all night and no my husband didn't help much as he worked a lot. I worked full time too but he didn't seem to get that. We started fighting a lot most of it due to the fact that I was tired as hell and sick of being the only one to take care of the baby. Around x-mas my husband finally got time off from work and helped out by weaning our son. He did this by sleeping with him for 3 nights straight. The next few days he placed him in his crib but slept on the floor next to the crib. Then he placed him in the crib and left the room.  It took  a little over a week but ever since then our son has slept through the night. The weaning was a big part of it because I mad him eat more during the day so he wasn't hungry at night. Also doing things one at a time helped instead of weaning and crib training all at once. Tell your  husband if he helps get your baby on a better sleeping schedule he will have more time to play his video games or more importantly spend some quality time with you as that might help you relationship out (It did with mine).   As for the teething..... well Advil and oragel did help with our kid so I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you can try a cold wet wash cloth during the day not sure what to do at night if you won't try the other stuff.

by Kelley on Mar. 11, 2013 at 12:46 PM

 Does she nap during the day?

by on Mar. 11, 2013 at 2:49 PM

she does nap though not enough. some days we are lucky to get 30 minutes and some days she will sleep 3 hours but those days are rare. she is sleeping in a swing right now because her crib is apparently a torcher rack :( we have teething rings which she will use sometimes and other times she wont use them for more than a minute. she is eating solids but i know not enough. its been very hard to get her to eat much. she loves pasta and fruit and cheese but veggies havent been as easy. we give her some of the gerber pouches she can just suck from and she will have those sometimes but not always. ahe is not a milk fan yet and has weaned herself off of formula and bottles which is good but she still wont drink milk. she wants to nuse but there isnt a lot in there anymore so i know she isnt getting enough of that either. sometimes she will eat great and then she will barely eat anything. and if she gets distracted forget it she wont eat at all. she has always been very gassy so we give her gas drops but i dont know if its helping anymore. i just dont know what else to try for food or how much is enough that she is eating or what will fill her up more. we try and give her a pouch right before bed too in case that might help but lately nothing helps. we co selpt for a while because that was the only way she would sleep now she just tosses and turns and crawls around and then wants to play and doesnt get any sleep that way...and god forbid she sees one of the cats during the night then that is all she wants. i just feel so worn out and lost because i cant seem to feed her right or help her teeth and i have so much work to do and cant get anything done because even though my computer is in the same room just seperated by the gate she freaks out when i leave the space. i am so far behind in work and thats in all my jobs(i basically have 4: mom, photographer for a company, photographer of my own company, and then i am a watiress on the weekend to help makes ends meet) and i have no time for anything. by the time my husband gets home its time for dinner and bath and bed and thn i try and get to sleep before the screaming begins :/ we are trying so hard and i just feel like we keep getting pushed backwards. and cry it out does not work...nor am i a fan but i bit my tongue and tried it for my husband and th dr and all it did was wind her up so she wouldnt calm down and make her more clingy during the day and at night. and ever since we tried that its been worse.

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