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need help (flying)

Posted by on Apr. 24, 2013 at 12:03 PM
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My dh is going to graduate basic, we are on a tight budget and we are trying to find out how much we need to set aside for everything.

Where is the cheapest place to find flight, hotels, car rentels?

DS will be between 20months-2 years old. What all can you bring as a carry on? And what can be checked? like his stroller? the carseat? If he is under two he will share a seat, can it be checked for free? Or will it count as a Checked item and cost?

What as fas as carry on items can we bring ( I know the small carry on suitcase, And personal item like a purse) But diaperbag? Or if he has a small backpack?

And really anything else that you can tell me.

by on Apr. 24, 2013 at 12:03 PM
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by on Apr. 24, 2013 at 12:14 PM

I always flight Southwest because bags fly free. That added $25 to $50 a bag can ruin a great priced ticket faster than lightning strikes. 

Will your son be traveling in a paid seat? I know when my kids were that age I used their car seats on the plane. They were in a paid seat. I don't know what age is the current cut off for a lap child anymore. 

You can bring your stroller to the gate and it will then be tagged and stowed.

A diaper bag, backpack or whatever you are using for his stuff is a carry on. It just can't be too big to fit in overhead storage or under the seat.  

For hotels I usually use They actually get your requests directly to the hotel. Travelocity and priceline do not-even if you reserve 2 queen beds you get the luck of the draw when  you get there. I learned that the hard way and ended up with 2 adults and 2 adult sized teens in one queen bed room for a weekend that was fully booked otherwise. The hotel operator actually told me directly that if I wanted my reservation to come straight thru with all of the information to use either their booking system or 

I've booked my rental cars with my flights or through any of the travel sites. I've never had a screw  up with it-YET-but that doesn't mean it won't happen. 

by on Apr. 24, 2013 at 12:15 PM

Where is he graduating from? There are only a handful of locations for the services BASIC training now. Depending where I may have some local help for you. 

by Silver Member on Apr. 24, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Each airline has their own rules, but for the most part strollers and carseats are free to check.  We have always been able to bring diaper bags on the plane no problem.  Just be aware of the amount of liquids you bring through.  Make sure you have a change of clothes.

I highly recommend that you give your baby a bottle on take off and while you are decending.  Best to fly when he would normally be sleeping if possible.  Nothing like when they sleep on the plane.

Be prepared to do a balancing act while changing a diaper in the airplane lavetory.  Make sure you change him right before you board.  The best way I did it with my DD when she got a little bigger is I had her in a pull-up (7th Generation have pull up style diapers in smaller sizes) and had her stand on top of the toilet with the seat down.  One hand around her, and the other changing her.  But at 20 months he will be way to big to lye down on the changing table in there.

If you do end up flying after he turns 2, you will need to put him in the carseat on the plane.  Look on the side of your seat to ensure that the seat is approved for airline use.  To be honest, if you can swing it, get him a seat.  Our DD has been flying since she was 8 days old, and we always got her a seat.  Some airlines will "give" you a seat if the plane is not full so flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday might be a good idea, and the likelyhood of empty seats are highest those days.  Southwest Air is really good about "giving" those seats to babies.

As far as getting deals, call the hotels and car rental agencies directly.  It might be worth to pick up a AAA membership.  We just got back from San Diego, and with our AAA discount we stayed in a 5 star hotel for $129 a night which was way less then the Embassy Suites or Residence Inn.  You can also get great AAA car rental rates.  But for the airfare, just shop around and call the airlines directly.

by on Apr. 29, 2013 at 1:31 AM

the safest option for baby, car seat, and everyone on board is for the child to have his own ticket and ride in his car seat.  It is also far more comfortable for him to have his own seat, plus you get twice the luggage allotment.  When figuring in checked luggage fees, I usually find the cheapest prices through since they allow 2 checked bags for free per ticket.  So when I fly with my son, I get a max of 4 checked bags, 2 carry-ons, and 2 personal items.  I check as much of my luggage as possible and bring just the essentials for my carry-ons.  To make running through the airports easier, I got him a Trunki - it's a ride-on suitcase that I can pull behind me.  I've also done 12+ hour road trips alone with my boy.  It sounds scary, but is not too bad in reality.  Good luck, however you travel!

This video shows why checking car seats is not a good idea:

This video shows why lap babies are not safe:

Child Passenger Safety Technician

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