NBC is streaming the entire Winter Olympic Games to mobile devices, but you'll need to be a paid TV subscriber.

NEW YORK — Four years ago at the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver, NBC streamed just two events live — ice hockey and curling. All 15 venues will be live-streamed at the Games that begin Thursday in Sochi.

You won't need to be glued to a TV set to watch, or even sit in front of a personal computer, which was the way you had to catch the live-stream from Vancouver. This time around, you can check out the action from Sochi on your smartphone or tablet.

Diehards of certain sports that, for the most part, have been ignored in prime time, will be able to rely on mobile devices to see what's going on as it happens. If you miss that breathtaking ski jump or biathlon competition, you may be able to catch an encore.

NBC says most full-event replays and highlights will be available on demand immediately following their conclusion. However full-event replays for some Olympic events will only be available around 3:30 p.m. ET and highlights will not be available on demand until the event is shown to NBC's prime-time TV viewers. (Sochi is nine hours ahead of the East Coast U.S. viewer)

NBC has the exclusive U.S. rights to the Olympic videos — streaming, highlight clips, archiving and video on demand. The digital broadcast feeds will be produced by NBC directly, or come from the host Olympic Broadcasting Service.

To help deliver the Olympics, NBC is partnering with Microsoft on the latter's Windows Azure cloud-computing technology. Adobe is another partner involved in delivering the viewing experience. Over the 18-day course of these Games, NBC will stream more than 1,000 hours live.

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How will you be watching the Sochi Olympics? Are you interested in live streaming on your tablet and/or smart phone, or do you usually watch on prime time television?