Sochi Olympics TV ratings

NBC's prime-time Sochi Olympics ratings have been down from the Vancouver Winter Olympics four years ago. The network plans to broadcast Monday evening the performance earlier in the day of American ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White, shown above. (Matthew Stockman / Getty ImagesFebruary 17, 2014)

NBC's prime-time Sochi Olympics ratings have failed to achieve the same high levels as four years ago when the games were held in a compatible time zone in Vancouver, Canada.

The nine- to 12-hour time difference between Sochi, Russia, and the U.S. have tamped down audience levels, in part, because most viewers know the outcome of key competitions long before NBC's prime-time broadcasts begin.

On Sunday night, NBC attracted 21.3 million viewers for its prime-time program, which showcased the breakout performance of American ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis. 

Sunday's audience totals represented an 8% decline from the same night during the Vancouver Olympics, when many of the contests aired live.