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i love my son but he is driving me crazy!

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Ok so my almost 5 year old's personality seems to have recently changed. Typically he is a good child, polite, nice but has his moments like any child does. Recently hes turned very nasty, hits, thinks he can do whatever he wants, myself and df could tell him no he will do it anyway. He will jump or be rough with the dogs, lay on the jump on them, he turns into a total prick. I hate saying it but he's been turning into a prick asshole brat. I get testing boundaries but its like hes reverted backwards.he is potty trained but for some reason decided revently he wasnt going to pee in the toilet but all over the seat and inside of the lid. So unless you look youre ass is getting soaked. Not something he would typically do. He also for some reason unless it just happens he refuses to poop in the toilet. He will hold it all day and no exaggeration we go through our usual bed time routine read a bed time story and within 2 minutes of me sitting down in our living room. He will come out of his room and say he needs to be cleaned up bc he pooped in his pull up. Making him wear regular underwear doesnt work either, he will hold it. I don't get it, he has done it before why wont he just do it. Df and i are at our wits end. Im so sick of getting beyond angry bc of how he's acting
by on Jun. 23, 2014 at 6:51 PM
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by Member on Jun. 25, 2014 at 8:14 PM
He is overly excited for kindergarten if he had his way he would be going already. He currently stays at home while i work with df/dad. He does have routine which he could tell you if you asked. Df and i were talminv about getting him into a program at the local y before he starts in September

Quoting poisonedtaco:

 Has he gone through something new? Is he starting kindergarten this coming up year? My daughter went through a terrible year right before she started kindergarten. She's always had some behavior issues but it was just completely awful before she started school. Once she started school though, things got so much better. I think it was the routine. Have you change a routine? Do you have a routine for him? Good luck!

by Member on Jun. 25, 2014 at 8:16 PM
Hes not in school not till September.

Quoting emarin77:

Have him evaluated mom from a child psychologist.  How is he doing in school?

by on Jun. 26, 2014 at 1:08 PM
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 Then us going to school as your tool to help change the bathroom situation.

Oh, BIG boys don't go poop or pee in pants. You have to use the potty.  Hoping that he doesn't say something about not ready to go to school.  Then you found the reason for the pooping & peeing. 

When my daughter acts up. Only BIG girls can do those things. I know your a BIG girl. Can you help mommy.  Oh, your such a BIG helper.  things like that sometimes help. those special encouragements they eat up.

I hope if I can't help, someone else can.

Quoting BratPunk: Hes not in prek now but does know he is going in September and is excited. Almost everyday says he wants to go to school and see his yeachers and learn. If you ask his to help with anything he typically will. Almost everytime we tell him to go on the potty to make pee pees and poopies he'll immediately say no just pee pees. No issues with the toilet otherwise. Until recently peeing on the toilet. Discipline wise take away ipad, time out, and no no siblings on the way yet
Quoting happynewyorker:

some times children's behavior changes because they are dealing with things that they can't deal with.

did anyone come over that you noticed the behavior?  Did something scare him about the toilet or going to the bathroom?  That sometimes happens and children won't go because someone said or scared him.  Did he see a scary movie?

sometimes knowing that at age 5 and growing up, can be scary. If he doesn't attend school does he know that he's going in August or September? 

Have you mentioned or said oh your almost 5.  help with the groceries, things that positive to him.  Making him feel good? 

do you do time out? punishment, no tv, no playing with the dogs, things that he likes so much. 

Do you think he wants to be a baby again??  if he does play the game also.  Oh, you can't play with the dog, your too young.  Oh, you have to use a diaper only big boys use the potty, toilet.  Things like that.

A lot of times when I have problems with my daughter, I would mentioned it to her doctor. She gives me good advices all the time.  My daughter would pretend she was a baby.  So, I made sure if she was going to act like that.  I was going to keep at it until she acted her age again.  She stoped it at one.

You having a baby or had a baby by any chance? 



by Silver Member on Jun. 27, 2014 at 12:38 PM

 Have him evaluated  by a private child psychologist. 

Quoting BratPunk: Hes not in school not till September.
Quoting emarin77:

Have him evaluated mom from a child psychologist.  How is he doing in school?


by Member on Jun. 28, 2014 at 11:26 PM

Did he get a MMR vaccine recently, within the past 6 months?  They have been known to change behavior to the worst.

by Gold Member on Jun. 29, 2014 at 9:34 AM
Has something recently changed? Sounds like he is acting out because he doesn't know how to handle/express his emotions.
by Bronze Member on Jun. 29, 2014 at 11:33 AM

I would talk to your pedi asap.

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